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  1. So it has been announced in the last 24 hours that Bob Iger has stepped down as Disney CEO, being replaced by Bob Chapek who had been chairman of Disney Parks, Experiences and Products. Iger is to remain at Disney as an executive chairman till the end of his contract (expiring end of 2021); focusing on creative content within the company. Chapek will take control of day-to-day operations of the business, with Iger acting as a mentor to Chapek during this transition. Iger worked for the company for 27 years, with 15 being at the helm of Disney. During his time as CEO, he was involved in the acquisition of Pixar, Marvel, LucasFilms, 20th Century Fox, and launching Disney Plus. News article talking about this announcement is linked below: I would like to gauge parkz members reaction to the news, and how they believe Chapek will impact/shape Disney theme parks globally. Reading several other online forums (i.e. micechat, reddit), many share a negative opinion about Chapek, stating that he has a focus on pushing IP's within parks rather than creating original experiences. According to these forums, he has also been responsible for implementing demand pricing at the Disney Parks, reducing the range of park merchandise, reducing live entertainment, cheaply re-skinning Pixar Pier, GotG ride (previously Hollywood Tower), and cutting budgets to the Avatar and Galaxy's Edges lands which has resulted in a shortened navi river ride, and less interactivity at each of the lands respectively. In my opinion, its hard to know with a lot of the decisions, how much input was from Chapek himself, and how much was passed down onto him by Iger. I respect that Disney is a business, though I wonder if Chapek will turn the Disney Parks into IP shopping malls and focus the rides on the IP's rather than creating genuine and immersive experiences.
  2. Jessicajealousy

    Walt Disney World for Newbies

    Hi! My fiancee and I are currently planning our trip to Walt Disney World in Florida for our Honeymoon in September 2020. We have booked most of our accommodation, plus tickets and flights. I am wanting to hear suggestions/tips/strategies - basically, anything you like about how to navigate the parks and our time there. We are starting with 3 nights at universal, then 4 nights at Port Orleans Riverside, 8 nights at B Resort, and then 2 nights in a moderate or deluxe resort (the only bit we haven't booked). We found an awesome deal on a 14-day park-hopper, so we have the ability to jump between parks. Both of us have never been to the U.S, so any help is greatly appreciated
  3. The new Disney Skyliner has had some gondola cars collide at the Riviera Resort Station, with guests slowly being evacuated
  4. The Disney Dish Podcast has done a 2 part podcast delving into the history and story of Disneyland Australia. Would highly recommend a listen, it's a fascinating story! Link to part 1: Link to part 2: I've listened to this podcast on and off. They have a really good backlog of episodes to choose from. The podcast mainly covers insider knowledge, history and reviews of the Walt Disney Parks and Resorts, and Universal Parks all around the world.
  5. Hi All, I decided that for my 33rd birthday I'd take myself to Disneyworld. Then in my searching discovered that my birthday falls on Memorial Day long weekend, so decided to go just prior to that, and then visit Disneyland Paris for my actual birthday. My 60 days in advance Fast Pass Reservation date is fast approaching, and having never been to Disney World before, I'm interested to hear what previous visitors to the parks would recommend as selections for the initial 3 fast passes for each park. For those interested in the itinerary, I arrive in Orlando the day before I'm booked at Disney, so I intend to do hotel check-in and head straight for the park. Magic Kingdom is open until 11pm that night for hotel guests, so that's my day 1 park. Day 2 I'm thinking Animal Kingdom, Day 3 at Epcot, Day 4 is Hollywood Studios. Day 5 and 6 are open at this stage. I haven't bought Park Hopper and will add the upgrade on for those last 2 days if I feel the need to hit up more than one park per day, but that's a play it by ear decision. I'm staying at Pop Century, and secretly hoping the Skyliner will be running by the last half of May. I then have two more nights in Orlando before I fly out again. Am considering Universal tickets, but nothing confirmed for those days yet. I've been to DLP before, so am pretty set for how to handle that one. So, what would you be selecting for your first three fast passes for each park?
  6. BringADecentParkToSydney

