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Wet'n'Wild Las Vegas Soft Opening To Gold Pass Holders

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LAS VEGAS -- A new water park is making waves after turning people away only two hours after opening.

Gold Pass ticket holders were supposed to be allowed in to Wet ‘n' Wild Saturday, but somehow the park reached capacity.

Spokespeople say it's a sign of how excited people are for Las Vegas's first water park in years, but some Gold Pass ticket holders are angry. Some say they spent extra money on the passes to get a sneak peak of the park before anyone else, and they didn't even get in.

Jesus Rodriguez couldn't be over 10 years old but he says it doesn't feel good to be left on the outside looking in.

"We saw a lot of people there and the police man was saying we couldn't go there, and we just bought the tickets for nothing," said Jesus.

The park opened two hours early in response to long lines. Two hours later they stopped letting people in after reaching capacity. That's what their website said until at least 5 o'clock and their Facebook page got hammered with people asking for refunds.

Many of the people on Facebook asked how the park could have sold so many Gold Pass tickets? Spokespeople for Wet ‘n' Wild would not comment on that.

"I don't have that number handy but there's an overwhelming response to season passes as well," said Director of Marketing Trevor Wilson. "We're excited about that, we have a whole season of fun, we're open to the end of September, so there's plenty of time to come. Especially during these first two weeks it's going to be a little bit busy."

Wilson says the county code for the park limits it to 6,000 people at a time, but they cut off admission well before that in the interest of safety.

Spokespeople say the reason the park reached capacity is due to a perfect storm of conditions. The big first day coupled with Memorial Day Weekend, and the fact Las Vegas hasn't had a water park for years. They say when excitement dies down over the next few days they won't have to turn so many away.

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What are the tickets? We're they for that specific day or a season pass? If its a season pass people are idiots. You can't expect the park to only sell as many passes as the park holds and you can't be pissed that other people had the same moronic idea you had of going on opening day. But hey, media loves a beat up story. Alternative story/headline "New Waterpark Opens to Capacity Crowd" If there was any doubt surrounding Village Roadshows decision to reintroduce Las Vegas to the Wet n Wild brand they were soon laid to rest today with the opening of the companies new Waterpark in the US. Management were forced to shut the gates a mere two hours after opening as the popularity of the park saw it reach capacity. Whilst county laws allow the park to let in additional patrons, management made the decision to cut off admission in the interest of guest satisfaction and safety. The Waterpark will remain open through the summer season and is the first time the city has had a Waterpark in a decade since the previous Waterpark located on the strip closed.

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I've written enough cleverly worded fiction in my time convincing people to spend large sums of money Id probably perfect for journalism :P

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Why? He's probably some mexican guy or where ever that name usually comes from. It's pronounced "hey-zoos" by the way.

Trivia: It's supposed to be pronounced that way, or more correctly "Ye-sus", as in Latin and Greek it's spelt "Iesus". The English pronunciation is actually incorrect, same goes for "Julius Caesar", which the Romans actually pronounced "Yulius Kaisar"(and spelt it "Iulius") which is also where the German word came from. Edited by colliric_855

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