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  1. Yeah I don't feel like the B&M track looks more impressive. Not unless it's a massive flyer or dive coaster. I think the Mack/Intamin looks very photogenic and 'faster' Not really sure where anyone is getting one looking cheaper than the other from.
  2. Have just removed a bunch of posts as I think it's been said enough times to keep things in topic. Last night I split a bunch of posts off this thread, however that wasn't enough of a hint to keep discussions on topic so today I'm less forgiving and they're just gone. Its not hard to start a new thread if you want to take the convo off direction. This isn't TPR.
  3. The two disused structures posted above are a food outlet and an eating area that is also used for group bookings. You make it hard not to insult you when you keep posting such ridiculous stuff.
  4. Feel I'm getting dumber with every post read.
  5. Forgetting whatever might not be working for moment. Pushbutton are you actually insane? Or is it just you can't let a day to buy without gracing us with the keyboard vomit that is every post of yours? honestly one of the stupidest posts I've ever seen on here.
  6. Nice to see the GCB effectively lifting a story from this site once again and failing to give credit once again.
  7. So it's an inferior ride experience that uses a less reliable mechanical system... GREAT DESIGN THERE
  8. Can I ask maybe a dumb question... Why is that POS drop tower so hard to keep running? Like it's much simpler than Giang Drop or say Batwing yet seems it's closed more than open??
  9. What on earth is that rubbish post even about?
  10. Agree it's weird. And clearly something about it as there is another version of the add where "more" is replaced with "paradise country"
  11. I'd say that fence will join with gates either side and continue to a full fence of the whole area. Much like the existing studios entrance.
  12. So let me get this straight... If the coaster was themed to something about movies at MOVIE WORLD it would be a cop out? Versus say picking a random character from DC and call it that? riiiiiight
  13. Hey I like that you prioritized posting a shot to walking back to your car first hehe spotted!