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If you could add 1 different ride to every theme park in Australia what rides would you pick for what park?


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Imagine you can add 1 different ride to fit in at all the Aussie parks of your choice. You can go through all the parks or just a few. The only rule is the ride (which can be anything from a dark ride to a log flume or roller coaster) should some what fit in with the other rides at the park. The ride can be unique for every park. It can be brand new or relocated from somewhere else. 

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Movie World: A dark ride/water ride in the same vein as Looney Tunes River Rapids Ride... Feel like the park really misses that ride

DreamWorld: New log flume though that probably wont happen

SeaWorld: Also a replacement Log Flume... Actually all of mine seem to be too similar, but water rides are probably my favorite, so not surprising.

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On 23/02/2023 at 1:38 PM, Guest 239 said:

I started writing out one for each park and realised all my answers were the same!

I honestly think every park would benefit from a high-capacity, slow-moving dark ride. It's the biggest gap I feel our parks have at the moment.


I agree and have expressed the same here before, but would add that not all dark rides are created equal and, in the case of the major Gold Coast parks, a fairly high standard for theming and immersion would need to be met. Something on the level of a Disney/Universal attraction would be infeasible given investment costs, but I certainly see the Scooby Doo ride at Abu Dhabi or Van Helsing at Movie Park Germany as a realistic standard.

Beyond that, Dreamworld needs a water ride. Anything approaching the level of Phantasialand's log flume would be outstanding, but even a Mack PowerSplash would fill that niche.

Movie World needs a thrill coaster heavy on positives and inversions. I'd go with either of a Vekoma Blitz/STC, RMC Single-Rail or Mack Big Dipper. They also need a replacement or supplement to Stunt Driver, and more "experiences" akin to the studio tour/SFX show.

Besides the dark ride as suggested, I actually feel Sea World's current offering is pretty strong and covers most bases, especially now the Atlantis precinct is up and running. Would the Vikings site be large enough for a dark ride? If not, a couple more flats/supporting attractions would do me just fine.

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Here’s what I would like


- seaworld. The line up at seaworld is really good at the moment they do lack a coaster that inverts but I think they need a VR replacement first. They have room where corkscrew was and where VR sits. I would like to see VR get a tribute or a restoration. Keep the castle and everything and have it basically run the original course through the towers but have a dark ride bit inside the castle first so you come out of the station go around storm where there’s still trough then enter the castle and then loop back around and go up the lift through the towers and drop down. Either with new trough or restore what’s there.


- movieworld. Needs a decent dark ride. Either replace JL or put it somewhere else. Not sure where but they would find a spot. MW doesn’t have a proper coaster that inverts either but I don’t think it really needs one.


-wet’n’wild. Needs a speed slide like one of the 3 that was on the Mack 5 tower. Or something really unique in the spot left of kamikaze.


-Dreamworld. Needs 2 things a good water ride and another ST level thrill coaster. But the rule is one each park so with people still not at ease about the rapids ride I wouldn’t go near a water ride for a while. So I would pick a RMC hybrid/topper track to rival DCR. They would then have:  

RMC - DCR . 


. GC - GL.


And that’s the big ones down Scooby beats MC and there’s not one thrill flat ride imo at DW that’s not better then DD.


White water world - this park has a really good line up one of those racing half pipe slides that look like a kind cobra would be cool.


Luna park Sydney - room is very limited. Off the top of my head I can’t really think of something that they fully need. I haven’t been there since the rework so it’s hard for me to judge what they need.  Maybe just a few clean ups of some areas.


luna park Melbourne - this one is the most unrealistic probably but if they shuffled a few things around they could actually fit a sky-rocket ll into the park. Someone else on these forums figured it out and it would work without removing any major attractions or buildings. But it seems like LPM is run more as a “look how amusement parks used to be” then a competing park. Which is totally fine it’s one of the best examples of a classic amusement park in the world. I do wish they kept the jet-star though.


adventure park - a next gen vekoma like fonox would be dreamy.

Gumbuya world - could also use a next gen vekoma preferably a launched one or maybe a intamin mega lite 


Fun fields - this one is tricky they have a great slide line up. I haven’t actually been here but I think a Larson drop tower would be a great fit.


magic mountain NSW - home to Australia’s oldest steal roller coaster I believe. Maybe a mini gerstlaur euro fighter like adrenaline peak at oaks park in Oregon.


green valley farm - another little slide would be fun


Raging waters Sydney - a twister slide would be great.


adventure world - intamin mega lite or a N-G vekoma suspended thrill coaster


i think thats all the parks I can name off the top of my head. 


