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  1. djrappa

    Drone usage at gold coast parks

    And don't forget the Studios at Oxenford, anyone that sees a drone anywhere near that place is going to have some goons out to visit you real quick to find out what you're doing. The studios do not mess around when it comes to Drones.
  2. Yeah I was talking about countries in full lockdown.
  3. djrappa

    Coronavirus and theme parks

    Complaining that you pay for foxtel and others now get it for free would be like me complaining I earns my Qantas status this year and now they’ve given it to others without. Adding a benefit for one doesn’t increase a burden for others.
  4. Serious question. If they go to lockdown, how do they get food?
  5. djrappa

    TOT2 track removal

    As I've learned only too well this past week, at this time an order for something guarantees nothing at this point. All bets are off!
  6. djrappa

    TOT2 track removal

  7. I think we possibly have a contender for most intelligent post of the year (the year 2020 that is!) above!
  8. djrappa

    New Movie World Plaza Screens

    All these ideas about just removing the poles and changing the roof at all are just ridiculous
  9. djrappa

    The New Atlantis - Construction Updates

    For the love of god pick an artwork and stick with it
  10. djrappa

    Coronavirus and theme parks

    Yay statistics
  11. djrappa

    Park after Dark: Illusions

    I’m sure the event would have done well if it wasn’t for the current virus situation. Them stating the two reasons I don’t think should be considered as two separate reasons but more as one the effect and the other the cause.
  12. djrappa

    Coronavirus and theme parks

    Just because a contract states that stuff don’t HAVE to be paid doesn’t mean you can’t choose to pay them. If that’s a concern for closing it’s easy to remove and voluntarily pay staff.
  13. djrappa

    Coronavirus and theme parks

    Looks like all our parks are staying open given it’s only an advisory... I’d imagine things get changed to a full on ban pretty soon though.
  14. djrappa

    New Movie World Plaza Screens

    Those are just the old speakers now stacked up on the ground instead of hung off the screen. Definitely totally wrong for that kind of space.
  15. djrappa

    New Movie World Plaza Screens

    Well the poles in the plaza kinda hold the roof up so won’t be going anywhere soon... Cost of putting up and pulling down lighting trusses for every event would be far too cost prohibitive so they’ll stay too. As for white fixtures, ‘they’ did this at one point. But a lot of black crap has been hung in the roof years since.