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In case anyone was wondering I found a few of the songs played on the night:

Hot Hot Hot - Buster Poindexter & His Banshee of Blue (obviously)

Vida (Spanglish Version) - Ricky Martin

Sol Y Sombra - The Cat Empire

Lombada - Carrilio

Caliente - Özhan Özal

Just Be Good (Paola Peroni L.A. Remix) - De. Kucho!

These are some that I found on Shazam but I am still looking for a few which the DJ played throughout the night. If anyone can help it would be greatly appreciated.

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Well it seems that Carnivale is really doing wonders for Movie World. Another two nights on the 4th and the 5th have been annouced on their facebook page!

We’re loving Carnivale so much that we don’t want to stop the party before you’ve had a chance to experience it. So, we’ve extended our offer & released TWO extra nights on Friday 4 July & Saturday 5 July. Make sure you redeem your FREE ticket with your new VIP Magic Pass herehttps://themeparks.com.au/box-office/carnivale/select-date.aspx


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@brad referring back to Saturday night, the car park wasn't full at all.. I left around 8 and there were several spots vacant without about 2 cars on the grass.. The carpark was very packed on the day to about 5:30pm though.

In my opinion, I found carnivale boring and a massive flop.. Not much to do and I couldn't last the night to stay there for the 9pm parade (left at 7:30). You can tell it was a flop because of the amount of times they've emailed staff from MW, SW & WNW 4 free tickets :/

Yeah but you hate everything though...

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I went to Carivale tonight and was absolutely blown away by the general atmosphere and the street parade. Only downside was Superman running 1 train. I didn't bother to ride anything bar Justice League (wanted to show the parents the ride).

The floats were amazing and the general lighting/soundtracks were fantastically produced.

The food wasn't bad, and while not cheap, I didn't think it was crazy expensive either (it's a theme park after all). I would prefer small portions and cheaper prices though as I prefer to try different things and not everyone wants to share the same things.

For next year, I don't feel much needs to be done. Perhaps an updated parade and a nice big show would be nice. Also an adults only section could be made somewhere with a similar vibe but with a bar/dance floor (perhaps in the courtyard near Rick's).

Overall: 8/10

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To the people who went last night, was AA open?

EDIT: Just had a look at MW maintenance and the opening date of AA is yet to be confirmed.

The Arkham asylum has been reopened today

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Even though it only finished the other day, Carnivale has been renewed for 2015. Looks like we've got another recurring nighttime event!

Just as we promised, the 2014 launch of Carnivale delivered the most amazing parade ever produced at Movie World along with a mouth-watering array of exceptional street food items, phenomenal street performances and live music that kept the ultimate street party rocking into the evening. A sell out success, Carnivale at Warner Bros. Movie World will be back in 2015 so please stay tuned to receive release dates for the next ‘ultimate street party’.

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