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Frontier Developments, the studio behind Zoo Tycoon and Roller Coaster Tycoon, announced it would be returning to the theme park well with Planet Coaster, due on PC in 2016. The news was revealed at AMD's PC Gaming Show at E3.

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Ohhh yaaaas kween, i WILL be downloading this

Merry Christmas  

I was young, and stupid!

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Just been re-watching the announcement trailer today, and I am starting to really like the art style. It reminds me of a mix between the Sims 4 and Pixar Animation, which can only mean good things. 


Really, the only thing that will make or break this game for me is realism. One thing that I hated in RCT was how some of the rides and stalls seemed very niche. I don't mind a ride being themed, but at least let the ride's theme be customisable. 

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The new developer has done wonders for RCTW. Check out the blog post and screenshot 

Wow! That looks so much nicer than the train wreck that we saw at the beginning of the year!

There's an actual station... An actual station with air-gates! And it doesn't look worse than RCT3. Oh boy, this is going to be lovely couple of years for coaster sims. 



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I am so glad RCTW turned around. Looked absolutely ATROCIOUS at one stage... Atari doesn't seem to be the best company for this kind of project.

I get the feeling it has improved so much because of this competition from Planet Coaster. There seems to eb less info about it, so I am excited to see the points of difference :)

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They've hosted a couple of livestreams recently that you can view on their channel here. Both are long but well worth the watch, the game is looking phenomenal. You can really tell just how much their heart is in this. They've found a stunning balance between a quirky unique art style and realism. It all just gels really nicely.

RCTW on the other hand.

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Yeah, my concerns with 'pre-ordering' or now it's 'alpha versions' of games is you're basically paying to be an alpha/beta tester for the company, a job they normally pay people to do. 

I don't pre-order now given in the past, games have either turned out to suck, or it's actually been quicker for me to walk into a shop and buy it before I received my pre-order. The latter was more jb hi-fi's fault than the developer though. 

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For an alpha - it's amazing so far. Quite impressed at the construction detail. 


Sadly I have to go to bed now but initial impressions are this game is going to be amazing and if you're still on the fence about getting this or RCT - I'm leaning so much further towards this than I was before. This looks the part, the lighting effects are amazing and the level of customisation is incredible, especially since this is still alpha. 

Extremely impressed with the animatronics too. 

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I'm gonna call it already. I don't care what else comes out this year, this is my GOTY. I've spent roughly 3 hours just playing around with the scenery and all I've done so far is build 1 flat ride and I'm not even finished with it yet. 

The level of customisation and detail that's gone into this just shits all over anything RCT has done in the past. 







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