$500 million China theme park in Australia, NSW

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I counted more than 2 rides. Some sort of dark boat ride, the drop tower, ferris wheel and some sort of boat/ gondola ride. Overall looks like a decent concept. Would like to see it come to fruition.

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On 1/25/2016 at 17:26, reanimated35 said:

^ haha, that whole thing sounds dodgy as. Wonder what the real motive is? 

Exactly. I am very suspicious of the motives behind this. It was an ordinary proposal to begin with. Time has done nothing to convince me otherwise.

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This whole thing is super dodgy. Super super dodgy.


> Mr Eaton went so far as to proclaim that the park would be a tourist magnet to rival the Sydney Opera House or Harbour Bridge.

> no talk of traditional theme park rides, such as big dippers or water slides. 

> Also in June, the planning department delivered a blow to the theme park by refusing to rezone the land to a tourist zone as well as limiting the height of any planned buildings. 

> In July, ACTP lodged a development application for the first part of the park. But rather than amusement arcades or Ferris wheels the $83.5 million proposal was for a Buddhist temple, meditation halls and a 244-unit, four-storey pilgrim lodge with 20 monks living permanently on the site.

> contacted ACTP’s Ms Zhong about its plans for the park, when it was now due to open and how many visas it facilitated in exchange for investment in the project, but did not receive a reply.

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On 28/09/2014 at 20:03, AUSTHEMEPARKS said:

Looks nice, hopefully they will add some more rides and it will become a major theme park that takes theming as an advantage. Not a bad location either, only 1 hour from sydney.

Although it is not far from Sydney, the area is hardly developed. The one road that goes from the M1 (the only major connection between Sydney and Newcastle ) is only one lane pretty much the entire way to the coast and regularly cannot handle the current traffic and a entire neighbourhood is being built already just down from where this is meant to be built. Bare in mind if you want to visit and you are from out of town you will need to drive, around 20 minutes to the coast to find a hotel. Which would be in a dodgy area. Sure they can build wider roads and add hotels, but they wont finish in the next 10 years. The area is a swamp and they have major issue with road construction. A simple 100m stretch of road took 2 years of round the clock work to complete.

On 25/01/2016 at 17:26, reanimated35 said:

^ haha, that whole thing sounds dodgy as. Wonder what the real motive is? 

The Mayor of Wyong is corrupt. In this project alone it was discovered that his wife has shares in the chinese company that is running this. The company has thrown money at him, as they had been trying to get a park in Australia for years but no council would allow them. Until they found Mayor Eaton, a man who ran a very successful Mitre 10 that was pretty much in the middle of the bush, while the residential areas around it had Bunnings stores. He is also about the only one on Council who wants it, he is just using his extra votes to get it over the line. 


Also he is the Major who likes to propose big projects that never happen. There is meant to be 2 large towers opening at The Entrance but nothing has happened with them in years. Then last year they brought a large chunk of land west of the M1, that was overpriced, so that they could build an international airport. Which the plans fell through and now the land has lost most of its value. Then there is an education precinct, he hoped to build at Warnervale. He wanted it to cater for science and technology, while hoping that the University of Newcastle would run it. They turned it down as they have their main campus less then an hour away, in Newcastle that is heavily Science and Engineering based and many of the students from the area are already travelling to Newcastle for class. While other universities also rejected the offer due to the lack of student numbers with UoN and the Sydney universities. So lets just say this is nothing new for the area, the major puts out this stuff all the time.

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