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Ten years ago today...

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Just a quick post to say that today marks the 10th anniversary of these forums. Back then it was www.totalthrills.com, and we were talking about Dreamworld's addition of Cyclone and the soon-to-be-opened Scooby-Doo Spooky Coaster. Thanks to everyone who's stuck around since then! And of course to everyone that's joined in since. I remember back then thinking it'd be good to have 100 members on the site...

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Welcome to Total Thrills! Australia's number one site for thrills of any nature. If you can do it Downunder, you can find it at Total Thrills

Be Sure to check out the Total Thrills Forums, where you have the chance to win a free Total Thrills T-Shirt!

The Sections

Totally Extreme is where you can find out about the ultimate in extreme activities. Sky Diving, Bungee Jumping, Base Jumping are all major sports in this sector of the thrill scene. You will find here a complete listing of the major places in Australia where you can do such activities, as well as photos and reviews regarding specific experiences.

Totally Water is for any sport that involves you getting wet! Water Skiing and Wake Boarding are the two most obvious in this category, but there are many much more diverse sports out there. From Wind Surfing to modern day activities such as Kite Boarding, as well as more traditional water sports like White Water Rafting, Kayaking. This is the best way to get a thrill on a summer day!

Totally Snow is for anything that can be done on that white stuff you'll find down south called snow. Skiing is the traditional way to go, but with sports like Snowboarding coming closely behind, or the newer hybrid activities such as Skiboarding or "Snow Sailing" you'll find some way to get thrilled in the snow.

Totally Street is for any activity suited to suburban or indeed, inner city. Skating is by far the best known of these, but Rollerblading has been around for a while and has great popularity at Skate Parks, particularly for the beginners. You can't forget BMX, particularly popular in suburban areas, this sport has remained popular for a number of decades.

Totally Rock is where you'll find information about sports that are mainly vertical. Rock Climbing, Mountain Biking, Mountaineering are generally the best known of these sports, but you'll find many exciting alternatives. Great way to get fit in a thrilling environment.

Totally Theme Parks - exactly what the name is. Theme parks can sometimes contain some adrenaline pumping twisted steel structures commonly known as Rollercoasters. There are also various rides that are designed to push your body to the limit in a controlled environment, Whether you enjoy being strapped to a multi-tonne carriage, then dropped straight down over 120 metres, or being launged to over 160km/hr in under 7 seconds, you'll find something in this section that is suited to your liking.

With this selection available at Total Thrills - it is no wonder this is Australia's Premier Source for Thrills!

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A little late but anyhow!! I have been on the forums on or off for most of those 10 years and have been lurking about ever since!! It's been great to have these forums to discuss all things to do with the Australian theme park industry!! I have seen the site evolve and change into what it is today!! Brilliant work Richard!! I still have one of the calendars that you put out one year still floating about!! Maybe you could put out a commemorative edition for 2014??

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