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I wanted to talk about what gaming consoles that I have..

I have: Wii U: I have Mario Kart 8, Black Ops 2, Ghosts, Super Mario 3D World, Disney Infinity

Wii (original) Mario Kart Wii, Modern Warfare 3, Super Smash Bros Brawl, Skylanders

XBOX 360: all Halo games, Minecraft (which I brought today just before I went to Dreamworld), all Forza games

3DS: Mario Kart 7, Roller Coaster Tycoon 3D (crappier version of RCT3 don't buy it) Tomdachi Life (I think spelt It wrong but oh well) Super Mario 3D World, Angry Birds..

I would to love which games you guys have if you do have some games list them down on the comments!

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Mostly play games on PC but I also have an XBOX 360s, Wii and PS3 that are currently being neglected.

As for which games I have maybe sharing usernames and gamertags would be easier as over 200 games on XBOX and PC make it too many to list.

Will say though I am also looking forward to GTA V being released on the platform it belongs on (PC)!

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I'm a veteran gamer, have been my entire life!

I have: a PS4 w/ Dragon Age Inquisition, an Xbox 360 with too many games to list, a PS2, PS1, Dreamcast, N64, 3DS, 2x DSi's (my kids') and a Sega Master System II... all which also have many games.

I'm a big fan of the Final Fantasy, Silent Hill, Dragon Age, GTA, Resident Evil & Borderlands series and have pretty much all releases of each, spanning over various consoles.

I also used to have an Atari 2600 (my first ever console), Megadrive II w/ mega CD add-on, a SNES and an Atari Lynx handheld, but sadly no longer have any of them in my possession. I may have to buy them again one day off of eBay or something to continue my gaming console collection!

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Slight little update in less than a year.

Way too many games to list, but:

PC (primary gaming done here)

Laptop - bought a new high end gaming laptop

Wii (softmodded to play any game I download buy)

Wii U



Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 2014 Edition (casual gaming)

Samsung Galaxy S5 phone (casual gaming)

Nintendo 3DS (because I forgot to mention it before)

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This is my xbox set up

Got the xbox, xbox 360, xbox one

And up stairs another xbox one in the bedroom witch I dunno why i did't just bye a blu Ray player cause that's all its use for and 1 laptop witch is for RCT3/ no limits and rebuilding my pokemond Nintendo 64 witch should be up and running in couple of weeks :):)


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List v2 (incl. Phones and iPods)

PC (1TB HDD, 8GB RAM, Pentium G3258 + Radeon R9 280)

iPhone 3GS x2

iPod Touch 4th gen x2

iPhone 4S

GBA SP + Micro

3DS (original version, Fire Red)

2x Nintendo DSi

2x Wii (original model, buying a Wii Mini and Family Edition to complete the Wii collection)

Wii U (plus 16 Amiibo figures, those are a pain in the ass to find)

3x SNES (2x PAL version, 1x US version)

Japanese Sega Saturn

2x Mega Drive (one Japanese version, another PAL version)

Original Game Boy (bought recently a japanese game boy light and an ultra rare manchester united game boy)

2x PS2 (1 Fat, 1 Slim)


Game Gear




Original XBOX

DS Lite

Note: I probably have more, but that's all I can list.

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