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MW - dark ride in the ltrr/jds building. having jds take up that building is a waste and all of mw's crap can be dumped elsewhere

DW - big shoot the chutes in the old rocky hollow plot. high throughput family ride that's been missing from the park for ages

SW - dark ride in the vikings/theatre plot. sorely missed, park needs a ride to keep guests cool on hot days.

WNW - slide wheel or tantrum like slide next to kamikaze or behind black hole. slide wheels are pretty cool

WWW - lazy river in thunderbolt or gold coaster plot. park's lineup isn't complete without it

Adventure World - family thrill coaster in the old castle plot. perhaps an sfc 450 or a maurer spinning coaster. park has too few dry rides that are in between high thrill and kids only

Gumbuya World - drop tower or top spin. park needs a big flat

Luna Park Melbourne - eurofighter. park sorely needs a coaster

Luna Park Sydney - impossible to fit, but a star flyer. imagine the view.

Raging Waters - technically cheating, but dry rides.

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Only commenting for the parks I've been to recently, and have well-formed opinions on.

Movie World - Dark Ride replacing Justice League. Thinking along the lines of Duel/Curse at Alton Manor @ Alton Towers, use the same inherent ride system but build a better theme around it & remove the shooting mechanic altogether. Possible theme I had in mind, though a super unrealistic pipe-dream, is that it's a continuation of the OG JL theme, with inspiration from the Suicide Squad movie/video game, where the storyline keeps the 'Metropolis invasion' aspect (maybe even still by Starro, but the actual Starro, not that weird humanoid the ride chose to represent it), and the Justice League are the cause instead of the fix. No working with them to save the city, no laser blasters to hit Starro eyes, you're just a mere spectator, watching as the heroes you previously helped save the same city are now mindlessly laying waste to it.

Dreamworld - Modern Water Ride either extended out near ST, or attached to the Ocean Parade expansion. Much as I'd like to say a full on, balls-to-the-wall DCR competitor, and disregarding the obvious reasons why DW making a water ride might be ridiculed by the public, they need one of some form in their dry park, especially now as WhiteWater World is seasonal. Diving into pipe-dream territory again, a modern Intamin log flume like the one going to SeaWorld San Antonio. While being launched like ST, it's clearly unique in comparison to any water ride in the country, and lends itself to much more detailed theming than the other option, a PowerSplash (which'd also inevitably be compared to Storm & probably Steel Taipan too).

Sea World - Possible Hot Take: They don't need new rides, they need new exhibits. As much as a dark ride there'd be cool (even more so after seeing Levi's station), other than one of them they've got all the rides they need. Therefore, in my opinion, demolish VR's building completely, and replace it with a dedicated indoor aquarium facility. The Gold Coast is getting well themed rides aplenty, their sister park already has a better water ride than SW could ever get, but the closest (in of itself lacklustre) representation of an indoor aquarium is 2+ hours away. And, if they're truly worried about SeaWorld US's animal cruelty concerns, we have fish tanks in our own living rooms, if these tanks are better designed & stock more interesting species than those, there'd be nothing for the public to balk at.

Aussie World - I've got two, dependent on the route they want to go as a park. If they wish to stay a completely regional & family oriented fun park, a simulation ride of some form might do them well, seeing as they previously had one but it's been SBNO as of recent. But, honestly, they're filling that role pretty well right now, and there's no real glaring gap in their family lineup that I can see. However, if they wish to expand & attract less local visitors that skew older, they need a marquee coaster. Using FunSpot as a reference, adding a coaster that's somewhat unique to the area while not being super expensive & insanely thrilling, just something in that middle ground of accessible thrill at an acceptable cost, would do wonders. If RMC were established in Australia, a newer Raptor clone'd be a home run for this. Seeing as they aren't, however, something along the lines of a new-gen Vekoma STC/Top Gun (or really any small-scale Vekoma Thrill Coaster) or a compact Intamin LSM Coaster could fit that criteria well.

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Interesting thread.

For what its worth here are my 2 cents worth:

Movieworld-A new dark ride for mine is an absolute priority however I would also change the specs for the Wizard of Oz precinct from a Vekoma SFC to the Vekoma STC. Think this makes more sense and whilst the new STC's are thrilling and a step up from the SFC model, they are not as extreme as the previous Arkam Asylum. Would make a better progression for younger thrill seekers to aspire to ride.

Dreamworld- Beyond what is coming with Jungle Rush coaster and the Wave Swinger, once these are installed the obvious choice is either a dark ride or a water ride. I would combine these to have an indoor water attraction in the same veins as the much lamented Bermuda Triangle. It will have some outdoor sections of course but having that indoor element would be the clincher for mine and also give it some point of difference to the mainly outdoor offering down the road.

