New Luna Park Sydney 1972 Footage

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A new video has been uploaded to Youtube on April of this year that shows footage from Luna Park Sydney from 1972. This footage is some of the clearest I have ever seen of this time period - for its age the quality is excellent.

Highlights on the 3 minute video include:

  • Excellent footage of the rare Calypso- an early version of the Spider. This was an early Mack ride and an example can still be found at Cedar Point
  • Good footage of the Tumble house attraction in action.
  • Excellent profile on LPS's Rock O Plane
  • Excellent footage of LPs's historic carousel- now sadly lost to Australia.
  • Never before seen colour footage of LPS's original Tumblebug ride. This would have to be close to just before it was replaced by the Hurricane. The Tumblebug was an original ride from the 1935 opening.
  • Sweeping footage of the extent of the Midway from this period showing Davy Jones locker, The Wild Cat and The Ghost Train.
  • The best POV of The Big Dipper in colour that I have ever seen.

@19Michael96 mate I think this will interest you greatly.


Consider how quickly the park changed from this video in 1972 to  1978 comparing the footage below. Gone is the Tumblebug to be replaced by the Zipper. The Calypso is also gone, replaced by the Roundup. There is also the introduction of the Hurricane and several other travelling rides within the park like the three armed Octopus. Some of LPS's original charm had been lost by this stage.

Blink and you miss it but there is footage of a flying chair ride in the 2nd video that only arrived in the park in the late 1970's. This ride stayed until the park shut down in the aftermath of the ghost train fire and was sold in the fire sale in 1980. Its speculated that this ride was picked up second hand and found its home at Dreamworld where it has been refurbed and still resides today. Its been moved around the park several times - it was called the Zumer at one stage and now is the Puss In Boots Swing. If this is the same ride that came from LPS, it has not been 100% confirmed , however, the timeline certainly does fit..



See the below fairly rare footage from the 1980's incarnation for comparison that highlight the changes to the park in a little over a decade.












































































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That is definitely the best on-ride footage of the big dipper I have ever seen. It is amazing to think of all the changes the park has gone through during its time. I wish the park had the charm of these years still. While the concert hall (Big Top) serves a great purpose it's a shame its size takes rides away.

At least a lot of the signs etc are still done the same way as they used to be by the resident artist Ashley. That man absolutely loves the art stylings of the park.

Great find @Jobe.

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8 hours ago, Jdude95 said:

Hey @MickeyD @Slick wants to know if you have any other questions you want @AlexB to ask @Slick to ask @JohnLongDaddy

Hey @MickeyD, being your receptionist is cool and all, but can I have Friday off? My kid has a thing.

That's fine but as it falls on a weekend, can you get a Medical Certificate please?

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