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Favourite Fright Nights Maze?

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I know a lot of people weren't fans, but I would probably have to say The Film Vault. The atmosphere created with the smoke and strobes was great, the lack of physical barriers really projected the screams from other groups, and you couldn't see them due to the smoke. 

Also enjoyed TWD for its strong scenes and references to the show

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Evil Within volume 1 would be up there. Conjuring was pretty good (wish I went when the ceiling girl was still in there). 

The Film Vault had those chainlink fences with the strobe lights, yeah? While it felt cheap, man it was scary.

Wolf Creek in its first year was also really good with the outdoor sets that felt really realistic (think it was that one). Felt a bit dead actor wise though (which kind of helped build up the anticipation). 

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On a more serious note, I can really only remember well the ones I didn't like, which sucks. 

We all know the Darkness sucked, and getting hit in the nads wasn't fun for most guys.

I can't really say I enjoyed the film vault all that much. 

I don't like mazes that have strobes going off right in your face though.

Other than that, the majority of the mazes have been spectacular, especially in their first year under these new 2 year maze deals. 

I did really enjoy the original clown maze that was in either Scooby or Dodgems in the earlier years with the decapitated bunny and the wall you had to push your way though. 


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Top maze for me is Wolf Creek (first year), for its overall experience, theming and unexpected scars throughout.

Then it would be Evil Within, damn that was good. And I did think it was almost as good the second time around.

The scariest maze ever for me was Friday the 13th (first year). Scare actors running at you, and unexpected scares throughout was terrifying.

Wyrmwood is the best returning maze so far, and definitely improved on it in many ways.

Conjuring 2 maze was really good, and introduced some new ideas, sets and ways to scare people that hadn't been done before. With the girl scaring from above, and the kitchen with all the moving cabinets. And the build up and suspense for that one, before entering the maze was great. 

Apparitations is probably one of the better precincts they've done because it had a good scare in it, was a shame it wasn't a bigger Precinct. But the best one so far is the Zombieland one. Well detailed and recognisable characters.

The best FN for me so far is 2015. Nearly everything was great about it, and there were constant scared throughout. Out of all the ones I've been to (2013-), last years was my least favourite, as it didn't feel as scary, and some elements felt rushed or seemed weird to have at FN.

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10 hours ago, Reanimated35 said:

Getting hit in the nads wasn't fun for most guys.

Say what??? 😮

My fave maze has been the Conjuring 2, as I've said before I loved the progressive storyline aspect of it, seeing the girl start off looking somewhat normal to begin with, and gradually becoming a possessed freak by the end. The sets were just awesome too. That creepy kitchen with the vibrating knife table, the swing set, thunder and lightning, evil voice demanding everyone to get out lol... and that was just at the beginning!

Loved it 😆👍


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