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  1. Just seems weird that they have gone to the effort of redesigning but they haven't shifted to vest restraints like every other manufacturer.
  2. @HussRainbow87 why do Huss rides have such huge OTSRs?
  3. I think some cycles are just preprogrammed Naazon, for example Doomsday has 3 (Pirate ship mode to 45 degrees, the current cycle, and then the intense version with extra inversions)
  4. Haha the loading doors look like seedy hotel room doors I love it.
  5. Village Roadshow owns MW, WnW, SW etc
  6. How come you're on here if you don't want to ride stuff?
  7. Two actually? 2 are cities, one is a country, one is a continent.
  8. The Beach would have gotten more slides, bush beast would have eventually closed, and a small coaster from an Italian manufacturer would have been installed. Thank you for coming to my TED talk.
  9. It looks like things are progressivley being added and fixed, eg tot doesn't have a launch track anymore.
  10. Looks like it is updated again: https://wetnwild.com.au/park-info/maintenance-schedule Now it's just Surfrider and Black Hole closed. (plus the upcharges)
  11. I don't know, i think the full experience should be offered right from the start of the school holidays. Boxing day openings only happen when September holiday openings get missed.
  12. Haven't summer school holidays started. We're in peak season.
  13. The Parkz logo at the top of the forums should go to the homepage.
  14. Yes I have been on the one at Alton and Riptide at Knotts and both soaked you like a water ride, which I thought was unnecessary. So if the SW one just has near miss fountains like Talocan I'll be happy.
  15. Sorry was just going by you saying you got Drenched when the fountains go full strength.
  16. So then the answer is to build arenas facing south in Australia 🤷‍♀️
  17. Do people really want to get wet on a ride like this? The fountains are cool as a near miss, but I've always thought it was weird you have to potentially put up with being soaked on a thrill ride. Storm Coaster and Battle Boats definitely fill that niche IMO. Plus I think Village might be shy about squirting water on a ride given the issues Surfrider had.
  18. You can compare them in terms of getting desensitised to it.
  19. It's the wrong type of water theme though, needs to sound more mysterious and dramatic given its themed around a sea monster. Spongebob music is too summery and upbeat, but might suit something like a family ride, or the reef themed area at Castaway Bay. It'll likely be something like this
  20. Yes, you are right, both parks would have expected low cost kids promotional activities in the school holidays.
  21. Yeah but they would need to have sourced suits very quickly if this was a "response" to Dreamworld. I think it would have already been planned.
  22. Don't SW normally have Nickelodeon character apperances? Eg Paw Patrol more recently.
  23. I thought stuff just went on YouTube because you can. 🤷‍♀️ In terms of POV, I'm thinking it would be after Vortex opens right?
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