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  1. djrappa

    Falling Standards at Our Parks

    You cant make morale and happiness with money... its not about wages. The village parks used to have as much fun and social recreation behind the scenes as front of house back hen John Menzies ran the place. The staff would have industry deals at venues all over town. There would be catered (with alcohol) after hours parties for staff almost monthly, and un official organised gatherings in town even more frequently. Then there was the famous annual Warner Village ball which saw all staff (1000s) treated to a sit down formal dinner, unlimited drinks and festivities all night, and handing out of employee of the year awards. Many staff lived for this annual party which was renowned for being one of the best on the coast. All these things made the place more than just a workplace. When Tim Fisher came in, all that stopped, there is no such thing a ball or a Christmas Party anymore, any staff function is held on site and is about as exciting as you can imagine from say a Trivia Night with free Soft Drink! WOO With so many companies being all about employee benefits to retain good staff these days, it's safe to say Village are as behind in staff relations as Dreamworld are in strategic direction. It's people that make your business, end of story.
  2. This park , or rather the management of it are so far beyond a joke it's not funny.
  3. djrappa

    Scooby Doo Spooky Coaster refurb in Nov/Dec 2017

    This Scooby shop closed things is pretty damn piss poor. Exit past the closed roller door and out a fire exit hardly aligns with promises we heard of outlets being open longer and always does it...
  4. 1) Vegan is bit an allergy 2) That sound like a riveting blog, can I suggest a title of "How to take all the fun out of theme park food" 3) I don't believe for a second having a lactose intolerance for one second makes it hard to eat at the parks. They will happy give out any information related to allergies at either the outlet or guest services.
  5. Here's the thing... this "they gain the gate revenue but lose all that f&b revenue" argument doesn't hold up. Because they people that are relying on the bargain basement pass prices are not spending in park. They are eating at maccas, and at their cars in the car parks. It's also been proven that bigger crowds can reduce f&b sales because people don't want to wait in the long lines. It really is that high ticket price, one or 2 visits, high in park spend customer that the parks need for financial growth.
  6. djrappa

    The Off Topic Topic

    It's already back opened. Two trains 'bumped'. Please done sensationalise
  7. djrappa

    Scooby Doo Spooky Coaster refurb in Nov/Dec 2017

    You're not allowed to criticize Movie World... EVER
  8. Well I think that's the thing AlexB, you don't come up with something and then work out how you fit it into a show, you create a show that has a meaningful requirement for something and then utilise the tech to full that requirement. Tech is no good without story to support it.
  9. I think the peak (forget the technology side and just story wise) for Outback Spectacular was the first Light Horse show back in 2009. But the peak for the helicopter was definitely the original.
  10. I would completely disagree, a harsh cut from outback footage to a drone shot of Outback Spectacular with a terrible CGI roller door added to the back, and then the laborious entry (I mean the fact that the doors have to open in that screen hardly makes it a surprise) of the canned helicopter that you've seen in every other production is hardly a wow moment for me. It screams "hey we have a helicopter, we must use it somewhere". The original show back in 2006 used the Helicopter to muster cattle after we had just seen it done the old way with horses, made total sense and was a real feature. It had its time. As for the Circus, I think you're just looking with Rose Glasses Push, whilst the scene with the big truck is gone the intro to the Circus is no more out of place/rushed than it used to be. I didn't really notice any difference when I saw the show a few weeks back. As for Bluey, they have always had different actors play that role, perhaps you've just been fortunate to see the 'A' guy every time previous.
  11. The helicopter was removed for the "Tribute to the Light Horse Show" as several scenes had to be removed in order to fit in the Light Horse portion for timing purposes. Whilst the Helicopter was a cool effect back in 2006 when the show opened, it was subsequently shoe horned in to every show after with less and less relevance. I think it was time to move on with 2018 technology something so much more could be put in to replace it.
  12. djrappa

    Adventure World 2018- improvements

    I say good on them for things being fixed so quickly after they break. I've seen other parks leave temp fixes and dirt around for months if not years. And I think to say they fixed it because it was mentioned here is probably giving ourselves too much credit.
  13. djrappa

    Theme Park Maintenance Schedules 2018

    That's going to cause so many arguments and upset guests from kids that could ride last visit and then not now.
  14. djrappa

    Wild West Falls (pre - 2003) video

    Damn I don't think I've seen any other video of the original main lift and when we get one it's so bloody awful we may as well not have!
  15. djrappa

    The Off Topic Topic

    Does that train have seats or is it just wheel assemblies that are being assembled?