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  1. Media: 4 killed at Thunder river rapids, Dreamworld are now reportedly breaking into people homes and wrecking up the place. Journalist: the fire at Luna park was a tragedy but we are looking for answers to right this wrong
  2. There may be a similar new style of ride that intamin produces but you need to remember that TOT was the first of its kind, only to be followed up by a second of its kind and then no more were made. Intamin provided support for these two experimental rides way longer than they realistically should have. Especially in the case of DW who were already limping theirs along because they only opted for the cheap, quick and dirty upgrade, many years ago. Along with all of the other reasons stated by @franky. Really it should have been removed and salvaged for Six Flags Magic Mountain about 5 years ago. Then maybe the one at Six Flags would have more than about 2-5 years left in its lifespan.
  3. ITT: Everyone is jumping on @DaptoFunlandGuy because he made a comment and now everyone is an expert and thinks he is trying to personally kill his entire neighbourhood.
  4. You'll see the full tunnel removal before the track gets removed from in there
  5. @DaptoFunlandGuy looking at his solar panels
  6. Meanwhile i'm just impressed with the excavator operator not only wading through at least a foot of water, but also balancing the tracks on the unsecured rocks as it tries to not accidentally run into raised rampways.
  7. Look, I didn't wanna be the first to say it but if the rafts can get a conveyor to the top then should be able to as well! Conveyor belts and people have never gone wrong... right?
  8. It also doesn't help that Taipan is built on a berm with a giant retaining wall at the back. It pushes out much further than the boundaries for Gold Rush ever did and it's elevated right up to the train line. It will look very out of place until the groundworks and landscaping is complete. Having to circle the whole park just to get to the northern side near GD is a bit of a pain and really adds to taipan looking out of place too.
  9. Oh no, they heard my comment about Steel Taipan going into technical rehearsals on Leviathans opening date
  10. Accidentally opens it for technical rehearsals the same day that Leviathan is supposed to open
  11. All signage and official words from DW have been that it will be open in December. It is still the case unless something big causes a delay
  12. Quick photo dump with an extra piece being added to the track currently under the turnaround
  13. Buzzsaw has been testing most of the day so it’s possible it could reopen tomorrow when it’s maintenance period is over
  14. Taipan is starting to take nice shape as it grows into the sky. more importantly though, this tree. Tied down because it kept running away.
  15. Isn't this plan to add the extra 5000 seats also super complicated? Like lifting the whole stadium and demolishing a good portion of it to be rebuilt? So much unnecessary money and work for such a little return. (though I feel that could sum up anything the government does)
  16. TBF, he knew it was complicated but he cared more about beating the Russians. So maybe they just need some actual competition?
  17. And continues the theme of people who can't take a joke.
  18. Surely there's something that can help remove this stain from our park history?
  19. I'm pretty sure Mack updated their support structure design process recently which allowed them to cut down on some of the spaghetti they used to have
  20. This kind of proves otherwise though? Most of your posts on here have been in response to someone saying something about you. Wasn't the reason you originally started posting because you were having problems with @T-bone making comments? I was just stating what appears to be the truth based on the history, not having a jab at anyone.
  21. It's also a matter of sacrificing a nonstop layout. Rivals has trims and you feel those. If it had sections where you could completely stop because their terrible operations have caused the train to stack again, it's a pretty boring ride.
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