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  1. @wileecoyote What do you mean they 'hinted you' towards lap bars?
  2. @wileecoyote I agree that the courtyard would have been a tight fit - and perhaps it would have been a challenge to design the area to allow for comfortable guest flow in the courtyard. The concrete staircase would have to have been flattened. Perhaps the number of villain characters would have to decrease, and the queue-line for doomsday would have travelled down the chinatown alleyway to save room.
  3. Dec 2016 Villains Unleashed Area - Review: I visited the new Villains Unleashed area in early December last year. Unfortunately Doomsday was down for maintenance, but I'll hopefully get a ride when I visit again in March. My thoughts on the area: it is very well done, and makes great use of a previously underutilised space of the park. The character statues are of fantastic quality, especially the doomsday character smashing through the ride signage - the level of detail here is impressive. This is now my favourite ride sign/entrance sign of any flat ride in Australia. I love how the doomsday lettering looks like it's ripped straight out of a comic book. Their are little details throughout the whole area - in the signage and buildings - that will probably only make sense to serious DC fans (which I am not). That just shows how deep they have gone with the theming and research into the IP used. I'm not a fan of the pay-to-play system for the games. IMO they should be free to use, as the games are interesting, but nothing memorable. I liked the practical effect games, better than the screen based ones, e.g. The Killer Kroc interactive water fountain and Joker's 'test your strength' game. If they were all practical effect games I would see the $15 wristband price a good deal.....but atm I'd rather spend it on some lunch at Dirty Harry's. This is just my opinion - and I'm sure I'm not the target market for these game experiences. My only big complaint of the area, is it's location in the park. It's kinda just been plonked in between scooby and wild west falls. It doesn't make sense. This area should have been used to further expand the wild west area, or develop a Mad Max themed area/ride. The villains unleashed area should have been built in the Arkham Courtyard. Thematically and story-wise, it would have made so much more sense - 'The Joker has set loose Arkham Asylum's biggest and baddest villains. Join them in their plot to destroy the asylum and ride the Doomsday Destroyer - a monstorous looping ride'. This could have seen the re-opening of the chinatown alley for improved guest flow - with arkham asylum themeing and characters placed throughout the courtyard as well. Furthermore, it would have solidified the front section of the park as 'DC Comics plaza'. Overall though it's a great family area, with a good filler family thrill ride to suit - which I looking forward to riding in March. Props to the design, engineering and build team at Movieworld. From what I understand, this area was designed in-house. Keep up the great work, and can't wait to see what themeing is in store for the new hyper coaster!
  4. Then I hope they don't theme it to the Flash haha
  5. I know there has been debate/speculation about whether this coaster will be launched, or start with classic lift hill. From what we have seen so far, it looks as if the ride will start with a steep incline (which hints towards a lift hill). But what if it was a mix, like the Hulk coaster as IOA = an inclined lift hill, ending with a launch and into an inversion at the top (instead of a tire launch, it would use Mack's LSM launch technology). Having a hypercoaster start off with a bang like that, would make for a very unique ride experience, and an element that would suit the Flash theme (if it is to be themed to DC's Flash superhero). Imagine the station and queue being themed to Barry Allen's forensic lab. You then leave the station, head up the lift hill where it is enclosed in some sort of tunnel, with pipes and tanks full of toxic chemicals. Lightning strike effects go off, damaging the pipes and tanks, spilling toxic gasses over the train. You suddenly receive the Flash's superspeed powers, and launch up and out of the tunnel, entering an inversion and the rest of the coaster follows. Not sure why the tunnel is filled with toxic chemicals, or why you are going up the tunnel in the first place......story is a bit wishy washy at this stage; but hopefully you get my drift. You are experiencing the events that turned Barry into the Flash.
  6. For those with Nearmap access, any chance a new aerial view of the coaster is available? please and thank you!
  7. Dammit! Was so excited that both rides would open back up today :/ ^This! Perhaps not doomsday, but my cynical side just thinks that they are keeping Scooby-Doo closed for that reason.
  8. We all know how reliable operations staff at the parks can be, so take this with a grain of salt. One of the life guards on top of the black hole slide informed me on Wednesday, that they are building a dune buggy attraction out the back behind kamikaze, tornado and the black hole. I could see they were doing earthworks in between the trees behind the black hole. So it could quite possibly be true.
  9. In this instance, acronym for 'background' ?
  10. I called Movieworld, and was told is vague terms: "Due to a software update, the VR system has been unuseable, and the park is trying to fix it/find a fix. Furthermore, we are unsure if the VR experience will ever be coming back". Very weird
  11. Does anybody know what's currently going on with Arkham's VR? It's been down for maintenance for a while. And now it seems it's indefinitely being maintained?? Rather it actually being 'under maintenance' Perhaps they are only running the VR during peak periods/school holidays, due to the extra staff needed to help operate the VR?
  12. dammit! I'm going to MW next week. Fingers crossed both rides do indeed open up on the Friday. No more push backs please Movieworld.
  13. Very excited about this! I loved Soarin' over at DCA, so this should be good. Like other forum members, I've always thought a flying theatre/Soarin' style ride would be perfect for either Movieworld, Seaworld or Dreamworld. Pity it's not going into one of the parks; but will still make the travel up to brissy, when it's built.
  14. Thanks @Gazza & @themagician. They say the tour starts at 7:30am, and to check in 10mins prior. So i'm going to have to take an uber.
  15. I'll be doing Movieworld's Star Tour on Saturday the 17th of December. If anybody is also thinking of doing the tour, feel free to join! It would be great to do the tour with other fellow enthusiasts and/or meet people from the forum I'm going up for a short holiday mid-december, and won't be hiring a car. Do busses run early in the morning from the Gold Coast to movieworld? Or would it be best to just get an uber/taxi?