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Eureka Mountain Mine Ride Maintenance


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I heard lately that dreamworld's been killing movie world with attendance numbers, with no stunt show and not as many rides as dreamworld, dreamworld been packed, while movieworld'd hardly seen a crowd!!!
Wonder if the advertising they have been Doohan that could be playing a part. I have not really heard or seen any advertising for Movie World or any of the other parks.
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^ Don't believe everything you hear. Hardly seen a crowd my foot. EDIT: Does anyone else think its funny that on the DW website it really says: "Currently closed whilst being fixed"? I mean seriously, what hillbilly takes care of their website? Next it'll be saying "Darn thing broke Y'all!"

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Well Joz, I for one like this new angle taken by dreamworld. Blunt honesty, without thought for public concern could mean that we are actually informed of WHY an attraction is taken down... eg: Hector and Cletus left a spanner on the rail of cyclone, so its going to be closed for two weeks, while we have a full set of urethane wheels shipped out from the US. Or better yet - we might have seen an update such as "Eureka is closed. We're pretty sure its gunna cost too much to fix, but until next years budget allocation comes in, we're just saying "maintenance". Once we're sure we can't afford to fix it, then we'll just remove it off the park map, and hope nobody will notice." Followed by another update saying "People are still noticing that it's closed. We're not going to announce that it's gone yet, but we will board up the station, and paint it like a shopfront for KFC... ummm... in the middle of goldrush country - of course! its a perfect place for a front that looks like KFC - why not - Wonderland put a brightly coloured Dippin' Dots in Goldrush... oh wait didn't they close like a year later?..... oh crap... that announcement wasn't supposed to be made yet..."

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LOL! Eureka Mine Ride was NEVER THERE!! its merely a plain room that secreted magic mushroom gas to give everone the illusion they are riding the ride, when really they are climbing a large tree situated in the middle of the room. health & safety urged immediate close of this experience, after a man allegedly fell from the 2nd branch, breaking his large toe.

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