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  1. Very exciting news! As a melbournian I am elated to see a new player emerge. More competition in Vic will only see the betterment of the other parks here. Along with the new additions at both Funfields and Adventure Park - loads of new stuff to try this summer season in victoria. @Mark Shaw Is there a possibility that the Mammoth Plunge water slide from Seaworld will be making it's way to this new home in Victoria??
  2. 2 new rides for the 2017/18 season Very exciting times! So we now know the name for ride #2 - 'Voodoo'. And that it is NOT a waterslide (someone asked for hints on what the ride is on FB - reply from Funfields was it is not a waterslide). Here's proof ------ ----- ----- Ride #1 we have no name, but an indication of the theme and some teaser imagery: Now that we know that 'Voodoo' is not a waterslide, this ride will presumably be be the Tornado Wave? As seen in this thread:
  3. Very cool! The positioning of that footer means there will be a support that bridges over the road. So as you arrive into the carpark, you will literally drive underneath a support holding up the first drop
  4. Those pictures @Richard are stunning! Thanks for the update.
  5. As much as I don't want want you to be right, I think this will be the case. I think the station, queue and entrance will be presented nicely, rather than have an all encompassing immersive theme and storyline.
  6. Take this with a grain of salt.....When I visited in March, an employee at the Sky Climb told me that the next attraction for Seaworld will be a Jellyfish exhibit and not a ride.
  7. It would be cool if they alternated between the Movieworld Fence topper, and logos from the IP that are present in the park - e.g. Green Lantern logo, Movieworld Logo, Batman logo, Movieoworld Logo, Scooby Doo logo, and so on.
  8. @MickeyD Not sure if April Fool's....or serious news?
  9. I visited DW & WWW on both Monday and Friday last week. Motocoaster, Green Room & Dorothy's teacups were down on both those days. Yesterday the BRO's octopus shade sail had been half ripped off - presumably because of the strong winds and rain on thursday. So that slide was closed as well yesterday. Not sure if the structure holding up the shade sail had been affected as well.
  10. @xRazzBerryx I like this guess as well. The hypercoaster will be agile, graceful and acrobatic in it's movements - just like Catwoman. Saw this Catwoman mug at MW with a colour scheme somewhat similar to the coaster parts sitting in the carpark. Coincidence?
  11. Visited today and Batwing Spaceshot is still down. The website does not state an updated maintenance schedule. My guess is that they are keeping it closed until the start of easter school holidays, when patronage picks up. Perhaps they thought they'd save a little $$$ and keep it closed till then. No one was working on it today.
  12. Even with the grey supports, I still have my bets on a Lex Luthor theme. There is a lot of dark grey existing within the war suit as seen in @MaxxTheMonster's post above. Lex is a well known character, easily marketable and the hyper-coaster ride system suits the character profile.
  13. @Brad2912 & @MaxxTheMonster, I have a feeling that you are both onto something big here! A huge steel rollercoaster themed around lex luthor - a super intelligent, scientist/mastermind inventor - seems about right to me. Magenta and shades of purples have been used to depict Lex in all different comics. Especially when he is in his War Suit. E.g. Perhaps we could be seeing green supports: Lex is Superman's archenemy; his true rival. It could be said that this new rollercoaster will be the only coaster in Australia to rival Superman Escape? Thoughts?
  14. They've photoshopped the central column of Pandamonium (with the dragon wrapped around it) onto one of the claw's supports. Were they trying to make it look like the dragon is wrapped around one of the claw's support columns? It just looks incredibly tacky, and unnecessary.