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  1. djrappa

    Aussie World New Ride ‘Rat’

    There’s nothing wrong with parents ridding kiddie coasters with their children. Thats kind of what they are designed for
  2. djrappa

    Aussie World New Ride ‘Rat’

    Don’t know what is more sad. The thought of a bunch of full grown adults trying to ride a kiddie coaster, or the thought of them doing it to try and emulate a rollback and the behavior of another group of full grown adults 👍
  3. Sounds like it is good for the business. Just maybe not for customers who want to pay less.
  4. djrappa

    Arkham Asylum Maintenance 2020

    Hang on... Rivals and Superman closed at the same time? I feel bad for guest services staff already.
  5. djrappa

    New bins in Wild West Falls queue

    Well one you decided to put a dollar figure on something you know NOTHING about, and no you're wrong, any sort of work in parks these days costs a fortune. But then you decided it's ok for them to have tape because you assume they have cast members there... so I'm done with this 'discussion' now, it really has gotten comical.
  6. djrappa

    New bins in Wild West Falls queue

    Ladies and Gentleman, from the Gold Standard of theme parks who care about the tinniest detail of guests... happens EVERY DAY
  7. djrappa

    New bins in Wild West Falls queue

    If they put up signs saying "Closed to make way for a new attraction" every person on here would bitch about that and call them out. Rebuilding that space permanently would cost 100s of thousands of dollars. Would anyone want that spent rather than say a big return on Wild West? Of course not. I mean get real, all of those above ideas range from comical at best to down right silly at worst.
  8. djrappa

    New bins in Wild West Falls queue

    How does anyone here think the park can actually start to change? Numerous comments but I'll address @T-bone directly because it's an easy one to pick out... "15 years of changing attitude at Village" So scooby is 17 years old. That means that for 2 years it was good and ever since no one has cared about the details... Let's say that's true, I have no interest in debating that, we all know the park had some shit years of management. So how then do they go about a change of attitude? SURELY no one here expects to walk into Movie World tomorrow and see the entire park transformed to the most amazing thing they have in their head overnight? They clearly need to attack each item one at a time. But if they start doing that and they still get this kind of attitude that they are shit and don't care about their guests how can they win? I say they DO care about guests and they DO care about the little things. We've already started to see little detail and changes come back in to the park: -Better crowd control and access at White Christmas -The small task of moving the bins for the parade to allow better viewing -Starting the parade at western town so more people can see the thing -Pacing on the parade floats to keep things happening and not just for a select few -Removal of the awful tables in Main Street plaza -Adding new lighting to scooby disco room to start to improve on the previous mistakes in the next gen makeover -A range of different lighting shows in scooby disco room so that guests get to experience a variation on repeat rides -Actually setting the lighting to the sound track in the disco room so that its a real show *the last two points are exactly the small detail that's being asked for -Keeping the park open to 6:30pm in the Summer for holiday crowds -Individual uniform for Showcase staff and not just the recycled Roxy one *again another small detail And all that above list is only things I've SEEN as a GUEST in December and January. And as for the outdoor queue, that queue has always been in affect during busy summer crowds, people have always queued outside, so is it the end of the world? Are we angry at Tape or are we angry at queuing outside because if it's the latter then that is stupid. All of this applies to Dreamworld as well. If that management is to start making changes how can they do that if not by degrees at a time? What is the point of them even starting if they are just going to also be told they hate all guests and don't care?
  9. djrappa

    New bins in Wild West Falls queue

    Id argue that the rose coloured glasses version of Scooby is one that hasn't existed for at least 10 years, I'm not making excuses for that. But what I'm saying is what is there is better than it has been in 10 years, and from what I've seen it's still being improved. But if as soon as the park makes one improvement all they get back is "yeah but its not improved ENOUGH so stuff you, its still crap" there isn't much incentive for them to keep going is there. It's kind of like the person who stops buying live export meat or caged eggs but still get's screamed at by an extremest Vegan that they are still a murderer, they are kinda "well stuff you then, I care nothing for your cause". I'm not saying the park is perfect Disney, I'm saying in the last 6 months I've seen remarkable improvement so they should be encouraged not put down for this.
  10. djrappa

    New bins in Wild West Falls queue

    @AlexB Man sometime you just sound like such a wanker... and sometimes is maybe being generous... I am/was one of the hugest critics of what happened with Scooby. It was a travesty that it sat open for so long as a dark warehouse, and yes the 'next gen' stuff is a joke. My point was they SPENT the money, they didn't just leave it like Dreamworld did, and are spending again because management have seen it's not up to scratch. You complaints are really quite small nit pics, two lighting issues, hardly make something a complete pile of shit. I'm not passionate about something I'm involved in, I didn't build the theming for Scooby, I'm simply saying if you cry wolf and say that something that is pretty much good is a complete pile of shit, how would anyone listen to you when you have a genuine critique. As for Wild West... dunno where you get this idea that every single staff member in the park is some kind of dumb asshat but did you perhaps think that photo was taken on one of the biggest, hottest days of the year at the park, and normally no bin is required there, but after all that mess was dumped they added one. I know no more than you do, but I don't jump to a conclusion that everyone is a lazy dumb ass. We have no proof that mess existed a day before that photo was taken, so how do we know the park didn't see it the same time we did? How do we know it wasn't cleaned up 5mins after that photo was taken? I strongly suggest you just stop visiting any Australian parks altogether because it's clear they do nothing bad aggravate you and hold you in contempt anyway.
  11. djrappa

    Off Topic Random Thoughts

    That's only a joke right... its someone messing about not an actual beyond awful no place in a theme park show?
  12. djrappa

    New bins in Wild West Falls queue

    Hmm is it though? The 3 projected parts are proper shit, there is no disputing that, and hopefully they get fixed up too but otherwise the ride is pretty much the same as it was originally, sans big laser show. So if you’re saying the disco room is now ok, is the ride overall a total pile of shit? After all despite some mistakes they spent millions to rebuilt all the theming back to how it was albeit safer. Where as DW simply demolished log ride theming, and now look to close it all together. Which one is really showing ‘contempt for guests’? And I’m not sure how the park seeing a problem (who cares if it’s on Parkz or reported by a cleaner who found that mess at the end of the day) with rubbish and adding more bins can be turned into a BAD thing?
  13. djrappa

    Sky Voyager Merchandise Discounts

    If there’s gonna be a nice themed outlet could we perhaps not have the ghastly generic coke fridge?
  14. djrappa

    New bins in Wild West Falls queue

    The barriers and tape are for a few busy days. there has always been an outdoor queue. Enthusiasts don’t know what they don’t know. But that doesn’t mean their viewpoint should be “the park are lazy assholes”. As for debates about fire exit safety. Let’s just assume that QFES know what they’re doing more than some enthusiasts, regardless of how long their list of knowledge credentials is.
  15. djrappa

    New bins in Wild West Falls queue

    Or perhaps you have no idea what your talking about and maybe QFS re assessed the building after the park down the road killed 4 people and reduced the capacity of the queue area to half? Just perhaps. Or maybe it’s as you’re right and the park is just too lazy to move a table...