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  1. Wasn't Terror Canyon and Terror Canyon II originally where constrictor is. I remember riding it before it closed. If I remember correctly they had lighting effects in them.
  2. I'm sorry. But I really don't like how the screen is positioned. Maybe it's OCD or something but I'd rather see the screen in the centre of the boardwalk rather than on the side. And maybe a little bit lower to the ground. Other than that Jamberoo has done a good job at fixing up the park for the 2014-2015 season. Hopefully we see some more progress on the Kangaroo Island expansion next year!! I don't agree with the park being closed Monday to Fridays. But they need to save money somehow.
  3. Who cares about the residents in the adjacent buildings. They bought those apartments. And anyway... They are powerless when it comes to LP rides. LP has more power. So they could add the worlds loudest coaster and put it right next to the buildings and LP would still get away with it.
  4. Spring into Corrimal on Sunday too. Unfortunately I have to work Sunday . But I can see if my sister can grab a few photos when she goes.
  5. Well I think Dreamworld has really picked up their game with refurbishing the Wipeout, replacing Reef Diver with Tail Spin and giving multiple rides a touch up. We may even see a proper ride / coaster, the way Dreamworld is going. Dreamworld has really taken a good turn.!!!
  6. It has 2 rides that I counted. At least there is a drop tower!! Other than that, I'd rather spend the day at Luna Park
  7. I'm going to PAX In Melbourne with a few friends too. We got 3 day passes. So excited for it
  8. Ok. But could you grab a photo of it anyway. I'd love to see what it looks like.
  9. Could you get a photo of the old UFO spot if possible. From the Ferris wheel would be perfect. And if possible ask some of the workers if they know of any plan for a UFO replacement. Thanks
  10. ^ oh ok. I didn't realise there was an elevator at the entrance.
  11. I remember riding the elevator into the sovernier shop from the ride exit. This was before tot2. So things must have changed. The elevator was for exiting the ride, and a ramp was at the entrance.
  12. ^^Here is a YouTube Video of The Cyclone when it was The Big Dipper at Luna Park Sydney. This is a fairly old video so there is a good chance most of you guys have seen it
  13. About time. I have a feeling it won't be as good as the others but it looks like something to give a look at.
  14. Yes it was. It held this record for a few months before 'superman escape from krypton' at six flags was built. SEFK matched the height and speed of TOT. But the thing I hate is the fact that when SEFK was constructed, americans labeled it the 'tallest and fastest in the world' when in fact TOT beat them by a few months with the exact same ride. It's kind of unfair if you think about it.
  15. Wow. That's a great idea. Like a tribute to the Sea Viper.
  16. There is a post about this already. "2014 In Dreamworld - Tail Spin construction, Wipeout refurbishment, Triple Vortex construction" It's a few posts down
  17. I haven't been to dreamworld for ages. But last time I went I rode TOT, before they reversed the car. Wow it was fun!! But I have noticed in a few POV videos and personal experiences, the launch has noticeably decreased in speed since the opening of TOT2. Is there a reason behind this? can TOT go back to its normal speed?
  18. Why can't they bring the Python Loop to the Easter Show in Sydney around April? We have the Tiapan, similar but with no loop
  19. Haha I love that game too. My favourite sim is the Disneyland Paris Rock n Rollercoaster.
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