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Joz and Rabid do Dreamworld

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Great stuff. You've made me jealous - I've been in the market for a digital SLR since late last year (even came very close to buying one while in Orlando) but can never manage to save enough money to buy. Now that Canon's just recently announced their latest model I'm going to have to splurge before too long. :) It's interesting to see the theming on The Claw coming together. It's a lot more than I ever would have expected (whether that's a good thing or not I'm not yet sure).

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Or edit the URL and change the page numer to 9. :P You're a good photographer, I'm not a professional with anything, well I'm jsut a teenager... So I wouldn't waste my day at dreamworld taking pictures of things. But its a passion of yours and I guess you do a good job at it. Question about the "The TOT traveling at 160km." photo. Why was the ToT empty at that time, and where was the photo taken from? And sorry for bringing up an old thread if someone is going to complain about it :(

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