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  1. Unless you can find a way to shoehorn a Disney animated character into it, from a ride perspective it won’t happen.
  2. Traffic through the Coomera/Helensvale stretch during morning and afternoon peaks gets very busy. Any chance to take some of that off the road would be a positive.
  3. I feel like it wouldn’t be overly difficult for VRTP to gain permission to build a cable car system from Westfield Helensvale across the motorway and along Entertainment Rd, stopping at Wet n Wild then Movieworld. It would mean less buses, which I’m sure GCCC would be keen for to try to bring traffic down where they can. It also gives hotel guests connections to public transport and a shopping centre.
  4. Florida was booked for June, but refunds and credits applied for that. i think 2022 is probably the earliest I’d venture back to the US, just to give the new administration time to roll out the vaccine, and educate the populace enough for that to be effective (and potentially similarly here). If borders were open now I’d head over to Japan and/or Singapore without hesitation.
  5. Just not in Orlando due to licensing with Universal.
  6. What if the Wild West show building was turned into the station for a mine train coaster utilising some of the space AA took up? Big Thunder Mountain is one of Disney’s biggest attractions with a version in every park (I think), and it’s certainly not their tallest or fastest. This would mean a second attraction at that end of the park, and then what was the courtyard can be remodelled to Metropolis, enhancing the theming of Superman. You’d then also have space left for another attraction that can be themed in the DC universe in the appropriate part of the park.
  7. 6 foot. I couldn’t get the restraint down far enough for my belly to be a problem
  8. I tried to ride the B&M invert at Knotts Berry Farm and couldn’t bring the harness down low enough to even find out if I couldn’t fit, it was hitting my shoulders. Also had trouble with fitting inside the Hollywood Dream seat at Universal Japan. As a result I just didn’t bother going to Universal Orlando when I went there later. Didn’t see the value for money if I couldn’t ride many of their attractions.
  9. The way you do it is build a clone. Village gets cooperation from SeaWorld Orlando to build a clone of Infinity Falls at Sea World GC, do a big media effort about it including clips of the overseas model along with behind the scenes clips of this one. To the general public it appears less risky because another park did it first and the runs are on the board. A few years after that Dreamworld could build one. I’d recommend they don’t use the same theme or location of TRRR if they decided to.
  10. I’ve seen a significantly large one built in around 4hrs. And that included the winch getting stuck and needing a reset. They’ve got a roof there, why not just fly it up and out of the way for the day times when it isn’t needed? I just feel like everyone has settled for “it’s easier/more convenient” as being acceptable without any attempt to preserve guest experience and thematic integrity. It’ll obviously never be a Disney level experience, but is that an excuse to not even try?
  11. So we forego the guest experience and authenticity for the sake of the corporate market? Might as well just throw some roller coasters in at the convention centre and call that a theme park. Screens can be put up for the night and then removed again. If the current roofing can’t be supported while hiding the structure, then change it. Make it glass or perspex and let some light in. At the very least, get rid of the icicle fairy lights. It looks tacky!!
  12. Install truss towers to support the lighting trusses - this is meant to be a Hollywood movie set after all, and lighting rigs are part of that. If they must persist with a roof, do the engineering works to have the supports coming out of the buildings so they’re hidden. The fairy lights have to go. Anybody with a sufficient budget and a few trips to Bunnings/Big W could achieve that result - it’s not special enough. Either get RGB pixels or install fibre optics in a black fabric to fake the night sky. You could even draw characters in it if you did that. Then since you’ve ditched the fairy lights on the roof, lose the ones on the buildings. Projection mapping is the solution here. Tokyo Disneyland does the expertly. Screens need to go. Unless your parade requires CGI VFX, you don’t need a screen. Design your shows to be on a stage or in a theatre.
  13. Do we know that the tower was engineered to stand on its own? I’d love to see the tower solo, I just question if it was built to do that.
  14. Take advantage of parent swap too! One of you lines up with your 7yo and then rides, then swap parents at the exit letting the other parent ride without needing to wait the standby time again - just speak to the cast members at the line entry. Magic Kingdom has something like 23 rides, not including shows and parades. Its enormous. Staying at POP means that buses to HWS and Epcot are one per hour, you basically have to use the Skyliner. There’s loads of activities going on at the resort so grab an activity guide off the checkin cast member - they play a movie by the hippy dippy pool each night. Also, remember you can eat at any resort restaurant or meal hall, you aren’t restricted to POP - so maybe look into the character breakfast at Chef Mickeys at Contemporary, and I think they just introduced one at Riviera now too. There are stroller restrictions - make sure you have the right size or hire one. If you’re park hopping, keep your hire receipt from the first park and show it at the second and you should be covered - cost per day, not cost per visit/park. Learn where the first aid spots are on your park maps - they also sell baby goods in there should you have an unplanned situation occur. My first WDW visit I allowed 7 days, 6 in the parks. Spent one morning swimming in the pool. Also did the return to hotel mid-day a couple of times - it’s a big day and jet lag is a thing (I went via London so I didn’t know which Timezone I was in for a while). Also, take a hat - not a lot of shade around WDW parks.
