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  1. Actually it's not on topic at all. Is the ride closed for maintenance? No Are people planning the family holiday around TOT going down for a while and coming to parkz to make those plans? No Its more like people have verbal diarrhea and can't deal without posting for more than 5 mins or else they won't feel loved.
  2. Do we really need a bloody update every time a ride stops? This isn't the Gold Coast Bulliten you know
  3. No, just no. If you're not even going to try your post will be removed.
  4. Yeah neither of those comments above is true. The park hasn't released the cost at all. And let me tell you if it was 35 million it would most definitely be a total project cost and not just for the ride.
  5. The overall tone of how you describe better places to watch than they suggest, etc, how they don't do crowd control properly. The comments on marketing. Just read as a very 'I hated the event, we're so great because we bought the special passes, park should love us for buying passes and not using them' review to me.
  6. Not sure why we needed the centered text which made this hard to read. What I got from this overly indulgent read was that you didn't care much for the event and are sooo much smarter than both the park and everyone else. Fortunately for the park seems most everyone else has very much enjoyed the event. As for no advertising, clearly not the case given how many people are attending.
  7. How did you see the view of the park with a blindfold on
  8. Well even that isn't totally true given they raised the existing structure to accommodate the coaster.
  9. Said it before and said it again. The 2017 world needs more jingles!
  10. That's an amazing video... the VHS of this is actually sitting in my apartment.
  11. That's my kinda coaster! Looks to just haul ass from go to woe.
  12. Mate awesome post/find. Some great shots there!
  13. The ride has been running, people have been riding it.... the discussion has reached a close folks...
  14. That makes no sense from a liability or safety stand point. Either ride is safe and doesn't need an extra restraint, or it's unsafe and does need one. You don't just decide to increase ride safety on your own for no reason, and authorities don't become aware of a safety flaw and leave it optional to do something about it. Neither do insurance companies.
  15. So has Aussie World changed theirs?