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Village Roadshow Theme Parks CEO Clark Kirby: 'We're really excited about the future of theme parks'

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Village Roadshow Theme Parks CEO Clark Kirby: 'We're really excited about the future of theme parks' Parkz caught up with Clark Kirby, CEO of Village Roadshow Theme Parks, to discuss the big chan

I've been meaning to compliment Parkz since the earlier scoops from the DW CEO, but WELL DONE RICHARD AND TEAM! The professionalism of Parkz has no doubt led to these big bosses feeling comfortable si

This is right, Doomsday is an attraction that did nothing to improve attendance. It's arguably a similar thing to Driving School, nice enough, people enjoy it but it's still pretty meh.  Thing is

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5 hours ago, MickeyD said:

TBH I cannot remember a time that the Lasers and Smoke FX WEREN'T working @bladex??

Gee, you must be pretty unlucky? Either that or a Shit Stirrer.. 😁

I forget when it exactly was but I think it was around July-August after winter school holidays, been on it about 3 to 4 times, no lasers, no smoke, no music, for some reason it was more common to have no music than no lasers was annoying and had you been on it more than once before it was very boring running that way, all you were entertained by was the sound of the fake screams of the cart further ahead of you, than do a fake scream yourself. The lasers in scooby should never be turned off!

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I was so disappointed when I last went on Scooby a year or 2 ago, and not just because it is now rough as guts. I told my buddy who had never been on it before about the cool Scooby song which blasts out in the big room, but it was so quiet it was almost inaudible. It really makes the experience when the music is pumping.

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