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  1. Luke

    New Dreamworld Annual Pass 2019

    Is this a hint that the orange track and grey supports will be the final colours??
  2. Tokyo Disneyland in Spring 2009. 1 day at the park. Crowds were bonkers. First overseas trip as well.
  3. Luke


    @KITTYTUBE VLOGS is a sales rep for Zamperla. The point is to sell more CONEY DROPS.
  4. Luke

    Movie World - The Next Few Years

    Nice to know i'm not the only one with this opinion. Also nice pun. 100% agree. The Doomsday Destroyer attraction sign is fantastic. It's probably the best attraction entrance sign in aus. But they decided to hide it and face it towards the showstage? It should have been facing the main pathway, and the little shop moved to the back of the area.
  5. Luke

    The New Atlantis - Construction Updates

    Now this is how you do a 'modern' take on an Atlantis themed land.
  6. Luke

    Movie World - The Next Few Years

    ^Agree completely. Movieworld didn't need Doomsday and the villains unleashed precinct. Instead they should have used that money to completely overhaul the Kids WB land, and add a much needed major family attraction to that area. The whole villains unleashed area was a bizarre investment IMO. It is completely separate from all other DC attractions. The area was designed for kids/tweens, but then the anchor ride is too intimidating for most kids and has a 140cm height requirement (thus restricting many kids from riding). And on top of that, let's make the area's interactive games an up-charge experience to piss everyone off 😂
  7. My only hope is that they announce an official opening date for Sky Voyager. And an explanation for the massive delay (but I doubt it). Let's get SV going, and then anything else they announce is a plus.
  8. Luke

    Movie World Maintenance 2019

    100000% agreed. Hopefully after the New Atlantis at Seaworld, this is the next major capex project. Hopefully we see the land rethemed with a new, more up to date IP, and anchored by a new major dark ride that fills the hole that LTRR left. ^What Skeeta said. Since the introduction of the $99 (3 park) annual passes in 2009, VRTPs stopped treating MW, SW & WnW as standalone parks, but instead 1 park, over 3 locations. Movieworld became the park for thrillseekers teenagers and adults, Seaworld catered towards the families, elderly, young children, international tourists, and Wet'n'Wild........stayed the waterpark. If you go back before 2009, you'll notice each park (individually) had attraction mixes that were more balanced. Families with young children would have enjoyed MW just as much as SW. These days, if it wasn't for the still very reasonably priced multi-park passes, families with young kids wouldn't bother visiting/buying passes to MW. Same with a group of young adults; they wouldn't bother to visit Seaworld, because movieworld has everything they need. My hope with The New Atlantis, is that VRTPs are starting to build each park back up into a well-rounded standalone themepark. Similar to how it was prior to 2009. Fun Fact: Found the prices for an Adult 3 park annual pass back in 2008 using wayback machine = $289 online. adjusted for inflation is $356. Currently locals can get a VRTP annual pass for $149. crazy.
  9. Luke

    Movie World Maintenance 2019

    Not sure how long. But can confirm that the price increase is true:
  10. Luke

    Sea World - New Ride 2020

    I see what you did there. A wooden coaster for 2020 seems to be the going rumour. If that's the case, a GCI family thrill coaster (like InvadR, or, Joris en de Draak) would be a perfect fit for Seaworld. InvadR proves that a vikings theme works well with a wooden coaster. It would be cool to see the vikings revenge theme revived. What ever it is, I feel as if the 2020 attraction needs to be a major headline attraction - to fill the gap that Sea Viper/Corkscrew created when it was demolished.
  11. Luke

    Dreamworld hires new engineering boss

    I thought the same thing. We get news of Dreamworld hiring a new GM of Engineering for the park, and then 1 day later wipeout closes forever. Coincidence?
  12. Found another good article, which also linked to a detailed video rendering of the proposed park: It looks like White Water West will be the sole supplier of all slides and attractions. I'd always prefer to see a mix of suppliers, but I'm sure White Water quoted an enticing price for the whole package. The place looks like a gigantic local sports and aquatic centre. Very light on themeing, compared to other indoor/partially outdoor waterparks around the world (e.g. Kingdom Of Poseidon)
  13. Luke

    Dreamworld reduces operating hours

    I believe the location is where the individual is from/born. I'm not sure how long this has been a thing though. ^Agreed. They could have copied Disney. Have different operating hours everyday that are based off past attendance, and have tiered day ticket pricing to suit those operating hours or predicted 'busy days'. Having rides shut at different times, or rides operating on a ride rotation system is confusing and annoying for guests. It blatantly indicates they are trying to save money.