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  1. KMG and Zamperla don't use vest style restraints.
  2. I think a refund request would be acceptable. Especially for the average patron, who bought a day pass, and would not even glance at the attraction maintenance page before buying tickets online.
  3. Classic VRTP. But I'll give them a pass this time because of the pandemic.
  4. I'd love to see Vekoma's next gen launched flying coaster. High marketability; it'll sell itself. e.g. longest, fastest, tallest, only flying coaster in Australia (perhaps southern hempishere? haven't checked). Take inspiration from Phantasialand's F.L.Y. in terms of it's layout intertwining through and around buildings/themeing, and, pathways underneath and around the coaster. As much as Movieworld doesn't need any more DC Superhero themed rides.....a Batman theme suits this ride system too well to pass up. Could be named Batman: Knight Flight. And then re-theme Batwing, whilst upgrading it w
  5. Most likely the machine is reasonably priced, easy to operate, maintain, and is less prone to breakdowns (low downtime). All owner/operator benefits. But IMO, a modern version of a Vekoma Waikiki Wave / Zamperla Suspended Windshear will always win in terms of rider satisfaction, non-rider guest wow factor, and ride sensations.
  6. https://www.goldcoastbulletin.com.au/news/gold-coast/village-roadshow-theme-parks-coo-bikash-randhawa-pushes-for-borders-to-reopen/news-story/b78eebc11f180e1576a8a541d2abb47b
  7. Another incident to further tarnish the already struggling amusement/themed entertainment industry in Australia. So sad.... Just over a year ago, at last year's RMS, there was an incident on the "Fury". It occurred 4 days into the show, and then was SBNO for the rest of the event. https://www.theage.com.au/national/victoria/terror-of-a-ride-fury-shut-down-after-young-girl-injured-at-show-20190925-p52ut3.html
  8. Agreed. I would have much preferred they just replaced all the set pieces/scenes, animatronics and lighting in the dark ride sections as per the original opening day attraction. Obviously these would all be up to the new safety standards/code. They instead focused too much on incorporating new technology. And thus the simple thematic and storytelling elements that the original did so well, got sidelined.
  9. Scooby-Doo Spooky Coaster (original version) could be considered as a fantastic dark ride built in the last 20 years, under prior management? True. Clark & Bikash cannot be 100% responsible for the gradual degradation of the VRTP themepark product offering. This has happened over many years, prior to them in top management roles. I just don't think either of them have the true passion and vision to steer VRTPs out of the current "cedar fair/six flags" product quality, and more towards busch gardens/europa park/universal quality.
  10. Good point. It won't happen though. We will never see Village build a dark ride to the standard of LTRR, with the current Clark & Bikash dynamic duo running the show.
  11. I would love to observe how VRTP goes about building new attractions for their parks. See the whole new attraction process: deciding on attraction/ride, securing capital, design, construction, how major decisions are made, and the reasoning/logic behind those decisions. I have so many questions about this attraction.....my mind boggles. The finished product looks incredibly vanilla. There is no soul or creativity shown. I wonder if the people involved in this project are truly proud of their work, and believe it is "world class"? I would be embarrassed if I was apart of this project.
  12. https://theurbandeveloper.com/articles/zagame-water-park
  13. Most kids haven't seen the 1995 film Waterworld, or know of that IP. Yet the Waterworld stunt show (a stunt show based off that IP) is a very popular attraction, and still highly regarded as one of the best theme park stunt shows in the world. When Universal Beijing opens next year, 4 of those shows will be cloned around the world. The post apocalyptic world of Mad Max lends itself towards a fantastic set, costumes, and action sequences. There are many similarities between the Mad Max and Waterworld films; why not take inspiration from the most successful themepark stunt show in the worl
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