 Seaworld- They desperately need a new flume ride that can encircle the old Vikings footprint. Give it some dark ride features. I would also look at the possibility of using the castle site in some way for a Flying theatre attraction. I would also replace the Sky rider gondola ride with a new example but run it the full length of the park if possible and reinstate the Monorail- an iconic feature of Seaworld that needs to remain.

AussieWorld - They have plans for future flat rides but they also need a signature coaster. Dingo Racers is a good support coaster but some smaller offering from the Vekoma line up would be ideal- such as a Vekoma Blitz like Lech Coaster or the Launched Space Warp. This would be an absolute gamechanger for Aussie World.

The Big Banana Fun Park- This smaller regional park has just recieved a new tower for its water park and will also recieve a Alpine coaster. The investment needs to continue with more offerings for the water park with another tower complex with at least 3 new slides. This will lift this smaller park into a must do pass through destination.

Luna Park Sydney- There is not much room left in this park so I will be a little left of field here and probably pie in the sky. I would move all kids rides to the top of the car park roof which is currently a grassy space. This may need to be strengthed to take the load and will need a ramp and access to connect to the midway below. This will create an excellent kid safe space for the younger park goers and will free up space for other attractions. I would move Hair rasier into the footprint currently occupied by Loopy LightHouse. Where Samba Balloons currently is I would install a Zamperla Nebulaz and where Little Nippers and The Bug resided I would place a Intamin Half Pipe coaster. Where Hair Raiser currently operates I would install a Fabbri Aladdin's Fly carpet ride. As a follow up to these changes at a later date, I would also investigate the possibility of removing the Dodgems to a purpose built site where Silly Sub resides now and then look at installing a Dark ride in the former Dodgems footprint- perhaps a Ghost train return? Wouldnt that be something!

Jamberoo Action Park- I think this park would benefit from 2 new attractions- one water and one dry. The installation of a Alpine Coaster here is a no brainer and would easily utilise the current footprint of the dual Toboggan and infrastructure of the Chairlift. For the water attraction, they certainly had plans to install an action river near the Funnel Web/Perfect Storm section. This would be a lazy river on steriods and woud be an Australian first- think the Action River at Volcano Bay for inspiration. ( which is hands down bloody unreal!)

Luna Park Melbourne- This park needs so much to happen to it its not funny. Basically it needs virtually gutting with the exception of the heritage rides and starting again. I echo the need for another coaster and a Premier Rides Skyrocket II or a Zamperla Double Heart Coaster would fit the bill nicely here and also within the footprint allowed.

Funfields-This one is a little difficult to judge. I think that they certainly need to expand their dry attractions offering since they have just expanded their water offerings. Something like a Gerstlauer Sky Roller would be a good addition with perhaps a Alpine Coaster added to their lineup on their Toboggan footprint.

Adventure Park Geelong- I think one or two quality family thrill flats would be an excellent choice here to round out their offering- Think Gerstlauer Polyp or Chance Freestyle.

Wet'N Wild Gold Coast- The addition of a Slide Wheel here would turn the Gold Coast and Australia on its head. Make it happen already!!

Whitewater World- A well themed action or Lazy river is the order of the day here.

Gumbuya World- This park needs to continue to round out its attractions. I would say that it needs 2 quality flat rides to round out its dry offerings and then another tower complex to add to the water offerings. Would love to see a Zamperla Gryphon and Endeavour call this place home. A Space Bowl slide here would be a great addition

Raging Waters Sydney- A Polin Space Race tower would be a great family attraction to add to this park. I would also add theming and effects to the rather sparse lazy River offering , making it much more immersive and enticing.

Adventure World Perth- The only park on this list that I have not visited yet. After looking at their attraction offerings I think they are fairly well served in the water attractions department for now. I would go for something a little different. Certainly they need another one or 2 quality family thrill flats. Either a Zamperla Disko Coaster , or a Zamperla Twist and Bounce or a Zamperla Super Air Race would fit the bill quite nicely. Adventure World used to have a train in the past and I would look at bring this back in some shape or form. It would need to have a footprint around most of the park and woudl be a great family inclusion. I would also look at installing a modern chairlift to replace the one they have recently decomissioned.

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 I would also look at the possibility of using the castle site in some way for a Flying theatre attraction.

Doesn't the Gold Coast already have a flying theatre attraction at Dreamworld?

This is a general comment, I dont mind if parks get default attractions, eg if a water park puts in a lazy river or some tube rides, yeah cool you kind of expect that at a water park.

Or if a dry park adds some dodgems or a disko as some filler.

But for major stuff....Hmm not sure If i'd get excited for another flying theatre, since all it would be is a different film and DW already runs different films.

