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  1. Sea World Carnivale 2018

    Look I think the Aqua show is disappointing however it's a first try. I remember the first try at White Christmas. Now if they can expand on that proof of concept and creating something truely unique and spectacular next year it will no doubt be very impressive. You have to start somewhere. The food though they need to nail. The first 3 years it was 💯 amazing! You could not fault it. I would buy a ticket just for the opportunity to buy food. Last year was utterly shit (only words I have) and whilst better doesn't sound like they just went ''make it the same as Movie World." This is no place for ego and 'let them have a try at their own thing.' Simply get the MW chefs responsible for the amazing original implementation to bring that to Sea World. The company stopped that insane Tim Fisher crap of splitting the properties up a while back now so bring that amazing food back to the table literally.
  2. Be nice if the aqua show was themed to Carnivale or the Sea though...
  3. Sea World December 2017 Improvements

    Parkz flagged a sign like this forever ago and they took it down. Have they seriously printed a new A Frane with those graphics? Thats worse than the soulless park map!
  4. Sea World December 2017 Improvements

    But they say AFINITY about 50 times in the show so come on, that's highly sending a message... one of their best that one!
  5. quietly waiting for all the manual handling injuries from the loaders having to open and close the jetsons roofs.
  6. Yes I'm sure Dreamworld thoroughly thinks through all decisions made at the park. "Yay reopening the mine ride will be good" "You know what goes well with Vintage Cars? Koalas you can't see!" "nah too many slats is the problem, take 2/3 of them off..."
  7. Was this an issue before? Pretty sure the wheels and track take care of that... those logs are barely floating...
  8. Just wondering if anyone can tell me one thing the ghetto roof achieves at all? Like it won't stop you getting out, won't stop you leaning out the side of the log, hell it won't even really stop you standing up... Other than likely ultimately rusting out the internal frame of a log that was never designed for a roof, causing people to trip getting in and out, and no doubt a claim for injury from the ops opening and closing them down the line of course...
  9. Top 10 coasters you rode in 2017

    Don't even think I rode 10... bit of a lame year
  10. Sea World - Castaway Reef 2017

    Yes that clearly is some amazing footage 😂
  11. But ToT is sub par. It's a pretty shithouse coaster. It barely cracks the 100 barrier, goes a tiny way up the tower, has terrible capacity, is an eyesore, is loud as hell, and provides a lackluster ride experience. If that is your Signature Ride then I'd be changing that real quick. There is just nothing impressive about the ride at all.
  12. Woah... that's very wrong on both counts I'm afraid. A hydraulic launch is very unreliable at ToT speeds and actually does cost a lot to run due to the pumps and chillers and maintenance.
  13. Soarin has changed once, and really that's because they wanted it in parks that weren't american.
  14. Actually I ageee that it's a really good suggestion in terms of restoring the park to a quality offering. The ride is outdated, lame and obtrusive, not to mention very expensive and aging.
  15. Seat size on Hypercoaster

    Most Australian rides come from Europe and carry with them that sizing. The US has largely expanded the sizes of many of its rides to accommodating their increasingly overweight population. Thats why you will see lager sized seats etc at Disney parks as they are designed by them. Relatively standard off the shelf European coasters in the US are more like the same sizes you'd see here in oz.