  15. For morning magic hours they only let hotel guests in. Typically all rides will be open. The evening magic hours is where the park stays open but if you try to join a line for any attraction they scan your magic band to check you’re a hotel guest.
  16. Remember you can make dining bookings now, so if there’s any sit down restaurants you’re keen on (Beauty and the Beast’s castle has the grey stuff as a dessert for instance) you can book that now. Fast Pass opens for the entire length of your stay 60 days ahead of your first day, so hard to get fast passes will be easier on the later days. Make sure you have the app. If you can’t get the ones you want, book any 3 early in the day so you can knock them off quickly and then keep refreshing throughout the day to get that coveted one. Also, extra magic hours is how I got on Seven Dwarves mine train - the 40 minutes was more like 20.
  17. I’m headed back to WDW in June. May try to swing DL in before hand, I’ve got 6 days on the ground state side before I’m booked in at Pop Century.
  18. Just watch out for the Teirs. Magic Kingdom doesn’t have any, but all other parks have their rides in tiers. You get one Tier 1 and two Tier 2 attractions for your advanced fast passes. I found because of this I would pick 2, one from each, and then just go one at a time after that for some of those parks where the Tier 2 offerings are lacking
  19. I got my passport in case I was to ever win a radio competition (not that I entered any). It was then one less hurdle to overseas travel. Then Scoot launched Gold Coast to Singapore and you could get return trips for $350. I did exactly that and visited Universal Studios Singapore.
  20. One thing I did think of this morning is with charging back to your room. For me, I have a Citibank debit card that attracts no overseas fees and just converts at Visa’s going rate for the day. It’s great, but because it’s not a credit card it behaves differently when it comes to holds at hotels. When I go back next I’ll be using a standard credit card for the hold, then I’ll call to reception every few days and settle the bill using my debit card - otherwise you end up at Disneyland Paris wondering what your last $10AU can buy you for dinner because your cash is on hold at Disney until the bank releases it.
  21. I stayed at Pop Century. I went the forego room servicing thing and scored the gift card. Would’ve been nice to be able to select to get it serviced mid stay, but I was so eager at 7am to get over you Magic Kingdom I didn’t think to ask. With the fast pass bookings, they open 60 days prior to your check-in date for the entire length of your stay. This means anyone booking in for a 15-20 day stay can book fast passes essentially 80 days in advance so the rides you definitely want FP for are often taken. As has been said though, keep an eye on MDE all day and keep refreshing because things come up. Also, if there’s something you really want to get on, try to score a fast pass for something that has just broken. When operations update FP to the fact it’s closed you’ll be issued a park-wide (with some exceptions) fast pass. Usually what you want to get on is covered by this. I did this to get on Kali River Rapids. I bought breakfast in the food hall at the resort and paid about $13US. Quick Service meal in park around the same amount. Bottle of water is $3 US I think, bottle of Coke $4.50. Washing is $3 per load, $1 for laundry powder from the vending machine, $3 per dryer load. All payable by card. As has been mentioned, you can wear yourself out very quickly with early starts late nights and that Florida humidity and heat. Take a hat, because the parks lack shade, and an umbrella for the afternoon rain. i didn’t pin trade but I did start collecting pins during this trip. I did pick up one tip though - buy the starter kits with the less desirable pins, particularly in the multipacks or the lucky dip ones. Then trade them with cast members, because they’re not allowed to say no. If you want one they’ve got, it’s up to you which you give them in exchange, not them. They’ll often have more desirable pins you can swap the cheap ones for. Also, remember you only swap the pins, not the backings. I found the best pin choices were at the outfitters at Animal Kingdom. Mission Space orange is an evil contraption that should not exist. I wandered around feeling unwell for the next 2 hours after riding it. You can probably achieve a similar sensation by dropping a deadlift barbell onto your chest for 5 minutes. Also, Dinosaur is ROUGH and so jerky. So give yourself time to get through it all, don’t go too hard too fast or you’ll wipe yourself out - I did. I got a half day at AK before returning to the hotel and slept til about 7pm then felt too groggy to go do much that night.
  22. Change up Splash Cash to be like MagicBands with a link to a regular card, that way you’re not loading money on or having to recover what you didn’t spend when you’re done for the day. And maybe start trying to put a theme in to an area. Disney have a water park based on winter, Universal’s is based around a Volcano, so the net is pretty wide. I’d just like to see either some shade over the concrete footpaths, or misters keeping it wet so you don’t burn your feet walking between attractions.
  23. So take this with a grain of salt, but I got an Uber out of Disney World a few days ago and my driver was telling me that her husband had just retired. She also thought there was 100% a Disney park happening in Australia because they had been asking her husband to go. He was involved in the initial build at Shanghai and reportedly turned them down for the Aus trip to spend more time closer to home. I’m taking it as though they’re keeping an eye on things down here.
  24. Pretty sure Wipeout was in fact a Vekoma Waikiki Wave, not a Top Spin. Also, sitting areas are supposed to be a selling feature on realestate.com.au right? We’ll have a deck installed soon at this rate. Any thoughts on where you might situate a library? Tiger Island is probably a good tranquil spot for a drawing room...
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