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"Today is a historic day in the future of Dreamworld"

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Dreamworld Golden Years has just posted a very cryptic teaser on his Facebook page.


"Today is a historic day in the future of Dreamworld. Stay tuned, we will have some exciting updates to share later today."

He generally isn't into too much hyperbole... so any speculations? Park has been sold? 

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48 minutes ago, Ashley Jeffery said:

Ahh just like this site and VRTP then?

Do you have basic reading comprehension? It’s quite the opposite these days

1 hour ago, Rivals said:

so i’m guessing instead of a big mountain for the inclined turn table it’s now going to be a table? i’m very intrigued to find out more about this ride.

They’re clearly going for something similar to the Indy rides at Disney with jungle rush and Rivertown more generally. That said the ride doesn’t look very tall (given the turntable has been testing in the Netherlands) so you don’t need a tall show building to enclose everything. The one in Japan is outstanding so I’m quite excited to see Dreamworld having a crack at the adventure theme

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6 hours ago, Ashley Jeffery said:

Ahh just like this site and VRTP then?

My personal opinion is the parkz wesite is fair with the once off occasional nose browning towards VRTP. The forums however seem balanced between DW & VRTP. 

If you look at Parkz last 10 theme park news articles, five are press releases from VRTP and one is an article for VRTP. One is a press release for DW and one is an article for Dreamworld. One press release for Aussie World and one article for Gumbuya. 

It is worth noting only one of the the parkz news articles is from last year. Mabye the news articles are no longer a priority or they no longer receive press releases or most likely they are not needed anymore. With regular and consistent updates which are mostly accurate from the likes of @Ogre and @themagician as well as others, are parkz news articles even needed anymore. 

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