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  1. When everyone thinks about saying this means the company is over... just remember that little airline with the kangaroo on the tail back in say 2011
  2. Check your dates, because depending on when in Sep/Nov you may still be able to hit the Halloween events as the big ones start end of sep and go a few extra days into Nov. You never know 🤞
  3. No I will agree with the original poster, don't take your kids to Vegas at 18. As much as people 'think' they didn't miss out on the full Vegas experience not being 21, they soon realise once they are 21 they did exactly that. Las Vegas features some of the most extravagant nightlife on the planet, none of which can be experienced as a minor. Most importantly, it's pretty safe to say, no teenager wants to hang out as a minor in Vegas with their parents. The original poster was looking for a last family vacation kind of option, so I don't even know how Vegas was thrown in the mix, but no, stick to your plans and let the kids go to Vegas on their own when/if they so desire.
  4. Given they are two young to drink in the US and you state it may be a once in a lifetime trip, if you have the funds I'd be heading to do an on property stay at Disney World. Compared to the Gold Coast parks they will be blown away and you can hit up Universe Horror Nights which again, just won't even compare to Fright Nights. Having said that, if the budget isn't there for Disney World then I wouldn't bother trekking all the way over and instead would try and stay at Disneyland. The Knott's halloween is every bit as amazing at Universal and maybe even more so, and you can day trip it to Universal and then Magic Mountain if you want to make it about rides.
  5. djrappa

    Wet & Wild buggy permanently closed?

    Maybe calm down there mate. I thinn the fact a person is saying something that is subjective pretth well implies it’s their opinion. If the lack of inclusion of ‘in my opinion’ in my post is enough to trigger you then I’m someone concerned for your blood pressure given the world we live in today.
  6. djrappa

    Wet & Wild buggy permanently closed?

    They were a tacky pay as you go attraction that has no place in a credible theme park. ❄️ disclaimer: THE ABOVE IS MY OPINION
  7. djrappa

    Big Banana & The Coffs Harbour Bypass

    You can't have the second most important highway in the country run through a 'small town' with traffic lights and roundabouts. Simple as that. It's an embarrassment the way it is now and this combined with the already existing bypass work that's going on is going to make the Brisbane to Sydney drive an absolutely screamer. It's a shame to see the interesting parts of the drive slowly fade away as everything is bypassed but it's well needed.
  8. djrappa

    Wet & Wild buggy permanently closed?

    My theory is WnW Buggy didn't get renewed because it was an ill thought out, terrible idea from an old management philosophy which is thankfully done with it would seem.
  9. I mean really, if they had any interest in not being shit, the building IS in Ocean Parade. They should be looking to do something like Voyage to the Iron Reef at Knott's. Not a cheap out version, literally that exact same ride. Get some family appeal in there, have a dark ride offering, and ease back into adding rides without the impression they might be 'scary' in any way.
  10. djrappa

    Theme Park Maintenance Schedules 2018

    It's really great that you took the time to waste a ride manufactures time to get info that was already obvious. Your point is the stupid one. Given you can get an original spec Arrow train made right now from the original manufacturer (even if it's changed hands 3 times!) the fact a ride model is no longer produced has NOTHING to do with original manufacturer support and parts. Movie World just had White Water West (who bought Hopkins) work with them on changes to Wild West Falls, another ride where even the manufacturer doesn't exist any more. As for the X Car stuff only being listed as Specials on their website. Any manufacturer will happily make you something that no longer produce for the right price! Your efforts to shoot down people on this forum and make them look dumb is actually only serving to expose you as the ignorant one 'my stupid friend'.
  11. djrappa

    Top Golf Opening 15 June 2018

    This video made me nauseous... agree, there is no benefit to a video if it is just rapid shots that re too quick to even take in and have crazy panning. A photo update is much better for the purpose.
  12. djrappa

    Scooby Doo Spooky Coaster refurb in Nov/Dec 2017

    One of these buttons brings everyone to a safe stop to enjoy the rest of their day... the other creates Orphans... YOUR GUESS WHICH ONE! Welcome!!
  13. I love how they made that FB post like guests should be excited... its really become the point of where the place is just funny how awful they are at EVERYTHING. Oh and why be dark on Dreamworld? I dunno, maybe because they LITERALLY kill people through their incompetence.
  14. Look let's face it, it's all PR bullshit for the media and the shareholders. Unless they get rid of: -anyone with control of maintenance decisions -anyone with control of operational and training decisions -anyone with control of safety decisions -anyone with control of park design and capital decidions and they are ALL replaced with people with years of specific (and successful!) theme park experience the place will NEVER change.
  15. Whats also amazing is that the system didn't even log the stop button pushes... like it clearly was a piece of shit being held together bby chewing gum from the 80s