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Music on Main - New school holidays event at Movie World


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I heard Beyoncé is showing up for a stop of her Renaissance Tour (i didn’t i’m just delusional.)

i’m really interested to see what this events about, considering Fright Nights announcements will be starting soon i won’t be shocked if this event is announced in it’s entirety within the next month, let’s hope they execute it well. 

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September holidays normally suffers at MW just because much of their efforts are going towards fright nights, so this will be a nice simple addition that doesn't require much in the way of staging - it makes a lot of sense. 

I've been travelling for a while but I love live music. i'm coming home soon so 100% i'll be on my way to the park these holidays to check it out.

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Full details on the website 



"Get ready, Music on Main is taking centre stage these school holidays with Australian Indie Pop Band Sheppard performing live from 16th September to 2nd October!*
  • Jam out to the band’s best hits during a 15-minute performance after the parade.
  • Have an exclusive opportunity to meet the band during an autograph signing session of a special Sheppard poster, with all profits going to the Sea World Foundation.
  • This performance will be one of the last chances to see Sheppard in Australia before they head overseas!
*Excludes 23rd September.



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Great to see the park providing an additional entertainment offering during the September holiday period. What they’ve announced with the event is only offering something extra at one point in the day so I do hope the park has additional music/entertainment offerings throughout the day. Having busker style performers down Main Street, roaming performances and maybe some additional food/drink trucks would be good to see also.

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20 hours ago, New display name said:

Has Music on Main turned out to be only a 15min show by Sheppard? 🤪

They might have roaming performer’s throughout the park, but nothing is advertised. 

At first I did think they weren’t going all out for this event because of Fright Nights, but I just realised there isn’t actually an overlap for the events. Music on Main ends on Oct 2 and FN starts Oct 6.

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