    Disney Wharf at Sydney Harbour

    Just thought that this video deserves a watch; (Seriously, ReviewTyme deserves soo much more love and attention... I LOVE their videos ) Enjoy ❤️
  7. Ardent appoints former Disney executive as US-based director Former Disney executive Randy Garfield will join Ardent Leisure as part of the company's bid to strengthen the expertise and USA representation on their board in an ongoing struggle for control and stability. Click here to continue reading
  8. Rezoning doesn't help Dreamworld become more like Disney or Universal Ardent Leisure CEO Deborah Thomas defends the rezoning by hinting at a Disney or Universal style precinct. It sounds great – but their major tourism zoning already allows for this. Click here to continue reading
  9. Didn't want to start a new post on this given it isn't about one of our parks per se but thought I would post this here given it is relevant to our discussion about improving transit to the Spit/SW given the possible development of a 2nd casino to the south of SW and the possible development of a cruise terminal at the Council car park to the east of SW. Anyway it is looking increasingly likely (albeit neither confirmed nor denied by Disney) that Disney is going to build a high capacity cable car / gondola system to link 5 areas in Disneyworld: System will supposedly look like this based on building permits showing what look suspiciously like turning stations: If true I think this is quite powerful validation of the technology given Disney will be paying for all of this out of their own resources and thus would have looked extremely closely how it stacks up vs alternatives with regards to capital and operating costs, capacity, reliability and needless to say safety.
  10. This is an interesting idea: Tragic thing is I can remember riding a lot of those attractions in the 90s.
  11. Has anyone seen this game yet? It's pretty new and already had millions of downloads: Android game: iPhone/iPad game: There must be some Disney fans here
  12. Big changes for Disney, Universal and more in 2016 Disneyland embarks on their biggest ever single expansion, The Incredible Hulk is stripped bare at Islands of Adventure, weather closes Knott's and Cedar Point's record-breaking Dive Coaster progresses. Click here to continue reading
  13. December 5 marks what would have been the 114th birthday of Walt Disney. He passed almost half a century ago and relatively young, yet his legacy lives on stronger than ever. For the millions of people entertained and inspired by this man and by the close to a century span of The Walt Disney Company, thank you!
  14. Space Mountain: Supernova 1000-1600m 75 km/h Height: 30-40 m Ride time 3 minutes Inversions: 4 Zero G RollDive loopCorkscrew(Overbanked Turn)Inline Twist "Ride head over heels on a light speed adventure through an exploding star" Okay, so try to follow this...... So the ride lasts about 3 minutes. The first min is just all that lift hill pre build up (you probably know what I mean) The first half of the ride is basically space mountain with curves and small drops, but at higher speed, but about halfway through, the train flies into a supernova section with strobe, colour and sound effects. Which the train suddenly goes down a 10-15 m drop and back up about 3/4 into a zero g roll immediately followed by a dive loop to ground level which is then followed by a left corkscrew into a sharp curve in the same direction into an airtime hill which goes over the pit of the 10m drop causing a headchopper effect in the first place.... Brutal After an overbanked turn the ride than makes a right hand curve around the edge of about a quarter of the mountain, which is then suddenly followed by a fast but smooth turn to the left into a final left inline twist in the exit tunnel outside of the perimeter of the mountain and then finally a brake run where the picture is taken So what do you think....? I'm not sure if even building a ride like that is even possible but I'm pretty sure it can be done with a little imagination, (and money) it hasn't stopped Disney before its just an idea
  15. Hey everybody! Later this year (in September) I'm lucky enough to attend Disney World while on a trip to the USA. The bad thing is I'm only going to be able to attend this park and this park only and for just 1 day . Well, at least I'm going, right? Anyways I'm definitely going to be attending Epcot for half a day and another park for another park (only two parks, this trip is full of disappointments). This is my first overseas theme park trip and I'm wondering what you guys think? I love thrill rides and stuff, but I'd also like to focus on the Classics, you know. So help me out here! What rides should I check out at Epcot and another park. Thanks everyone! (Oh and P.S., I have some O'Neils Adventureland pics if anyone wants to see, don't worry, I didn't break into anything xP)
  16. And you thought the food at our parks was shit. First Look: Zuri’s Sweets Shop — and the Poop Candy! — at Disney’s Animal Kingdom
  17. Now I'm gonna say upfront this is not a rumour or anything but just something I have noticed happening. I get the feeling Disney has been putting its feelers into the Australian market a little to see how much interest there is in the products. For example, there was a Mickey and Minnie Meet and Greet at the Melbourne Show this year and alot of Disney merchandise. Disney has also sponsored the sand castles down in Frankston and they are all Disney, Star Wars and Marvel. They also were doing something at David Jones in Melbourne over Christmas as I saw alot of people with Mickey Ear Headbands on. It just seems strange to me that all of a sudden disney would do a Mickey and Minnie meet and greet at the Melbourne Show when they have never done it before. Thoughts?
  18. aussienetman

