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  1. Indoor waterparks are pretty popular overseas, no reason ardent couldnt go ahead and build an indoor waterpark down in melbourne and up the ante on VRTP
  2. i can definately see my fuel bill rocketing over summer and my car doing a few trips a month up and down the F3 when this opens! its a great location and judging by the plans is going to have some awesome attractions. I do like that there are a few in there that no one else in Australia has. i also like that they have planned for future development. good to see someone trying to make a move in sydney, and who knows, this may encourage more parks!
  3. actually very big. for example http://www.hyster.com.au/ProductLine/detai...ifts&UID=23 above is an example of a 32 tonne forklift, which isnt even the biggest made, hyster make 48 tonne models and other companies can make even bigger forklifts, and believe me these are not small machines
  4. i do remember one day last year when i was on the train from brisbane down to the gold coast looking at the tower and seeing a chopper hovering above it dropping something onto the top of the tower (im not sure what exactly) but i do also remember seeing people on top of the tower. so my point being: 1. it would be possible to get people on top via a helicopter, by winching them down from the helicopter. however this would be rather dangerous. and 2. there must be stairs or some form of transportation going up the centre of the tower for the people to be on the top of the tower
  5. im going to say that the ride at dreamworld getting the major revamp is going to be Tower of Terror. only reason being that when they say putting more power back into it. Tower of Terror is an older ride that of late has had a few issues and has seemed to lack power. its been there a while so its probably due for a major revamp now. be great if dreamworld got a new thrill ride as well.
  6. agree gazza, the fact that WnW outbid WWW is a good thing in all ways. WnW are continually updating, adding more rides and distinguishing themselves as the premier water park in Australia, always adding something new that we have never experienced before. Although WWW do have a few rides that WnW dont (the rip/little rippers and aquacoaster), since putting in little rippers we havent seen anything new from WWW, while WnW have added more rides, and are already planning more additions. is it just me or does it seem like WWW just dont want to compete... I also find it rather dissapointing that t
  7. im gonna say H2o zone. At 17 metres they are a fair height, and i think with four of them you will definately be able to see them from the highway. also, they will fit in up the back theme wise with their 'extreme' ride rating (at least im under the opinion thata they will be an extreme ride) which i think will fit in very nicely up the back with the likes of Kamikaze, tornado and the rest. it seems to fit the trend IMO, all the new extreme rides are going at the back, leaving the more moderate rides such as speedcoaster, aqua racer, twister and the flumes at the front. keeping rides of simi
  8. apparently theres another one heading our way this weekend
  9. AGREED! ive been to the Gold Coast nearly every year, and the one place i always go to is Seaworld. One of mine and the familys favourite parts of the day was always the Ski show. Over the last 19 years ive seen the many variants that they have had of it, with it constantly changing. But to hear of it being scrapped completely made me rather sad, that they were moving away from their roots, from what had got them to where they are today. I never really liked the idea of the new show anyway. the ski show always had great stunts and was always exciting to watch (not saying the new show wasnt
  10. Just found this video off a link off the companies website as well about the resort. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DU42jXwPPco also the link to JVplay's News section for more info: http://www.jvplay.com.au/news.htm
  11. Upon seeing those photos i will retract my previous statement of the possibility of the aircraft being repaired.... I will admit i had not seen any photos of video of the crash before hand so was not aware of the extent of the accident. Even if they only have one helicopter, it would have to be insured. So its really just a matter of ringing Bell and ordering another.
  12. Im sure the helicopter was insured. might not even need to be replaced really, depending on the actual malfunction/failure that brought it down and the damage it could possibly have incurred on landing, it might be able to be fixed and get back in the air. If not, well im sure that it will be replaced. And said insurance should cover all medical and compensation costs of the passengers, unless of course they had signed an 'at your own risk' waiver.... Accidents are always expected to happen, look at the Air France A330 that went down last week. Nothings ever going to be perfect really, alway
  13. i work in a major retail hardware company. each morning we have staff meetings and one of the things discussed is any feedback recieved in the previous days from customers. this can be negative or positive, but if its negative we will then discuss how we can correct our services in order to amend what the customer has complained about so that it doesnt happen again, seen as they are a paying customer then they should be given the service of which we promise. now, what im saying is, as a paying customer to a theme park, should we not have the right to complain that we were not given the full e
  14. well there goes my idea of going on it when i am going to be down in melbourne next year...
  15. gotta say i love that ad right now. i reckon its one of the best done ads ive seen in a while. actually making me wanna go to dreamworld!
  16. theres actually another one on the gold coast. i remember having a look at it when i was there in april and at the same time this one was just going in. i believe the other one has 737 in the name something like 737 simulator its on the highway if that helps
  17. Very doubtful that another house will be built considering ten axed the contract for bug brother, and no one else has decided to sign up with the company who produced it. Bye Bye House.
  18. obvoiusly that guys got alot of wishful thinking
  19. its not like things dont break down. just because it happens to break down so soon doesnt make it unreliable, poorly maintained or not very well built. a united airlines A320 lands in the Hudson river in New York. does this make the plane unreliable, poorly maintained or not very well built? i think not its the same with everything. random unexpected failures or breakdowns happen all the time for random unknown reasons, they have to be expected.
  20. too right. if i want to go bowling i have 2 bowling centres within 20 minutes of my house at home, and theres at least 4 i can think of within half an hour of dreamworld. if i were on the gold coast my thoughts wouldnt exactly be "hmmm lets go to dreamworld and go bowling" or do any of those other things for that matter. dreamworld is definately heading down a bad road here, and needs to realise they are a theme park. but staying on topic, i will vote paintball. just cause it is rather fun to shoot other people with paint pellets after all. EDIT: just had a quick thought that someone might b
  21. whats the bet we will see a bowling centre in dreamworld next
  22. i think the ride queue times board is an excellent idea. hopefully this will spread guests out over rides a bit more... for example, superman escapes queue is at 45mins plus but wild west falls and lethal weapon have shorter queues then people will be more likely to head over there, thus spreading the crowds out a bit more. djrappa, as klassen said the ride queue times board is only really a trial at the moment and in its early stages, nothings perfect at the start, but hopefully with some time and changes to the system, it can turn into a great feature.
  23. you would have to have some pretty good timing to be able to film the ride going round while on the monorail. unless the monorail was actually stopped above the track while jet rescue was on a run
  24. if you highlight the blackened area in Gazza's post (as if you were going to copy and paste it) you can read it
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