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DC Rivals Hypercoaster Climb


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21 hours ago, wikiverse said:
  • Include a Backward pass that can be used when the park is open. (I'm surprised this isn't already included).
  • Include a video of your backward experience and free digital ride photos for the day at the park.

Neither of these things actually cost MW anything. 

  • Cross-promotion between parks with a free game at Top Golf (which is one of the few things you actually get a view of from the top of the coaster)
  • A DC Rivals Soft Drink sipper-cup.

The backward pass is a no brainer, and for $10 is a worthy inclusion. As they are timeslotted, what slots should they receive? last rides of the day? first? As others have mentioned, as the climb is outside of park hours, it would be difficult to include, especially since they potentially couldn't offer it to morning riders if they don't have park admission. The morning ticket would therefore have to cost less - either way one of those is devalued.

Including a video may come at a cost. Firstly, as they've had to outlay to install the video system, and second, since the video is uploaded to a site host that doesn't appear to be controlled by VRL, they probably pay a percentage of each video uploaded to the host, so with each video, there would likely be a cost, and that would have to be factored in to their margins.

A free game of top golf - pricing is 'per bay' not 'per person' - so one coaster climb potentially gives you a free game for 6 people? for an hour? worth at least $50? Nah. Maybe 20% off, but otherwise no. Also - not sure on the licensing arrangements but I assume TopGolf USA takes a cut of games played. There's also no guarantee that guests playing will order food and bev.

The sipper cup\drink bottle is cheap, but do they get it filled? do they get free refills? what of the people who come in the afternoon to climb - how do they get refills?

For all of these inclusions, the price needs to bump to ~$150 - and clearly we're not seeing great take-up at the $100 mark. What they need is to play off other experiences in the park - but given the current 'out of hours' nature of the experience, its difficult to cross-promote anything - it becomes too complex and confusing, which in turn drives potential customers out.

I think as stated above, they just need to determine - 1. is the current price point popular enough to warrant keeping it as is, and 2. if it isn't, how far should they drop it to obtain more interest?

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I did The Demon climb experience a couple of times, for free, definitely not interesting.


I can't understand the appeal of this, no view of any value at all and a photo with what in the background? Carpark, motorway and houses? Yeah I'll give it a miss too.


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that's a bit ridiculous after all that investment. Like if the numbers are dropping off, sure - scale it back and offer it by appointment, but maybe post a couple dates a year people can book into if they don't have the minimum 4? Put it in high season periods, like school holidays \ schoolies etc, and if that fills up, list another date?

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Lucky I managed to do the climb when I was up. I did it on the 19th. I mean it is what it is. I was in a group of five (that's including myself). I asked the question to the climb leader if it was still going ahead because nothing was advertised on the website for the future. They acted like they were unsure but obviously, they knew. I got to virtually do it at night and it was nice. But would be much better to do it during the summer period where daylight is out a little longer.

But as others have said. After all that investment they can't simply write it off. Then again it is just the fact the jumpsuits wouldn't get used a lot. All the safety equipment would still get used in other areas of the park or in the event of an Evac on the lift hill.

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4 hours ago, Gazza said:

Buying a few harnesses and the two billboards?

Publicly used heights safety systems, regular, professional inspections by qualified equipment certifiers... i mean @StingRay makes a good point that they can make use of the equipment in an evac situation, but the fire brigade could do similarly without the expense to the park.

I'm qualified in working safely at heights, and I oversee the routine maintenance and inspection for the tools and equipment used by up to 96 crew - there's a significant cost in buying and maintaining the equipment - especially if it isn't going to see regular use. I predict 'by appointment' will get nixxed entirely the next time equipment inspections are due simply because it isn't making enough money to cover it.

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