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Speculations of MW's new ride

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I'd say thunder is pretty on the money with June. I'd also say he is pretty damn correct with saying it's been bought and paid for. I'd also recon he is right that someone knows the specs of the ride. Pity he didn't say that some of it is already on site or I probably would have agreed with him again... I'll just add that in times like this it is often of benefit to be a subscriber as there is more likely to be decent discusions on topics like this in the subscription lounge.

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Thanks for putting everything into context Clint. I'd also have to agree; a Roller-Coaster.com.au Subscription :wub: is better than life itself - as is demonstrated in the below graph. graph039za.gif My god: parts on-site already? That's insane. I think it's time to start some intense ride discussion:

- How many towers are we looking at? -Will it be anything like California Adventure's Maliboomer? -Anyone have any ideas on how it could be themed? -Location... Superman Escape area?

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Sorry, enough has been said from me on the topic already, can't do any more details I'm afraid. I will say though from the top of lethal weapon today you could see an aweful lot of shipping containers between it and WWF.

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But when you don't have a credit card....

Apparently so, if you don't belive us just ask an op!
That was following up someone's post which said something like:
Can they really lose their job if they tell anyone?
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I asked Spotty if he had any but his pass has expired. Does anyone have a pass and a camera? If they do could they get some construction pics if any? Thanks...
Hi guys letting you know that a drawing of the new ride is now up in the staff area of warner bros movie world. the pic shows that the ride will be places between batman ride and the new superman ride where a gueing station now stands from the old movie magic. also no construction has yet been started. the speculated name for the ride is 'The Batwing Escape' or some thing of that nature i know its 'batwing' summit lol well hope that give ya sum insight.
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