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  1. ^Agreed. The Beast is a stunning feat of engineering - when you see it at full swing @pin142 keep in mind the ride is not bolted to the ground whatsoever, and erects and packs itself up without the need of any external crane. Also it's really fun to stand close to the base of the ride and watch the gondola swing right over your head. It catches a lot of people off-guard if they don't realise what they are walking next too - when suddenly a giant arm swings over their head. Gets some good reactions of awe/scare!
  2. I've also ridden both The Beast (KMG XXL), and the Claw @ DW. I agree with how @Wil_i_am_not describes the two rides. The Beast is all about the atmosphere, height, positive g's and insane speed. Whereas the Claw delivers amazing floater airtime, a greater feeling of inverting/going up-side-down, and a better seating arrangement (outward facing seating). I also feel that the Claw has a more powerful motor/drive, it really hauls you up into the sky, and then yanks you back down to the ground.
  3. ^I was thinking the exact same thing GoGoBoy!
  4. Gravity Wave Update - June 2017. A construction video of Funfields' new Tornado Wave slide.
  5. You don't have to pay. If you don't mind listening through the website, at a so-so audio quality, just hit the play button on the page. ^I agree! Some of the attraction concepts are incredibly cheesy, and perhaps even disrespectful to Aboriginal culture. It would probably not pass in 2017's society. It's also because the concepts were developed by American ex-imagineers, ex-universal creative back in the early 90's - the cultural appropriation by the designers was lacking.
  6. The Disney Dish Podcast has done a 2 part podcast delving into the history and story of Disneyland Australia. Would highly recommend a listen, it's a fascinating story! Link to part 1: Link to part 2: I've listened to this podcast on and off. They have a really good backlog of episodes to choose from. The podcast mainly covers insider knowledge, history and reviews of the Walt Disney Parks and Resorts, and Universal Parks all around the world.
  7. I have a feeling that Adventure Park is strategically installing a Tornado Wave, with very similar colours to the Funfields' Tornado Wave (opening this year) to confuse/bamboozle the GP between the two parks. Adventure Park know that Funfields is opening the best water slide in Victoria this year - so maybe this is a knee-jerk reaction to try and win back some patronage?
  8. Nice find @Patrick Dove! For a state that is notoriously known for it's 'bad/cold weather', Victoria has seen a lot of investment in waterparks/waterslide attractions over the past 10 years. Adventure Park, Funfields and Gumbaya World are all installing new waterslides this year. And no doubt they will continue to invest into waterpark attractions in the future. It's proof that the weather argument is void. If 3 waterparks can thrive in Melbourne, then a themepark can as well.
  9. Fair enough
  10. ^looks like the ride op I talked to was telling the truth.
  11. If Intamin built a copy of Lech Coaster (exact same layout), would that become 'something you would go out of your way to ride'?
  12. The new Lech Coaster @ Legendia in Poland looks stunning. Would you believe it's a Vekoma?! Vekoma have really stepped up their game in the past few years. Their new family coasters look fantastic (suspended and sit down). And now they have shown their ability to design modern, smooth, custom, high thrill coasters that give Intamin, Mack and B&M a run for their money. I would love to see Dreamworld invest in a coaster like this - even an exact clone of Lech Coaster would be amazing!
  13. Thanks for the trip report @themagician. It looks like a great park and I'd love to visit Singapore someday. I really like how the main-street roofing at USS is transparent. It allows the natural light in, AND stops the rain. Movieworld's mainstreet always appears gloomy. A roof like this at MW would make a big difference, in terms of making it feel like an outdoor street.
  14. By looking at that nearmap imagery that @grrofunger posted, it's safe to say that AW is getting an Intamin Gyro Swing. Not the same size as the Claw @ DW, but rather their newer, taller version with lap bars. The hexagon shaped pit is the main give away. Loke at Liseberg (picture below) also features a hexagon shaped pit, where the loading platform descends into before the ride starts. I love the look of the new intamin seats and lap bar restraints - so much more freedom. You're really going to feel that airtime/hangtime at the top of the swing!
  15. ^This! I just want MW to do the best they can with marketing this coaster. I'd love for them to do proper cinematic style incremental videos (check out Efteling's coverage of Baron 1898).