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  1. I find you can swat down and push the seat down before the restraint comes down and be nearly in a seating position if you want to on all the standing coasters i have ridden.
  2. Why not? We flew up from Adelaide for the October long weekend and had a great time. Sure lines were crazy at both Dreamworld and Movieworld and with no Flashpass available at Movieworld the $100 bucks for a day pass made it hard to get your money's worth but we still had no regrets making the 3 day trip.
  3. Having a mother and my partners mother and his 2 aunties as teachers i think i have a fair idea of the goings on of your everyday teacher, but thank-you for the heads up.As far as keeping up your registration i can say first hand that as far as psychologist go it's pay your fees every 12 months or you cannot practice, no client free days here.
  4. I couldn't let that go without making a comment.... Limited time! you get 3-4 months off a year! the rest of us get 3-4 weeks! if were lucky ,and then you get pupil free days, i wish i could get customer free days and still get paid.
  5. 1. Pepsi max - Big One 2. Colossus 3. Grand National 4. Superman Escape 5. Rock n Roll coaster - Paris 6. Saw 7. Stealth 8. Space Mountain - Paris 9. Mine Train - HK 10. Space Mountain - LA
  6. I'm wondering if many people on this site have ridden Buzzsaw yet and what did they think of it? We are going up there again in a few weeks and looking fwd to see what it's like.
  7. but this year i went to Tokyo Disney and spent thousands of dollars! So in the end they got my dosh... I'm not so sure about Disney getting your dosh... I think Tokyo Disney is like all other Disney's outside the US where the goverment funds up to 75% of the building of the park, hotels, train stations and in HK disneys case a warf for a ferry service.In HK disney the gov gets all the money from admission to the park and all the money from the 2 hotels. This is the reason why we will never get a Disney built in Australia because can you see the aus gov putting up a few billion dollars of tax
  8. Hi, we went in 2009 and really loved the park. I wasn't the biggest Disney fan up until then as i didn't love the park in LA all that much but after going to Disneyland Paris we cannot get enough of them. Loved space mountain so much and rock 'n' roll coaster and crush's coaster. Great day. We went to Disney HK earlier this year for a look and while we had a good day the park was a tad boring with not a real lot to do so don't rush there anytime soon.
  9. Fantasic report and great pics, it has put a spring in my step before starting work in a minute.
  10. I, like a lot of my mates think the VIP passes are the worst thing Movieworld has or could of done. The place is nearly always packed with free loading families just trying to get there $99 bucks worth.I know that's a little harsh but it doesn't make any less true. It was not that long ago that movieworld opened everything at 10am and would always have the Wild west Burger stand opened everyday, but now even on holiday mondays when the place is packed they will not open the Wild West Burgers or the nice Cafe near the front gates, because they know nearly everyone there has a VIP pass so it's
  11. Wouldn't be my first choice but if it was themed really well like Saw i think it would work really well at Dreamworld. My main concern would be capacity, i rode No Limits and the park was empty and it still took 20 mins to ride and Saw took over 2 hours in line before we took our seats, so i'm not sure about the 1000 person an hour capacity that the ride claims to have. But all in all i think it would be a huge hit and i'll be happy if in fact we do get one.
  12. Hi, Last May we did both parks in a day with no probs at all, the crowds were not to bad and they werent running the fast pass due to the small crowds. Went to HK Disney 2 months ago, dont waste your money on the fast pass there as we did as only 3 rides were on it and the rest were "shows" 4 in fact...we spent 10 hours at the park but geez it was a long day as there is not a lot to do. Space mountain was the best ride but nothing compared to Space Mountain in Paris. I hope you enjoy your trip.
  13. Having been to Blackpool and Thorpe Pk last month and Alton and oakwood in 07 my fav's are, 1. Blackpool because of the huge choice's of rides and great feel of the place. It's like going back in time in some ways but with some very good new rides and many old classics. 2. Thorpe Pk because of Saw and Sleath and close to London. I had a blast on everything there but the lines can be a big, big problem. If in London cannot be missed. 3. Alton because of the Rita and Air and the joint had a fun park feel to it. I like the feel of this place more than Thorpe Pk but i think overall the r
  14. We really liked Thorpe Park and Loved pleasure Beach. The Big one at Blackpool was without question the best coaster i have ever been on, so high, so fast and so long. It was great going on the woodies as it's been years since i last went on one. The themeing at Thorpe Pk was much better than i was expecting, not so much like "worlds" like Dreamland or Disney but more how every ride was themed to the max. We went on a Tuesday the day after Bank holiday thinking that the crowds would be small. Well for the 1st 90 min or so all rides expect Saw were a walk on, but as the day went on the li
  15. My partner and i went last week and after being at Thrope park and Pleasure beach the week before we were not expecting much. But WoW we had a great time, the park is so lovely and green compared to Disney L.A. We were not even really planning on going on any rides as from wot i remembered from Disney L.A. the waits were worth it. But the line ups were quite good, max being around 30 mins and that was for Temple of Doom and Peter Pan. Forget about the silly prices as they are crazy and you will really enjoy yourself. Have fun!
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