Or a halfpipe at LPS. We already know it had heaps of downtime at WnW, and is finally getting relocated. But it's still just an 'okay' ride, not sure if we need a 2nd lol.

Overall the above post is pretty much on point though. 

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7 hours ago, Jobe said:

Luna Park Melbourne- This park needs so much to happen to it its not funny. Basically it needs virtually gutting

I desperately wish they had kept the galaxi, and I want them to get another coaster but not at the exception of losing these rides: The spider and enterprise are just a dying breed. And twin dragon and pharaohs curse need to stay. And ofc TSR , GT and the carousel are staples. Losing any of these would be a big shame and these rides are what give LPM it’s charm and the main draw for me and many other people.  The rest of the rides can go however.  I would love if they did 1 of 2 things:

1- buy a old schwarzkopf jet star and a few other second hand rare flat rides.

2- buy a new coaster either a modern version of Big Dipper or a clone of sandy’s blasting bronco.  And buy some more vintage flat rides as well as a gyro swing like what’s at pacific park pier. 



Luna Park Melbourne wins when they stay charming and nostalgic but also have some tastefully done modern rides. It’s a hard balance to bring in new rides and keep the original charm. Losing galaxi was a L imo. What rides now take up its foot print??


also on RCDB it says LPM had a wood coaster named figure 8. Would this have been similar to leap the dips?

4 hours ago, Gazza said:

Doesn't the Gold Coast already have a flying theatre attraction at Dreamworld?

I would rather a castle themed fun house in the Viking revenge castle vs another flying theatre.  We don’t really have many fun houses in Australia. Either built by vekoma or MARC. (Or some other company if there is better ones)

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9 hours ago, Gazza said:

But for major stuff....Hmm not sure If i'd get excited for another flying theatre, since all it would be is a different film and DW already runs different films.

Or a halfpipe at LPS. We already know it had heaps of downtime at WnW, and is finally getting relocated. But it's still just an 'okay' ride, not sure if we need a 2nd lol.

Yeah in retrospect you are probably right. I think Australia can handle another Flying theatre attraction but probaly not another on the Gold Coast. Lets substitute that for a heavily themed Vekoma Mad House inside the castle. Something unique and would be a great family attraction.

The Halfpipe at LPS - yeah I chose that more for the available room and that could actually fit in the space presented in the above plan. Maybe we could stretch the Intamin relationship even further for LPS with a clone of Sandy's Blasting Bronco. I am rather attached to bringing a dark ride back to LPS and have it well themed to a Ghost train style atttraction. I know that might be a little controversial for some but it would be a great nod to the past and I know that there was serious thought in bring a Ghost train style attraction back to LPS previously.


4 hours ago, REGIE said:

I desperately wish they had kept the galaxi, and I want them to get another coaster but not at the exception of losing these rides: The spider and enterprise are just a dying breed. And twin dragon and pharaohs curse need to stay. And ofc TSR , GT and the carousel are staples. Losing any of these would be a big shame and these rides are what give LPM it’s charm and the main draw for me and many other people.  The rest of the rides can go however.  

Nah the Galaxi is old hat. As are the other old flats. Enterprise is due for replacement Twin Dragon and Pharoah's Curse are both junk to be honest. Better off without them. The Spider I would entertain in keeping as it certainly has some historical value. Really though, some modern versions of these rides would be better for LPM moving forward. Older rides are harder to maintain, harder to find parts and more expensive to run. Given that they have the Scenic Railway and Carousel as already vintage  and costly and VERY maintainence heavy rides, a roster of new ,reliable rides would do wonders for LPM. I would however, redo all the effects in the Ghost Train- make them much more effective with new lighting, sound and jumpscares with lots of blasts of air whilst still retaining the charm of the original ride.

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Honestly I would rather LPM spend the money on repairing the old rides vs geting new ones. If one had to go twin dragons can. The others might not be as thrilling or impressive as new rides but they are super nostalgic. I love when LPM shows up in a old movie and basically ever ride in the movie is still there.  With parks removing old rides everywhere LPM has stayed a time capsule. As soon as enterprize or spider is gone it’s a end of a era.  LPM wouldn’t be so high on my bucket list if it had all new flats.. . Plus the ghost train is iconic. Redoing it would be a big L. There’s enough high tech dark rides in the world keep this one original.  . 

However with Luna park Sydney it’s a bit different. If they got a ghost train do it with modern tech. I actually like the half pipe coaster idea. It gets another coaster in. .

7 hours ago, Gazza said:

What's a MARC Funhouse?

This company https://www.marc-rides.de/WELCOME/4_en_Home.html also makes fun houses. But vekoma is better.

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