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  1. Yeah that blue slab as been there a while. The main set was as you say in the red section side note: why is panavision in the middle of an Outback Show paddock lol
  2. Curiously any construction types know why there are two different styles of columns and varied spacing?
  3. Nah that slab on the WnW side was layed for Thor
  4. Why are you all thinking they need to announce before the track? youre talking about a tiny insignificant piece of their market in enthusiasts who are the only ones that care about track in a car park. The poeple they want to buy tickets as a result of this build will know nothing of the construction.
  5. Yel we're on it. Just for the love of god don't re hash the discussion about if we should have a tram up the spit or not.
  6. Can we not discuss spur lines off the tram AGAIN. Because this already happened once and see up turning into a mind numbing hell over the correct use of the term spur and a whole bunch of other boring shit. Jusy take it that everyone means a separate line of the tram that doesn't impact on the main line.
  7. Yes painting the surfboards is hardly the same as a fully immersive themed dark ride or land. Keep it at that level. Agajn in my opinion claw, wipeout, tailspin level detail is Presentation, not Theming and it's nice enough at that level. If they do realistic installations in terms of maintaining them then the park will stay looking great for years to come.
  8. I'm pretty much convinced there is no way Dreamworld should do any sort of intensive theme, especially to an IP. They just don't do it well in terms of maintaining theming, just do a nicely presented area with an overall generic them. Before anyone mentions Dreamworks, that's basically just a bunch of nicely presented flats. They should stick to this, just great presentation. Put in a dark ride and in 3 years nothing will work.
  9. That's not all that accurate. Most of the downturn in the parks (obviously exclude the period Dreamworld was closed) was in the local market. Holiday makers tended to keep their plans.
  10. I recon it's a good list and pretty accurate. I would say if you just count Affinity as any show at Dolphine Cove then it's sits right. I would have had Bermuda higher on the list and included Wild West
  11. So putting it out there for everyone. There will be a clean up to this thread coming soon, anything not related to the actual construction or just dumb made up speculation about dates etc is going to be removed. If you want to talk rubbish about "my fridge says this date" or erections or anything else not actually relevant to the construction please take it to chit chat. That means that there might be days without posts until track arrives or an announcement is made and here at parkz we are totally ok with that.
  12. Oh dear the welcome wagon concerns me greatly. Please don't be scared away
  13. I think the issue is the support poles and you're going to need those to keep it off the slide. The safer way would be to be to suspend the net from higher posts but that obviously would be a lot more expensive.
  14. Ok some important info for those that don't know. The photos are from initial testing. After that they completely reprofiled the airtime hill to be much less extreme. The nets were added and it's believed they are what killed him. The poster above that stated that if you added nets that could be just as dangerous was eerily accurate!
  15. This is truely one of those bizarre and tragic accidents that it will be interesting to know the full details of should they ever be released. What shits me though is including those testing photos. Does the article not have enough impact already? I hate the implication that they are photos of the boys raft flying off the slide.