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Thanks to a WONDERful person currently working at the park, I will be taking a guided tour of the park on Wednesday, December 1st, before the park admin personnel closes out in mid december. Unfortunately, no photography is permitted inside the park, so I cannot deliver any photos, however I will be posting after my visit (if possible), on how the park is preparing for the bulldozers. Theres a world i'd like to live in....

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Take a camera phone with you (one that records videos). Pretend that you're on the phone but really you are taking a video of the park. Then get a USB cable and watch on your pc then post it in. Or if you don't have a camera fone, have my 7610 or my K700i. I suggest the K700i because it has continuos video recording.

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I made an appointment in response to the advertisement in the Trading Post. There has been an ad running for a while now selling everything. You had to submit a price and they come back to you letting you know if your offer was successful. I purchase some memorabilia and advised them that I intended to take photos to show my wife what I had purchased. I had not been to the park since 1997 and was surprised at how it had become neglected. As I said in a previous post, all the water had been removed from the SRR, the ponds and lake around Bounty's. Many people were on site removing items that they had purchased such as pavers, fencing and building materials. I was more suprised to see rides such as Tassie Devil dismantled and sitting out in the weather to deteriorate.

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