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  1. Yeah but whenever I see B&M hyper track there's always that mental association it's going to be a lethargic ride compared to Intamin track (Or Mack as the case may be)
  2. Prospect is 2h from Sydney? Righto.
  3. I thought the Huss ones were a bit more complex due to the massive hydraulic ram in the middle and more complex cable arrangements.
  4. Yes, you can definitely have something which achieves both
  5. But an abrupt stop or roughness is not inherent to themed coasters in general right? Coasters don't get rough because you themed it.
  6. Obviously anyone would pick a Giga over a kiddie coaster. But a more interesting comparsion is a good smooth coaster with an immersive theme, versus a giga. Eg Disneylands Space Mountain, or Revenge of The Mummy versus Fury 325.
  7. Good thing there is a poll attached.
  8. How long were you stuck for?
  9. The ride in question: Yes, it does get a bit slow at the top part, such that the lack of the usual MCBR makes no difference...Maybe a slightly underpowered launch just means it has a propensity to stall easily?
  10. It seems strange, there is this cool thing on the roof, but the walls look more like a classroom. Hopefully there is more paint and bolt ons.
  11. Not to mention your average ride is blanketed in CCTV.
  12. Arent there moderate speed gentle ups and downs on Roadrunner, and start of Scooby Doo?
  13. Worth knowing it is EFTPOS / Credit payment only at the window.