    Disney or Universal

    So my family has come into a bit of money and my dad has announced a family trip. I have always wanted to go to Orlando but it looks like we can only do Universal or Disney. Our travelling party are two people in their 50's and three in their 20's. At the moment we are leaning towards Universal but would like your input. We are looking at other things to do around Florida as well so any ideas will be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance!
  19. As most of you would know today Disneyland Park, DCA and the Magic Kingdom are open for 24 hours to kick off their summer. Although this is nothing new this year the have set up live webcams at various locations. They are: - Rivers of America (Disneyland) - Main Street USA (Disneyland) - Cars Land - Paradise Pier - Main Street USA (Magic Kingdom) The link to the streams is: The beauty of these streams is that you can catch live shows online (without sound). - World of Color at 2:45pm and 8pm - Cars Land lighting ceremony at 12:40pm - Mickey's Soundsational Parade at 5:30pm - Fantasmic! at 2pm and 3:30pm - Disneyland Fireworks at 2:25pm I know this post is a bit late and some of the events (didn't list them) have already occurred but I thought it was worth a post. Also, apologies if the times are wrong, I quickly converted them from LA time so I may have been a bit out.
  20. Someone at Fairfax Media has a thing for theme parks at the moment. "The Bus is now leaving for White Bay, NSW"
  21. Before you say. There isn't going to be one and/or Disney won't put a resort in Australia. This is a open brainstorming of a Disney resort in Australia. You could join in too. Disney Kingdom ------------------------- Main Street ------------------ A man name Walt Disney: The Disney Kingdom Story Automobiles Horse carraige Main Street Cinema Fantasyland ------------------ Rapunzel's Castle Fantasyland sublands --------------------------- storybook village ---------------------- Snow White's Scary Adventure Pinocchio's Daring Journey Mr.Toad's Wild Ride Rapunzel's Tangled Adventure Belle's storybook time The Tale of Sleeping Beauty Peter Pan's Flight Dwarfs Mine Ride Journey of the Little Mermaid The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh Cinderella's Carousel --------------------------------------- Wonderland ----------------------------- Alice in Wonderland Mad Tea Party Alice's Curious Labyrinth -------------------------------------------------- Pixie Hollow ---------------- Tinker playground Storytime with Fawn Tinkerbell's home ---------------------------------------------------- Storybook Circus -------------------------- Dumbo the Flying Elephant Casey Jr train ride Timothy Mouse's playground circus ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Fantasy world ------------------------------ Matterhorn Bobsleds Storybook Canal Its A Small World ------------------------------ Adventureland ---------------------- The Jungle Cruise Mowgli's Jungle Adventure Swiss Family Robison Treehouse Walt Disney's Enchanted Tiki Room Indiana Jones and the temple of the inferno ruby. Pirates of the Carribeans -------------------------------- Victoria Square ----------------------- the Haunted Mansion Tiana's Froggy Adventure ----------------------- Frontierland ------------------ Big Thunder Mountain Country Bear Jamboree Splash Mountain Victoria Riverboat ------------------ Mickey's ToonTown -------------------------------- Mickey's House Minnie's House Donald's Boat Goofy's Fun House Goofy's Sky School -------------------------------- Tomorrowland ---------------------- Autopia Walt Disney's Carousel of Progress Star Tours People Movers Buzz Lightyear's Ranger blast Space Mountain ---------------------- Shows & Parades ------------------------ Disney's Musical parade Pixie magic Disney's Wishes ------------------------ Sydney Disneysea ------------------------- Port Venula ----------------- Marvel Super Hero Island --------------------------------- The Amazing Adventures of Spiderman The Incredible Hulk Dr.Doom's Fearfall ---------------------------------- Arabian Coast -------------------- Aladdin's magic journey Genie's magic lamp show in 3D. Sinbad's Storybook Journey -------------------- Sunnyside Pier ------------------------ Screamin Mickey's Fun Wheel Boardwalk games Triton's Carousel ------------------------ Mickey's Beach spot --------------------------- Surfin with Goofy Aquaduck Mickey's beach house ----------------------------- shows -------------- Fantasmic! ---------------------------------------- Walt Disney Studios -------------------------- Buena Vista Street ------------------------- Red Trolleys The Great Movie Ride ------------------- Muppet Place ------------------- Muppet Vision 3-D Great Muppet Ride -------------------------- Pixar Studios ------------------- Toy Story Mania Crush's turtle coaster Ratatouie Kitchen Calamity The Incredibles Super Blast Wall-E's space voyage Radiator Springs Racers Paradise Falls Playground Merida's Training ground Monster Inc Laugh Floor -------------------------------- Sunset Blvd ----------------- The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror Rock & Rollercoaster starring ACDC Disney Animation Studio
  22. article today - Disney overhauling their 'Fastpass' System to include a process for Disabled guests, thereby preventing the previous 'head of the line' process for people with a disability.
  23. Reanimated35

