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  1. Luke

    Theme Park Maintenance Schedules 2018

    @Jordan M. Thanks for the update. Any idea why only the first 4 rows on Arkham have had their min. height requirement changed? Is there any noticeable change to the harnesses and/or seats in those 4 rows?
  2. Luke

    Falling Standards at Our Parks

    There's some fantastic posts in this topic! Cheers to all that have contributed. I agree with many of the posts, as I too have the same thoughts about MW and the GC parks. The GC park's themed entertainment offering has stagnated for many years. Yes we have better mechanical rides then we did 10 years ago, but the themeing, customer service, overall showmanship, merch and shows are all at the same standard (if not a worse) than 10 years ago. I think this feeling of 'our parks are mediocre' is further exacerbated by seeing the current standard of themeparks overseas; which is constantly getting better and better, and is currently at such a high standard.
  3. Luke

    Wild West Falls finally reopened!

    I visited mw on the 17/4 (so not long after it's reopening). On that day the back row also wasn't in use. They filled the first 3 rows and left the 4th empty.
  4. Love the idea. Will definitely bring in a lot more business (to the slingshot that is). Watching people launch is going to be a tourist attraction in itself. Fingers crossed the jungle waterfall and rock work theming for the launchpad gets built. The current Cypress Ave location isn't very appealing. The area lacks any type of landscaping/themeing/presentation, and is too far away from the main drag. Can't see it being a draw for families in its current state. Glad that the council got behind the business and gave it the thumbs up to to go into the cavil ave strip.
  5. Luke

    Storm and Jet Rescue free locker hire

    ^FINALLY! Extremely overdue. Praise the VRTP overlords.
  6. Luke

    Adventure World 2018- improvements

    I don't think the term 'gyro swing' is exclusive to Intamin. Sure Intamin may have coined the term 'gyro swing', but it's often used in the industry to describe a 'frisbee' / 'spinning pendulum' style flat ride - which is what the Beast and Goliath and the Claw and the Freak Out all are.
  7. Luke

    Adventure World 2018- improvements

    Technically the tallest gyro swing ride in Australia is The Beast (KMG XXL). Goliath would be the tallest 'non-portable' gyro swing ride in Australia. Or the tallest gyro-swing ride in Australia that is manufactured by Intamin.
  8. Is there a monetary reward/incentive that is given out by media outlets to the people who send in this stuff? Otherwise, why do people bother?
  9. lol at them using the Brogent 'I-Ride' branding on the advertisement. It comes across as the attraction's name....surely they aren't calling it "I-RIDE". If it's not the ride name, what's the point?
  10. Luke

    Wicker Man - New Alton Towers Coaster

    I've been thinking the same things for years. Similar pacing, twistyness and thrill level to Wicker Man. It would be a perfect family-thrill ride that MW needs more of.
  11. Luke

    Wicker Man - New Alton Towers Coaster

    Looks excellent!
  12. Interesting find @Skeeta. I used the nifty 'search google for image' feature on the image above, to see where else that image exists on the net. Sure enough, I found that picture in an article that was published on Blooloop in Nov 2016: Cutting Edge also revealed that they produced the film for Brogent Technologies. So i'm unsure why they used imagery of a ride system designed by Mondial, and distributed through Simworx? I really like how the ride system works though, really cool entry and exit from the screen. I can imagine after boarding, all the lights go out (you can't see a thing), the arm swinging you into the screen position, and then BAM the image fades in and you're soaring through the sky. Also, Cutting Edge writes about the i-ride project in past tense. So i'm assuming that the ride's movie has already been made? Or at least all the footage has been shot and been through picture post production?
  13. If I was running the show at AW, I would be selling or scrapping the current HUSS Inferno asap. There's nothing particularly special about HUSS towers, so for me I see no point in keeping it. I'd replace it with a new S&S combo tower that performs both the Space Shot and Turbo Drop motions on one tower. Which will set it apart from Batwing, as it only performs the space shot sequence. OR I'd get a double tower from S&S and set tower 1 to perform the space shot motion, and tower 2 to perform the turbo drop motion. The 2 towers would help with capacity, and provides 2 different experiences.
  14. Luke

    The Off Topic Topic

    I wonder why Premier Rides didn't make more of these shuttle launch coasters. The layout is awesome, especially the inverted top-hat and LIM's on the vertical spike to push the train higher. It would be really cool to see them bring this layout back with the new sky rocket trains and track.
  15. Luke

    The Off Topic Topic

    @MickeyD "There is a lot happening this year and we want you to have a ball with all the exiting new rides........" They spelt exciting wrong. And I guess they are correct when they say 'rides', as the playschool wheel opened in January. And we also have the flying theatre coming later this year.