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  1. Luke

    Dreamworld hires new engineering boss

    I thought the same thing. We get news of Dreamworld hiring a new GM of Engineering for the park, and then 1 day later wipeout closes forever. Coincidence?
  2. Found another good article, which also linked to a detailed video rendering of the proposed park: It looks like White Water West will be the sole supplier of all slides and attractions. I'd always prefer to see a mix of suppliers, but I'm sure White Water quoted an enticing price for the whole package. The place looks like a gigantic local sports and aquatic centre. Very light on themeing, compared to other indoor/partially outdoor waterparks around the world (e.g. Kingdom Of Poseidon)
  3. Luke

    Dreamworld reduces operating hours

    I believe the location is where the individual is from/born. I'm not sure how long this has been a thing though. ^Agreed. They could have copied Disney. Have different operating hours everyday that are based off past attendance, and have tiered day ticket pricing to suit those operating hours or predicted 'busy days'. Having rides shut at different times, or rides operating on a ride rotation system is confusing and annoying for guests. It blatantly indicates they are trying to save money.
  4. Luke

    The Off Topic Topic

    I found this to be a very informative video of the new RMC Raptor coasters. It delves deep into how RMC have designed/engineered the Raptor track, layout and trains in order to deliver a major thrill coaster at a fraction of the cost of a regular tubular steel thrill coaster - which is the ultimate purpose of the RMC Raptor product. What was particularly interesting, is the reported cost of the coaster from the video creator. Probably should be taken with a grain of salt, but if that's true it would be the perfect coaster for up and coming aussie parks (e.g. Funfields).
  5. Looks like they just plonked it down in a free space, and stuck 'Gumbuya World' logos all over the ride 😕. Lazy and tacky. Certainly makes Gumbuya World look more like the melbourne show, than an up and coming theme park. Great ride, sad that it won't be on the travelling circuit for the foreseeable future.
  6. ^I've thought the exact same thing. This is definitely a planned move by VRTP to confuse the average themepark goer this summer. Very similar names, and similar riding position (suspended seat with legs dangling); it'll be easily confused by the general public. This ride is a quick competitive response to DWs SkyVoyager, which sort of explains why the ride is a portable model.
  7. ^ @Gold Coast Amusement Force I agree that WWW expansion and SkyVoyager aren't small improvements. Maybe my previous post reads badly. I meant to say: "It could be argued that this attraction, the WWW expansion, and other improvements (new paint at WWW), are being done to 'spruce up' the park in order to achieve a better outcome when it comes to the sale".
  8. unless.....Ardent have no interest in the future of Dreamworld, and are gearing up to sell it. It could be argued that this attraction, the WWW expansion, plus other small improvements (new paint at WWW), are being done to 'spruce up' the park in order to achieve a better outcome when it comes to the sale.
  9. @HussRainbow87 So is it a ride currently on the traveling circuit; where seaworld has made a deal with the owner/operator to run the ride at the park for a certain period of time? Or did they buy a new 'Sky Flyer' type ride, that so happens to be a portable model (doesn't need to be anchored/concreted into the ground)?
  10. Luke

    Fun Fields - New Wave Pool 2018

    Volcano Beach - Construction Update - 7/10/2018 I had a chance to visit the park over the weekend, and take some construction pictures of the new Volcano Beach wave pool. It was an absolute stunner of a day; beautiful 27 degree sunny day. Crowds were light, but more than I was expecting for the 2nd Sunday of the 2018/19 season. The grounds and gardens were in great condition; as always. The wave pool is bigger than I expected. It's a big attraction for the park that will definitely be a hit. It''ll give guests an alternative 'home base' for their day; other than the shelter/bbq area and kids water playground. I'm glad a compromise was found to keep the Go Karts. It's still a very popular attraction for families. The shorter course doesn't take anything away from the experience IMO. But I really would love to see some more theming around the track. There is a lot of work still to do. But knowing the Funfields team, they will have it completed by December as advertised. Also, expect some high quality rockwork all around the Volcano Beach area. FF are using the same team who did the Voodoo rockwork.
  11. Luke

    Fun Fields - New Wave Pool 2018

    Volcano Bay Beach opening in December. Fingers crossed the budget holds out and we see the Volcano rockwork 'waterfall' come to fruition. Also some nice lush landscaping and private cabanas would be nice.
  12. Luke

    Theme Park Maintenance 2018

    @Jordan M. Thanks for the update. Any idea why only the first 4 rows on Arkham have had their min. height requirement changed? Is there any noticeable change to the harnesses and/or seats in those 4 rows?
  13. Luke

    Falling Standards at Our Parks

    There's some fantastic posts in this topic! Cheers to all that have contributed. I agree with many of the posts, as I too have the same thoughts about MW and the GC parks. The GC park's themed entertainment offering has stagnated for many years. Yes we have better mechanical rides then we did 10 years ago, but the themeing, customer service, overall showmanship, merch and shows are all at the same standard (if not a worse) than 10 years ago. I think this feeling of 'our parks are mediocre' is further exacerbated by seeing the current standard of themeparks overseas; which is constantly getting better and better, and is currently at such a high standard.