    Left 4 Disney

    Kind of. Found this custom map for Left 4 Dead 2 someone made. All credit goes to the people who made it (there's a link in the description) edit - probably helps if I link the video... edit 2 - by the time I realised I wasn't recording the sound I didn't feel like doing that again. If someone wants it with sound, let me know.
  24. I was reading around Micechat tonight and and came across a forum with the same topic, it was an interesting read on what people were saying and sparked the question here. I was also wondering if you can justify why people are willing to pay the $500-$600 for a season pass or whatever, but still bitch about the $75 official D23 membership? For the record that gets you: numerous newsletters, early and free access to the D23 expo, 5 free gifts, and discounts practically everywhere (airport shuttles, disney, etc.).
  25. Hi guys Not sure how many people on here are huge followers of Disney Parks projects, but in less than 11hrs Disneyland Paris is about the debut its first ever major Nighttime Spectacular Disney Dream's which is directed and created by a good friend of mine Steve Davison who i had the pleasure of meeting during my second trip to the Disneyland Resort in 2010. He is now the Vice President of Parades and Spectaculars for Walt Disney Imagineering Creative Entertainment. Steve has Directed and developed some amazing shows, most recent World Of Color and The Magic, The Memories and You! Well his brand new creation is nothing short of breathe taking. Disney Dreams is a combination of his two previous projects, were he has taken the major elements from each of them and fused them together to create true Disney Magic! This show is a combination of Water screens and jets taken from World Of Color and the use of 3D Projections from The Magic, The Memories and You! all of which is complimented by a truly Disney classical score recorded at the one and only Abbey Road Studios. Well Disney is giving everyone world wide the opportunity to watch it for the first time on a live online streaming from the Disneyland Paris You tube channel. Once you log onto the channel a special re themed page will direct you to the live streaming which will take place 6:30am AUS QLD time tomorrow morning. But just like any Disney event be sure to be there a little earlier than showtime! This is a opportunity most Disney fans wouldn't want to miss, and in this case its at a decent time, so be sure to check it out tomorrow morning.