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  1. Ekka 2017

    This is how I'd do it... Just post the damn photos given they are just for fun and there is no business involved. Why is the latest trend for every man and his dog to try and pass themselves off as some Global Media Powerhouse?
  2. You can be sure that the park will want to run this monster like a bat out of hell unless absolutely necessary to slow it.
  3. Yeah that would involve a much more complicated system needing actuators, controls, etc and likely sections of box track to accommodate all that.
  4. Is it higher than Tower of Terror? Is it Faster? Is it steeper than Superman?? I think it's safe to say it's friken high, it's damn fast and it's bloody steep. And that's good enough for me!!
  5. Theme Park Maintenance Schedules 2017

    6 weeks wouldn't be a crazy amount of time if say they need to do train rebuild
  6. There is more to the definition of Hypercoaster than 200 feet tall. Shuttle coasters are not considered Hypercoasters, and generally also need to focus on speed and airtime to fit that definition, although recently some with inversions have been given the classification. They also generally don't have 'another gimmick'. For example nobody calls X2 a Hypercoaster (it has 215' drop), and even if the height was also over 200' I still don't think anyone would.
  7. Rivals is nothing like the height and speed of ToT let's get real.
  8. Fright Nights 2017

    I'd say definitely bet on orientation, training, rehearsals, media prior to launch.
  9. Oh mate you are clutching at some desperate straws there!
  10. I agree with what AlexB is saying it indeed IS different for every person, as it should be. I guess the point is, as it is different for everyone, should the park choose to not advertise a memorial flower drop, we shouldn't be chastising them for it.
  11. If you say so. Will have to take your word for it. Sure I've thought "shit well I dodged a bullet there" but that never manifested into an outpouring of emotion and sadness leading to personal grief. Im sorry for saying this but in probably more sad that my childhood memory is gone forever (the ride) than anything else.
  12. Ekka 2017

    With any luck not one of three will kill anyone 👍
  13. I'm not sure why anyone things the construction is planned AROUND marketing, that's really not how it works. The joker face is a theming element. It has zero to do with Mack's construction and would not even be part of that timeline. It will be ready when whoever is building it finishes and then they'll put it up. Kind of as simple as that.
  14. Government meeting with theme park company

    I actually really enjoyed HKDL and this was before the major E-Tickets it's received since opening. I think many people miss the concept of just enjoying park atmosphere (mostly because our parks have little to none) without being entertained by an attraction 99% of the time.