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  1. I woodn’t count on the new attraction for this area being ready until next year.
  2. From all reports they stopped looking after the staff, even the ones involved in the tragedy the second the cameras stopped rolling. The place disgusts me
  3. djrappa

    What's gone wrong with SkyVoyager?

    Actually if people are riding it that work for Dreamworld it suggests the ride is fine and the problem is getting it registered with the government for the public to ride.
  4. djrappa

    What's gone wrong with SkyVoyager?

    Here’s the thing. This is a self contained attraction of which they’ve built plenty. You litterally bolt it to the floor of a provided building. So this will entirely be Dreamworlds usual incompetence causing the delays. It’s not like they had to build a prototype attraction. They had to build a building! And ensure the proper fire, egress, emergency planning, etc. The fact they couldn’t get that right shows you how deep the incompetence runs. NO ONE in that whole place has ANY business running a theme park.
  5. djrappa

    Someone is coming to Dreamworld

    I hear they also like to injure patrons and will fit right in there 😂😂
  6. djrappa

    Movie World Overflow Carpark update

    You build a new overflow car park so that you can develop your current overflow car park
  7. djrappa

    HWSW's train is stuck ...

    Pet peeve. People who post restricted YouTube videos that make you log in.
  8. djrappa

    ‘n’Wild GC Temporarily Closed

    They really messed up saying it was a water PUMP issue which naturally had everyone thinking it was some slide problem when in fact it was the council water MAIN so the park literally had no water for toilets, cooking, etc and obviously couldn’t open like that.
  9. Any link to a guinine news story on this? Not then my 🐮 💩 meter is running high here.
  10. That has been the problem at VRTP historically in that everyone worked in silos. They’ll say have a team of experts at Outback, yet at MW there will be a different group people ‘trying to figure something out’. Or they will use two totally different suppliers from the same industry at different properties. Hopefully those days are behind us.
  11. I don’t think it matters what Disney’s buildings look like. More that Longhurst’s vision is being destroyed. Or what the theme of the ride is. Whats pretty undisputabke is that is one friken ugly damn building! And I have to strongly disagree that DW was successful before it killed people, it wasn’t as dire as now but they could barely afford to keep funding what they had, let alone build anything new.
  12. So we’ve all seen the promo shot with the pink fog, heaps of lasers and the monster. Are these things in the ride?
  13. djrappa

    Sea World lighthouse - Star Flyer replacement

    Trucks are cheap. Every bit of that shit should be picked up and taken to Movie World back of house. It’s really poor all that nastiness is in the view of the public.
  14. Two points... One, last night was the first preview performance of the show (official opening is next Friday) so I’m sure you’ll see some things refined. Two, Con the Fruitera is the perfect example of 20th century race humor which just would never fly with a modern audience so no way you’d see that line in the show.