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  1. Just went on Scooby - looks like they are playing the movie in the pre show area now instead of the behind the scenes stuff!
  2. Seeming as we are talking about all of this stuff about the 'worlds best' attraction, which I believe is not this and will be a new rollercoaster addition, I thought that it could still be western themed. The idea is that the red area in the diagram is the DC area with the villains. There will be no access to the show stage from the red area and the show stage will have nothing to do with DC. The blue area is the area for the new rollercoaster, with the queue and possibly a dark ride section housed in the show building. The green arrow is the entrance from the Western themed area into the queue for the new Western themed ride. Obviously this is complete speculation, and originally in my mind I assumed the entrance to the new rollercoaster would be from the DC themed area but then I realised that doesn't have to be the case at all. This is just an idea of how the new rollercoaster could be 'non' DC themed whilst still utilising the show stage. Obviously we know nothing at the moment and the new rollercoaster might never even happen or it may end up on the other side of the park.
  3. I feel like this isn't the most surprising thing to happen. Personally I'm a little disappointed at the DC theme being continued but I do completely understand it from a marketing/theme continuity. Personally I like the idea of 'original' attractions more, things like WWF or Thirteen (Alton Towers). In saying that I would not complain at all if it was Batman themed... Maybe I just don't find DC interesting. Enough thinking out loud. I think it's a nice refresh to an area that was well themed but really underused. MW has been screaming out for more rides to soak up the crowds and if this is high capacity it should do the trick. I really hope they do continue with building a rollercoaster as well. I think they could do something really fun with a Bizarro themed Mega-Lite or something along those lines. Highly unlikely though!
  4. So can we pretty safely assume that this is the area the rollercoaster will be in? Or do you think the area will be greater or smaller? Obviously hard to tell given how little we know about it so far but considering how much is packed into AA and its on a smaller footprint I think we could certainly get something decent in this space!
  5. Hey guys, have been lurking for a while just haven't been posting lately. Just wondering, is there anything new happening at MW in terms of big capital expenditure? New ride or something? Obviously if something has been announced I would probably already know about it, so I guess this is more of a what do you think MW should do next? I feel like its been a while since they have done something significant and something major for the adult market. Is it possible a new addition to the park has been delayed because of the Green Lantern accident? Thanks guys! Good to be back
  6. Hey guys, sorry that I haven't posted my thoughts on Fright Nights yet I've been super busy. I went on Friday the 11th and the event was sold out that night, luckily I had the Fast Track pass which allowed me to go into every maze almost immediately. The reviews are: The Ripper Maze: This was first up for the night and I wasn't expecting much at all because of the previous reviews, but like most others on the night I was pleasantly surprised! I can see why initially others may have thought there weren't any scares, but when I went through there were a decent amount of actors popping out and slashing at us from dark spaces. Although I think in comparison to Hillbilly Slasher last year this maze pales in comparison. + Excellent ambience and mood setting, I especially enjoyed the speakers playing quiet street chatter with the dim lanterns hanging down from the wall + Some actors were really well hidden which provided for great scares - Lack of diversity in actors, it's either prostitutes or Jack the Ripper - A lack of scares and 'set' pieces in comparison to Hillbilly Slasher last year Overall 6.5/10 Cannibal Clowns: Obviously expectations weren't very high as this was the usual thrown together maze with little to no effort. I enjoyed the maze for what it is but I don't understand why MW don't simply invest a little more money and make a 4th decent maze. I would honestly rather they keep Hillybilly around for a 3rd year with the Ripper maze than waste it on some dark walls with paint and people dressed up... + Scare actors were great in this maze and really made an effort to scare people, making up for a lack of theming - Lack of theming - No real 'story' or 'theme' - The usual cheap maze Overall 4.5/10 Wolf Creek 2: Next up was Wolf Creek and boy was I surprised! This was my favorite maze of the night and also I thought the scariest (maybe this was due to the fact that I was at the front). Initially I didn't think the Wolf Creek theme itself would scare me, but the scenes in this maze were set up incredibly well, I thought the pacing was great with a little lull in the middle. + Excellent theming and had some of the darkest rooms Fright Nights has ever had (the bush room) making it really seem like you are lost + I thought the scares were very well thought out and set up, and while normally you can tell where/when the scare is coming they did a really good job at tricking you + A nice touch was pressure activated car horns and headlights, this was a neat trick + The music when you enter the cabin is really creepy - A lack of scares in the middle of the maze Overall 9/10 The Evil Within: My most anticipated maze of the night, but I was left a little disappointed, maybe because I had hyped it up too much? Don't get me wrong, the theming in the maze was absolutely top notch, but I was a bit disappointed by some of the scares in the maze. I didn't really like that the guys with the boxes on their head