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Movieworld RCT3 Recreation

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Yeah, sounds like a really good idea. Hopefully it turns out alright with the limitations of the game, as I found when I recreated it in RCT2. Because Movie World is very much based on theming and transporting the visitor to different places (wild west, china town, a spooky castle, etc.) it will be challenge using the wall pieces available in the game to get the buildings looking good (which is what I found difficult in my recreation in RCT2), but thankfully a couple of the new themes in the game should work out well for you. Anyway, I hope you do build this park, and I am looking forward to it. (Considering I am building my second recreation at the moment through these forums and have experienced first hand how LONG and occassionally not very stimulating building recreations are, so if you need help or advice feel free to ask and I will be happy to help in anyway I can.) Oh, and don't let my above description of what it is like building a recreation put you off, I do enjoy making recreations and reading peoples comments makes me feel good and it is very rewarding in the end when the park is finished, so good luck and can't wait to see it.

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I know this is probably not the right place to post this question but seeing as it's about something that happened here I’m going to anyway. Richard why have you asked ausnrl to clean up his/her act in regards to sentence structure and punctuation when there a couple of members, who have been here much longer and therefore posted many more posts, do the same thing without any reprimand? I am not going to name anyone unless you ask me to. But all I’m asking for is consistency. "The Bus is now leaving for Cent Spur, NSW"

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Joz, your warner village crowd control methods are not likely to work here. I might suggest the approach of the Rural Fire Service in a non-threatening bush fire... Stand back, let it burn until there is no more fuel left, and it dies out on its own... Just waiting for the fuel to be banned... i mean... burned... I must admit though this is the longest absence I have ever seen Richard take from the forums... He shoulda stepped in HOURS ago...

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