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Here's the latest stream. 

Along with the terraforming announced in the previous stream, there will be a load of new coaster types in alpha 2 (coming next tuesday/wednesday), that come with an updated coaster editor and the ability to colour your track. Also, there will be new flat rides.


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So Long, Alpha 1.

I've enjoyed it a lot, contributed some bugs to the Devs, was mesmerized by the work of Silvarret, Kukamonda and the rest, and realised that my PC DESPERATELY needs an upgrade prior to final release. It's done me well, still plays FPS games easily, but with the game's intention of utilising 100% of the CPU for peep management, I'll need that i7 & 16gb ram as soon as I can get my hands on it.

I thought I'd make a small map, with no path from the gate meaning no peeps in the park. Still didn't help.


Alpha 2 with its' new paths, stairs & ramps, terrain editing, 13 coaster types and overhauled coaster creation, new pieces of buildings and scenery, with 360degree rotation, is gonna be awesome. Oh, and Gulpee Rex!






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It's very close, yes. Customising the ride colours won't be available until Alpha 3 in late July. No green camo option will be available... :P


Terrain adjustment and painting is awesome..

For some (myself included), there was no sound working in Alpha 2. If you're affected, read this dev post on the PC forums for the easy fix.

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A selection from my current list of Planet Coaster YouTubers who, despite many being Let's Players, are pretty creative and seem to all be enjoying the game:
Silvarret - YouTube

Uthris - YouTube

Rudi Rennkamel - YouTube

Sdanwolf - YouTube

Skye Storme - YouTube

AdfoTV - YouTube

Kukamonda - YouTube


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Gosh, I don't have the time to watch that many youtubers lol. From that list I've only been watching Silvarret since I've followed him for a long time. Flabaliki has played his fair share and has made some decent stuff. I've also watched Robbaz and NerdCubed have a go but they're not particularly good, just entertaining.

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Just got an email: 


Alpha 3 will release on August 23 

Although Alpha will not be available to buy through Steam, if you are an Alpha player you will need to have a Steam account to access Alpha 3. This is because we are adding Steamworks at this stage in development. We will contact you shortly nearer the time with details on how to redeem your free Steam key.

Finally, we wanted to let you know that we are going to be closing Alpha to new players on August 25

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15 hours ago, reanimated35 said:

Sorry for the dodgy screenshot - Planet Coaster will include a fastpass queue!


Wow, that's news to me!

PC looks really amazing. RCTW seems to be in a bit of an awkward position. They're releasing a game as shit as theirs (if the reviews are anything to go by) at the same time that people are LOVING PC... and PC isn't even in its final form yet!

It seems that alpha 3 will be a pretty much "finished" game... from the actual inclusions POV. A lot of things will be adjusted and added, but the park management is looking good and that's really the only (big) thing missing at this point.

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