were stuck behind bars and that they couldn't make any real noise like banging on something and that some of the others were stuck behind a glass screen. Although this maze was the most elaborate, I think they overlooked the fact that if someone is sitting behind a glass screen it's a little hard to REALLY freak out. + Top notch theming + Really long + Excellent scenes, I particularly loved the person behind the screen at the start with the flashing lights, the girl with many arms and the spinning blade corrider + Good pacing and the scares were well spread out - I think they could have done better towards the end with some of the scares because someoene standing behind a metal fence not making any noise isn't that freaky Overall 8.5/10 You might think I'm being quite critical of the event, and I am. I absolutely loved it, just like I do every year. All in all it was a great night, but I think my slight disappointment of this year comes from the fact that Fright Nights has been improving year on year, and this year it feels on par with last. Which by no means is a bad thing, but I guess I was just expecting them to step it up a notch again. I would have liked to see official scare zones implemented and the generic scooby maze replaced with something substantial. There was definitely less smoke around the park this year, which I didn't like, although there was more scare actors. I felt like there could have been a little more diversity in the actors though. It was either a devil looking guy on the rollerblades, or a devil looking guy with a mask. One thing I loved this year was the metal cage that went up and down mainstreet, so creepy!! Also I wasn't a big fan of the dubstep music. Overall, it was a great night again, but I think they could have stepped it up from last year, but they just didn't. Can't wait for next year! There are some photos below: (I'm having some trouble with adding photos they'll be up soon)
  7. I'll be heading to Fright Nights tonight (with my Fast Track pass). Have gone every year since its inception so will provide my experience/review in comparison with previous years, although in terms of 'scare' factor I believe it's always subjective as to what is the 'scariest' maze. Though the same can't be said for theming, layout and actors. Can't wait!
  8. Does anyone know if they are doing the express passes again this year to skip the queue? I can't seem to find an option on the website but would love to purchase one again!
  9. Joz great coasters! I really like the look and feel of them they are fantastic What are your thoughts on No Limits 2 in comparison to 1? I'm a fan of the first one and I am going to buy 2 soon! Can't wait.
  10. Have just bought a Fast Track pass for Friday. Decided it was worth the 40 odd dollars because I'm only going one night this year and might as well make use of it. How much shorter are the wait times for the Fast Track? Say Hillybilly 2 is something like 40-50 minutes would Fast Track just be 10-15 minutes wait?
  11. Just wondering whether the Fast Track passes are worth it? I've been to all previous fright nights and have never really had a problem with waiting times... Most of the time it hasn't been more than 30-40 minutes for me. Always had time for all the mazes and not really interested in the shows. Just wondering if the wait times are maybe longer this year so it's necessary in order to do all the mazes before the end of the night? Thanks!
  12. Yesterday whilst at work I was perusing the Yahoo news site (don't even know why...) when I saw the title 'Woman is killed falling off the worlds tallest rollercoaster'. I then quickly read it, and sure enough numerous times in the article the journalist claims NTG is the worlds tallest rollercoaster. I'll try to find the article again, at the moment I just don't have time because of work. But I mean SERIOUSLY!? How hard can it possibly be to just google 'worlds tallest roller coaster' to check some facts? Especially when talking about something so sensitive to the public...
  13. Nice! Can't wait to see more Are you going to be doing a story for this (like on other RCT3 sites) or just general updates showing your progress?
  14. Surprised no one had done this before... Very impressive MikeMac! I wonder why SeaWorld decided to go against the idea of building it next to the carpark, and instead replace Bermuda? Maybe they knew Bermuda would need to be replaced eventually, so they decided to do just do it now. Yet it seems like the ride layout is just too perfect a match for its location for everything to fit so 'conveniently'.
  15.     Don't really care much if you call me an idiot, feel free to call me what you want, it's the internet... I see it as text on a screen telling me I'm something from someone I don't know Also just to mention, I didn't use a direct dictionary definiton, I am fluent in German. It is in fact my native language along side Swiss-German as I was born in Switzerland. I do agree with you that in the German language one word can be used generally for a number of meanings, but in this case of a roller coaster, klein is not being used to indicate insignificant or standard. EVEN if it was, it would be the incorrect word to use, and I don't believe a German company is going to get their words mixed up... While this may be a standard version, the word 'klein' on the container does not indicate standard, as there are other more suitable words for this (I can list some if you like). It is certainly just indication small. Maybe that means it is a smaller track section, that could be more fragile. Maybe the container size is smaller than usual meaning it's placement on board the container ship needs to be in a certain place. I have no idea! But I can tell you that klein, in this case, does certainly not indicate the 'standard version' of a rollercoaster. Anyway, enough about shit that doesn't matter in the slightest....
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