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Tim Dasco

Paramount Point (RCT3)

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On the contrary, Tim is going for a new level of realism with his simulation. All theme park press releases must have at least one spelling mistake or grammatical error. Bravo Tim. Put in your application to adventure world now.

Thanks, Im not old enough to work at Adventure World yet. I wish i could!

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Construction has started on the car park. They are adding to an old car park on the land.

Construction equipment has arrived with office to the right side.


Big pipes have arrived on site to be placed under ground.


Overview of sea container's & to the right is offices.


sign for Cedar fairs. The old park sign has been removed due to typo.


Overview of old car park.


Overview of new area being built.


New construction update coming soon.

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Hi all,

It has been one week and quiet a lot has happened. I have came down to the place to have a secret tour because ????? (Cant say why yet). I saw somethings that are to come but i will say it will be a big park.

Pipes are laid under the extension car park. Dirt soon to be laid down.


Overview of whats to come.


These got laid as i was leaving.


Drain top will be put in place soon with surface being built soon.


Not much pipes left. Waiting for new shipment coming soon.


Sea containers are still un opened. But wait i have been inside them and i no whats inside. Can you guess.


over view of area.


Will do an update soon. Please can people respond their thoughts. Thanks.

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Another construction update and more of the sewage system has been put in place. (One week later)

Over view of the under ground piping. Part of the car park have been laid on top. Including some of the pipes placed in last week.


Overview of where more pipes are going to be placed.


Big over flow tanks to be buried. Two for saftey.


Another construction update in one weeks time.

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Ok so it has been one week and a lot has happened. Vertical construction is not far of. They have been flattening out land behind the car park. Also levelled and ready for concrete.

One tank has been placed under ground with pipes around.


Should be filled in tomorrow and work will come over the left of this picture.


Overview of area.


More exiting pictures are to come. With an announcement coming soon.

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So i found this on Facebook.

This was on the official Facebook page


Looks like the car park is finished and wood, steel track have arrived. Also some other things are there.


Wooden poles laid down on the ground.


Can you guess the coster type for both of them. Another update soon & like the Facebook page for more updates.

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So the park have released photos of the scenery being built.


The Giant foam car will be made into a Police car. Which is featured on the bottom right. (Will you get caught)

Others is cars for the ground. They could not make these karts as the coaster cars as they wanted a floor less coaster.

Seating for the outdoor stadium for The Bullet. (Also actually theming as well)


Flooring sample.


Seats for a new ride. But what is the ride.


New construction update should be out soon.

Also this comment was released on Facebook along with sum photos. (If you want to see them you can go to the Facebook page)

"Construction has gone vertical!The stage building shell is up for the TimOmagic live show, the ticket booth &The park Entrance. Like if your exited."

Edited by Tim Dasco

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I was leaving the page, so I had to like it.

Other than that, this simulated 'world' you're building for yourself would appear to be very unhealthy for you psychologically.

Its cool you're building this. I like seeing what people can do with RCT when they have the patience (I don't). But we'd like what you're doing just as much without all the narrative and inventive 'world' you're trying to create outside of the game.

I'm inclined to say 'nobody cares' but that would be speaking for everyone without me knowing their opinion, so i'll just with with "i don't", and i'll try not to accidentally open the thread when it appears in the new content section...

(knowing me though, I won't pay attention and end up reading it all again).

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Agreed, instead of wasting time making pretend construction screenshots of boring stuff like pipes and car parks and shipping containers and bits of wooden coaster, spend that time just building the actual rides as finished products.

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