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Win a free ticket to Dreamworld!


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To help get things started and encourage all members to explore the new features of Parkz, we've put together a little photography competition. The user to add the most photographs in the month of March (2008) will receive one free ticket to Dreamworld on the Gold Coast. We hope to have this kind of competition every now and again, so if this prize isn't your cup of tea don't worry because there will hopefully be plenty more as time goes on. The Rules:

  1. Photographs tallied are only those added and successfully approved in the month of March.
  2. Photographs must meet our standards. Photos which don't for one reason or another will be rejected and as such not contribute to your month's total. Wherever possible the staff member who rejects the photo will leave a note so you know why.
  3. Photographs must be your own work and unique, i.e. not photos which already appear on this site.
  4. Users can keep track of their total and where they rank on our Photos page.
  5. Only the top (#1) photographer of the month will receive the prize.
  6. The photographs can be of any theme park, ride or attraction anywhere in the world -- not just Dreamworld. However for a photo to be accepted it must be linked to an existing park or ride in our database, so if we don't currently feature it you will need to add it to our database before submitting the photos.
  7. Pending photos will not contribute to your total.
  8. Staff will do a final sweep of our photo queue in the leadup to midnight on March 31. We can't guarantee photos submitted close to the deadline will count so it's best if you get in days or weeks ahead of the end of the month.
  9. This competition is open to all members excluding myself. The selection process is totally transparent so any registered member is eligible, regardless of whether they are a regular member, subscriber or staff.
  10. In the event that I submit the most photos in the month of March, it will be awarded to the next highest member.
  11. All decisions are final and no correspondence or debate will be entered into regarding the outcome.
  12. Prize will be sent via Registered Post and will need to be signed for.
  13. We will make every effort to contact the winner. They will have seven days to claim their prize. If it is unclaimed after this period it will go to the next highest member.
  14. The prize is a non-refundable and non-exchangable adult ticket to Dreamworld valid until 30/6/08.
I hope that covers everything -- if not feel free to ask. Otherwise good luck with it! I look forward to what you all come up with.
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Well, as far as I'm concerned, anything with monetary value is worth winning. I think a good starting point would be to look through the parks you have been to, and look out for the rides that don't have the little red camera icon....there is one major Australian park (have a look) with little coverage that I'm sure could be rectified by the end of the month. I think though one thing that I'd like to see implemented in the future is a one step system for uploading photos of unlisted rides and parks, if a ride is not in the database you could at the least type in a park name and ride name for a placeholder entry, and this would have the effect of quickly building up the database. While I personally don't really mind gathering all the stats i can find before submitting the DB entry, and then putting up the photos separately, it seems so far that other people have just submitted basic database info anyway...might as well combine it into one step if people are going to do that. Also, I have one little gripe...take it more of a suggestion, but people when taking photos, if they can, should switch off the date watermark function of their camera...you know where it puts the date in the bottom corner in yellow text, IMO it is wrecking a nice photo and big ugly yellow pixelated text is not really necessary, especially when the date the photo was taken can be viewed in the metadata of the photo anyway. post-88-1204879413_thumb.jpg

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there is one major Australian park (have a look) with little coverage that I'm sure could be rectified by the end of the month.
I actually meant to take loads of photos there a few months back, but was having too good of a time to care... I didn't like the idea of having my camera near water either, friends and I shared the same locker. (And they'd probably chuck some wet things in without second thoughts) If I do take any photos, it'll most probably be at Movie World...
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^Good effort, very nice shots there that show off everything well, It was lucky the weather was so nice, makes everything more vibrant. The only suggestion I have though is make sure you watch your tags, this photo http://www.parkz.com.au/photo/AU/Gold_Coas...-Wave_Pool.html for example should have had a mammoth falls tag and this one http://www.parkz.com.au/photo/AU/Gold_Coas...r_Mountian.html could have had a speedcoaster tag.

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Thanks. Yes I was really lucky, it was actually really cloudy all day and when I left the house to go take the photos it cleared up just over Wet n Wild and Movieworld so I was very happy. Sorry about the tags, didn't think to put the extra tags for the other rides you can see. Didn't actually get how to do the tags for the first couple I uploaded so I think I might have put undue extra work on to Richard. Sorry big fella. Gazza great contributions to the international parks, to me and im sure everyone else on here, its really interesting to see all the rides at parks I haven't been to so thanks :)

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Thanks to everyone that participated! We had nearly 200 photos added in March, which is a truly great effort by everyone. The top five (excluding myself) for March 2008 was as follows: Gavin Seipelt: 84 Dean Wright: 59 Patrick FitzGerald: 11 Paul Hollibone: 5 Vinnie J: 2 Congrats to Gavin for winning the prize with most photos taken in the month. Stay tuned for more competitions in coming months. We now have a fully functional photograph rating system in place so the next competition will probably be a "best rated" competition where prizes go out to the user with the highest rated photo.

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