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  1. Funfields new attractions 2017/18

    Hope they call the future slide Higgs Boson.
  2. The Off Topic Topic

    Delete this.
  3. The Off Topic Topic

    Can you be more descriptive?
  4. Recommendations for a Europe Trip

    @Coaster Hipster @Coaster Hipster @Coaster Hipster
  5. Well, Intamin invented the element...
  6. State Theme Park Incentives

    But if it is 5 hours from PER to SIN, why then would it take a further 7.5 hours to travel the 35km via coach from Changi Airport to Johor?
  7. I thought the hyped bit would take up that remaining free time with extras?
  8. Movie World New Park Map

    Could be as simple as re-rendering the file in 'cel shaded' style with outlines, brighter colours, a less yellow light source and less severe shadows. FWIW I don't mind the concept though.
  9. In terms of getting everything done in te night...Did you have a camera with you taking photos?
  10. I occasionally get a sharp feeling in my feet as soon as I step off, which I tend to find happens on rides where my feet are dangling with positive G-Force.
  11. Gumbaya coaster?

    No I'm not forgetting at all actually. What do you think the gist of my post was?
  12. Gumbaya coaster?

    They did WWW for $60m in 2006.