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  1. @xRazzBerryx I like this guess as well. The hypercoaster will be agile, graceful and acrobatic in it's movements - just like Catwoman. Saw this Catwoman mug at MW with a colour scheme somewhat similar to the coaster parts sitting in the carpark. Coincidence?
  2. Visited today and Batwing Spaceshot is still down. The website does not state an updated maintenance schedule. My guess is that they are keeping it closed until the start of easter school holidays, when patronage picks up. Perhaps they thought they'd save a little $$$ and keep it closed till then. No one was working on it today.
  3. Even with the grey supports, I still have my bets on a Lex Luthor theme. There is a lot of dark grey existing within the war suit as seen in @MaxxTheMonster's post above. Lex is a well known character, easily marketable and the hyper-coaster ride system suits the character profile.
  4. @Brad2912 & @MaxxTheMonster, I have a feeling that you are both onto something big here! A huge steel rollercoaster themed around lex luthor - a super intelligent, scientist/mastermind inventor - seems about right to me. Magenta and shades of purples have been used to depict Lex in all different comics. Especially when he is in his War Suit. E.g. Perhaps we could be seeing green supports: Lex is Superman's archenemy; his true rival. It could be said that this new rollercoaster will be the only coaster in Australia to rival Superman Escape? Thoughts?
  5. They've photoshopped the central column of Pandamonium (with the dragon wrapped around it) onto one of the claw's supports. Were they trying to make it look like the dragon is wrapped around one of the claw's support columns? It just looks incredibly tacky, and unnecessary.
  6. If you thought the BRO advert was a liberal use of photoshop.....check out what they've done with The Claw!
  7. ^This! If the coaster is indeed themed to a superhero/villain IP, it must be an iconic, classic, much loved, easily recognisable and marketable character. It would be a shame to stuff this one up.
  8. @YLFATEEKS Probably because Mako is also a hypercoaster (at 61m tall), and has purple track. 7 News tried to find footage of a coaster similar to what movieworld is getting?
  9. @pushbutton I would have to agree with you on that one. With VR, the ride's theme is fantastic, and the overall experience flows quite well. Sans the VR....not so great.
  10. Initially I think it was called that....but now I think MW have given up on the long name and simply call it Arkham Asylum. That's true, they are featured in the villains unleashed precinct as well. But they aren't the main stars of the doomsday ride.
  11. I don't think you can discount the possibility of our hyper-coaster being Joker themed, purely based on the most recent Six Flags Joker coaster colour schemes. It just doesn't seem right that this new coaster would be Joker and/or Harlequin themed, given that Arkham Asylum is another headline attraction mainly based off these characters. On a side note, I've always thought the arkham asylum theme was very wishy-washy in it's execution.....and the name very uninspiring - Arkham Asylum coaster lol......its kinda like calling it 'Mental Hospital Coaster'. I don't understand how a hyper-coaster ride system suits a thematic story of a group of supervillains who are ordered to save the world from threats. Perhaps i just can't make the creative link between Suicide Squad and a rollercoaster.
  12. I'm really stumped with the theme for this that the colour has been revealed. As others have saod already, hot pink does not suit Wonder Woman and the character's I think we can logically rule that out. I'm not a fan of it being themed to suicide squad.....that just seems like a messy theme. The joker would be a fantastic theme....although arkham asylum already exists. This is a huge investment, and will become movieworld's flagship ride. Whatever theme they have chosen surely needs to be synonymous with the GP. It really shouldn't be an obscure superhero/villain.
  13. Birds of Prey? As there is a new movie coming out in years to come.
  14. I speculate it will be Wonder Woman themed. I wrote up a few posts a month or so ago, explaining/speculating why I think it will be WW. If you want to read, here you go:
  15. Not all of those are Tornado 60's. But nethertheless, yeah Proslide's tornado is an extremely popular waterslide model all over the world. Wet'n'Wild Gold Coast's Tornado is a 45, as seen on proslide's website. I think Jamberoo's Perfect Storm is a 45 as well, but just enclosed. And by looking at the concept art for this new one at Adventure Park, it looks to be a 45 as well.