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Future Dark Ride at Dreamworld

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2 minutes ago, Gold Coast Amusement Force said:

Yes it would but it would be smarter to open it during the holidays because that’s when people have got time off and can pay more attention to things like sv rather than work comitmements e.t.c.

But it'll already be open so those who have got time off or travel interstate will be going up regardless...

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This isn't a movie where you can see it through alternative methods instead of waiting for a cash grab period, if it is ready now open it or soft open it for a week or two now. Delaying it would be the absolute last thing I would consider especially given the lateness of it already.

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On 16/02/2019 at 9:18 AM, Gold Coast Amusement Force said:

It’s a bit interesting that work is going ahead in the area when SV is still not open and Dreamworld’s financial woes are getting worse every day.

The area has just had massive earthworks. the soil hasn't had the usual settling time yet, and is sloped in such a way that any level of heavy rain would wash a lot of the earth downhill, eroding and otherwise damaging the profile shape of the works they've just done, which potentially destabilises what remains.

The silt fences allow the water the drain off without all of the soil following the path of least resistance straight down the hill. It would have cost less than $100 in materials to erect that, and ensures the thousands of dollars they've just spent in major earthworks isn't literally flushed down the drain.

it is not indicative of any work ongoing, or any suggestion of new construction. its not 'a bit interesting' is just plain common sense.

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