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Big Banana plans $50 million dollar expansion over the next 20 years


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“City of Coffs Harbour is set to vote on a development application for a new tourist attraction at The Big Banana Fun Park.

The proposed $2.9 million ‘Alpine Coaster’ will come before councillors at their ordinary general meeting on Thursday.

While the coaster would exceed height limits at the site, council officers have recommended approval of the development.

The proposed Alpine Coaster would include 34 toboggans running along a steel track. 

The cart track follows the existing toboggan ride route, with some extensions and loops away from this existing path, particularly upslope to the west.

The Alpine Coaster would be gravity driven, and run on an 860 metre long tubular track.

“This coaster is a significant addition to our fun park and a key element of our 15-year master plan which is expected to be another anchor attraction, fortifying our reputation as a must-visit destination on the North Coast,” Big Banana chief executive officer Michael Lockman said.

“Beyond the thrill and scenery, safety of our guests is our upmost priority. 

“Riders on our Alpine Coaster are securely fastened in carts that are firmly affixed to the coaster track, ensuring a safe ride, even during the most thrilling moments.”

The development would include the rollercoaster track system, a terminal and storage building, pedestrian access ramps and a winch system.

Some demolition work would be required, including an old monorail track and a shed.

Council staff have identified height, noise, loss of views and vegetation removal as the main assessment issues for the proposed development.”


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12 minutes ago, Noll_57 said:

The Big Banana has already closed the Demolition Derby and is now removing the ride from the park.

Could it have a chance of being relocated instead of scrapped? It was added less than 2 years ago, I would like to think it is being moved to make way for something in the area.

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Yeah Demo Derby was a trailer mounted unit, i'm not sure if it was ever intended to be permanent or just a filler attraction until their next expansion. While they did build a roof for it, the install looked very temporary, and in the few visits we made to the park since it went in, we never once saw it operating.

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You don't need a super big space for bumper cars. take a look at many timezones around the place and you'll see just how small a space you can make it. I can't see them doing any more earthworks to that site so unless they take over some of the footpath i'd say the existing site is probably all she wrote. It should fit but if so it's going to be a fairly small course - which is probably fine for BB considering most times of the year even only a few cars wouldn't generate much of a wait...

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On 11/10/2023 at 12:23 PM, Rabbit2014 said:

Announced in September for a end of year opening, interactive bumber cars.


Just to add to this here is the article. ( Thanks @Rabbit2014 for the link)  It has some interesting info in it.


The Big Banana Fun Park to introduce Bumper Car attraction
SEPTEMBER 13, 2023

Coffs Harbour landmark The Big Banana Fun Park has announced that its latest addition, an interactive Bumper Car attraction, will open before the end of the year.

Featuring an infrared shooting system and a digital scoring display, the new attraction will provides a modern twist on the classic Dodgem Car ride, making it a more thrilling and competitive experience.

Manufactured by the market leading Italian supplier Eurogames, the attraction’s original ‘shoot & spin’ function makes the Bumper Cars spin when shot while a digital scoreboard keeps track of the number of targets hit, to reward players and enhance their ride experience.


Anticipating that the new Bumper Cars attraction will captivate both families and thrillseekers, The Big Banana Chief Executive, Michael Lockman advises "we are delighted to introduce an attraction that not only adds excitement for our customers, but also aligns with our strategic vision for the future.”

Emphasising the importance of innovation for the fun park, Lockman adds “the Bumper Cars attraction is designed for customers as young as three years of age, making it an exciting experience for the entire family.

“This facility has been designed to operate in all weather conditions and is expected to offer a competitive edge over other destinations, as it will be a unique attraction in Regional NSW.”

Images courtesy of The Big Banana.

Also opening by Christmas is the much delayed second tower in the waterpark. It will feature a duelling raft slide and will add some good capacity to the water park and beef up their offering.

The Alpine Slide is apparently still in the planning and development stages still and is definitely going ahead. The delay may mean that there were some issues getting this approved through council. With this delay, this means that wilst the Big Banana Alpine coaster was the first to be announced in Australia, the new Alpine Coaster at Thredbo be built now will be the first to open in Australia. Good times though!!

Thredbo Plan New Alpine Coaster
Nov 21 2022Updated November 21, 2022

EXCITING: An image of the proposed Thredbo Alpine Coaster. PHOTO: Thredbo / digitally enhanced

THREDBO Resort have submitted a development application for a new Alpine Coaster ride that will add another layer of adventure at the resort.

When approved, this rollercoaster-like toboggan amusement attraction will wind 1,040m through alpine and subalpine vegetation zones, from the top of Lovers Leap to the Valley Terminal precinct. Running adjacent to the existing Snowgums chair for the uplink, the top station and start of the ride would commence just below the current first Snowgums unload.

The rendered image (above) supplied by Thredbo shows proximity to the village and the base area around the Merritts Gondola and the current old tennis court area.

hMkiUeR3AJP4ni3RURgz.jpg The proposed line and location of the Alpine Coaster.

Thredbo Resort General Manager, Stuart Diver has previously discussed the planned ride at stakeholder marketing presentations.

“Subject to approvals we expect the Alpine Coaster to be open for winter 2024,” said Mr Diver.

“The Alpine Coaster will be a really exciting addition to Thredbo’s year round adventure offering and will provide an experience that aligns with Thredbo’s focus is to provide premium experiences for our guests in addition to the great offerings we currently have.”

This is all part of a new wave of upgrades at the resort that guests will see in the coming years. Following the construction of the Merritts Gondola launched for winter 2020 and the Easy Rider T-Bar replacement for winter 2022, Thredbo will roll out a comprehensive lift replacement plan over the next eight years – including replacing the Snowgums Chairlift and Gunbarrel Chairlift with high-speed six-seater chairlifts. This will increase lifting capacity by up to 40% at the resort.

bQZMFdVuHSklMSW9aHh5.jpg Development application (DA) Images and location of the proposed new Alpine Coaster.





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