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Dreamworld mismanagement reaches fever pitch with tone-deaf Wipeout closure

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I don't understand why they wasted all this money on Sky Voyager when their main competition was DC RIVALS up the road... The question needs to be asked why they didn't follow through with building something slightly bigger even it being 1.8km, bigger drop etc

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25 minutes ago, AlexB said:

Lose some weight you fat bastard.

100% correct.

1 hour ago, wikiverse said:

Dreamworld don't need to hit a home-run right now.  They need to just hit singles and doubles.  Get to first base, then to second base, until all the bases are loaded and you can start getting back to home base and get some runs on the board.


100% incorrect

DW has been building singles & double for the last 15 years and it's turned DW into what we have today.

Claw = 2 - 3 points.

DW Corroboree = 1.5 points.

ABC area = 3 points.

Ginger Glider = 1 point.

Tail Spin = 2 points.

Pandamonium = 2 points.

Buzzsaw = 3 points.

Shockwave = 1 point.

Hot Wheels Sidewinder = 2 points.

Mick Doohan Motocoaster = 1.5 points.

Nick Central / Dreamworks = 5 points.

Tiger Island = 5 points.

WWW = 4 points.

Zombie Evilution = gone.

Brock's Garage = gone.

AVPX = gone.

Let's now see what draws people to DW.

Tiger Island



All home runs. 






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24 minutes ago, Archer said:

Another extremely well written article. Certain DW managers have never been fans of Parkz news and forums,.......’apparently’

Obviously the truth hurts. 

Parkz forums members are DW guest. 

Parkz forums members are the ones who buy the cream at Fright Nights.

Parkz forum members are the ones who book out Star Tour Access for months at MW.

Parkz forum members are the first ones to shell out money to ride rivals backward.

I don't know if it's true or not but DW has shown little care for Parkz forum members in the past.





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On 05/07/2016 at 2:44 PM, Richard said:

I've told them they can continue in a personal capacity, whereby they can interact and share their opinions as everyone is free to.

@The Original Belinda Brown was given the opportunity/ a way to continue without paying and she made her decision not to engage any further. 

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7 hours ago, Jordan M. said:

Likely entertainment too considering all live singing shows were cancelled late feb.

90% of the entertainment staff are casual many only fixed term causal too. So I wouldn’t imagine there would be any redundancies, just have their shifts cut way back.

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