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New rides confirmed for 2007

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It has been confirmed by guest services at Movie World that rides within the Looney Tunes Village including the river ride will stay and that only new rides will be added to the area. The rides will be designed mainly for children and is yet to be confirmed whether adults will be able to ride as well. The rides and area in general is expected to be completely open some time in October.

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We gladly welcome new members here, and encourage discussion. From the looks of things superman7444, you've got a lot you can add to the discussion here. But just be aware that a lot of things you're bringing up have well and truly been discussed. Just make sure you've read through an entire topic start to finish before posting so you know that you're not just repeating what others have said before.

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^ I heard this too with the plan for a "Springfield" area to replace the old part of the Western area out the front of and including the stage show. Last I heard this plan has been shelved for the time being but how awesome would it be to see the new Universal Simpsons ride hit the Park some time in 2008?!?!

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