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  1. DC Rivals HyperCoaster - backwards seating

    ^Can't you choose, or ask nicely, for the forward facing row you want to ride in? Because I always ask the grouper on Superman and Green Lantern, and 99% of the time they come to the party.
  2. Fright Nights 2017

    ^Agreed! Such a great TVC/trailer. Universal HHN trailer quality. Very excited for this years event now; cannot wait!
  3. I too want nothing but the absolute best for all the parks in aus; especially Movieworld. It is a park I am extremely passionate about . Growing up and riding the looney tunes river ride, gremlins, batman adventure the ride, wild west falls, scooby doo and superman escape, gave me the themepark bug. These rides are the reason I am a themepark enthusiast.....the story, atmosphere and themeing on these rides were/are truly world class. I know that MW has the ability to produce very high quality, story based ride experiences. Because of the high standard I have seen before, I am disappointed with the themeing for DC Rivals. Such an amazing rollercoaster, deserves a much better theme, story and immersive queue line.
  4. @Theme Park I wouldn't got as low as describing Movieworld as 'Australia's answer to Six Flags'. But at this point in time, I would say it sits firmly in between a Cedar Fair park and a Universal park.
  5. Queensland's (public) school holidays start this Saturday 16/9! Will we see DC Rivals open as early as this weekend??? By the looks of current photo updates, it's probably more likely a late September (last week of school holidays) opening. But I could be wrong, things can move pretty fast if need be.
  6. I have a feeling they are going for a sign/entrance similar to Transformers The Ride 3D @ USH. Where Batman and Joker will be raised above the background print to be the prominent Rivals.
  7. Nice find @pin142! Probably the most solid marketing we've seen yet. It would have been great to see this site go live in conjuction with the announcement of the coaster back in June.
  8. Other Mack coasters such as Helix @ Liseberg, Blue Fire @ Europa Park and Alpina Blitz @ Nigloland all have a 130cm height restriction. All those coasters feature the same train/seat/harness design as DC Rivals. 👍
  9. Funfields new attractions 2017/18

    Ticket prices for the 2017/18 season have been announced, as well as the dates for the season - 29th of September 2017 to April 15th 2018. Season passes include 10% off Food & Drinks, 10% off Merchandise, a dedicated entry gate and 'bring a friend for free' days.
  10. Down comes Sea World Water Park

    Since we are discussing potential future rides for Seaworld in this thread...i'll just copy/paste this here.
  11. I was hoping for something a bit more substantial than an 'interactive splash zone' for the former Seaworld waterpark. An extension of the Castaway Bay themed area would have been great to see, with an addition of a family friendly flat ride. A solid all ages flat ride is something Seaworld is sorely missing. Something along the lines of a Mack rides Sea Storm, Gerstlauer Polyp, or what about bring back a classic and install a HUSS Pirate Ship. Or perhaps an observation type ride, with a bit of a twist - e.g. the Vekoma Sky Shuttle.
  12. Fright Nights 2017

    When buying admission to Fright Nights, there are 2 different General Admission ticket prices. See screenshot: So if I am the owner of a VIP Magic Pass (season pass), I can purchase the $50 ticket?
  13. Movie World - general state of things

    The only time I remember seeing the dropping pipes (with smoke/mist effect) working was when I first rode SE back in 2006. Fingers crossed the effect stays operational and maintained.
  14. I think because initially someone (Mark Shaw?) stated that it would be the biggest of its kind in Australia? Technically it might be, by a couple cm or m, due to Intamin redesigning/evolving the ride's structure and seating capacity.
  15. Fright Nights 2017

    @Reanimated35 Sorry I was still editing my post when you replied. I indeed did see the "Park entry not included in The Ultimate Terror Tour" statement above the buy tix button. I just wanted to confirm that it meant park entry to Fright Nights, rather than park entry during the day?