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  1. If this 3x Vekoma off-the-shelf family coaster stunner deal is correct, it'll be interesting to see how they attempt to theme them. VRTP can't even theme 1 ride well these days. How will they ever theme 3 new coasters all at once? My guess is we'll see nicely presented shed-like stations, similar to Green Lantern or Rivals, with 2.5D cutouts of characters and flat graphic prints on the station roof/walls. I wonder if they'll create a new themed land precinct for the coasters?
  2. A next gen Vekoma Flying Coaster (see F.L.Y. @ Phantasialand) would have been a slam dunk replacement for Lethal/Arkham. 1) It's a step up/evolution of what it's replacing. 2) Very unique and easy to market to the GP; would easily capture people's attention/imagination. 3) Fills the multi-looper thrill coaster gap in MWs coaster line-up. 4) Ride system suits a Batman theme; so VRTP can keep milking that DC license and triple their bat cape sales.
  3. So only the company operating the wheel went into liquidation. Interesting. What does that mean in terms of the 'liquidation' of the company? Considering they don't own the wheel, what remaining assets can they sell to pay creditors and shareholders?? I'm assuming MB Star Properties Pty Ltd was paying Robu Group some sort of fee to have the operation rights? Or is it the other way around (Robu paying MB Star to operate it)?
  4. No carnival rides, but they are bringing in show bags and carnival games. Looks like a nice wholesome family event. It's a clever way to capitalise on the EKKA (and the other major agricultural shows) being cancelled. All those show bags that have been produced for the major shows have got to go somewhere!
  5. Looks like they have updated the times and the dates. Only the last Saturday in August has the 9.30-5pm operating time.
  6. I don't think it would ruin anything for observers. In fact it would build anticipation and excitement for non-riders, as they can hear when a launch is about to happen. Some examples of what I was thinking off: Incredicoaster/California Screamin' uses speakers nearby to do the launch countdown. Mako and Manta at SeaWorld Orlando use speakers on the lift hill to deliver custom build up audio. Probably the most perfect example is Taron at Phantasialand. As it's a launch coaster that starts off with a u-turn, pauses and then launches (most similar to ST). The speakers nearby play a riser build up score. Here's a video that you can hear it on.
  7. For Steel Taipan, a custom audio track from dispatch till first launch would be perfect. Don't bother with on-board audio. Just install some high quality outdoor speakers in the station and along the u-turn and where the train will pause before the launch. Whilst your at it, put speakers along the break run. It will help build a lot of atmosphere, suspense and theme. Similarly, I think this type of 'nearby on ride audio' would be a great addition to DC Rivals. Up the lift hill and potentially when you hit the break run.
  8. @Rabbit2014 What did you think of the ride? How does it compare to the Claw?
  9. ^These comments sum up my take on the program. There were some good bits, narrative was all over the place, and some facts were not represented truthfully.
  10. Nice find! Looks like the Big Dipper will use a tire propulsion launch system (rather than an LSM launch). Similar to Jet Rescue & MDMC. Notice the large slots in the launch track ready for the tires to be installed.
  11. Will this 80m funtime skyflyer to be a travelling version that does all the major east coast royal shows?
  12. KMG and Zamperla don't use vest style restraints.
  13. I think a refund request would be acceptable. Especially for the average patron, who bought a day pass, and would not even glance at the attraction maintenance page before buying tickets online.
  14. Classic VRTP. But I'll give them a pass this time because of the pandemic.
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