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2015 in Dreamworld - ABC Kids World, V8 Supercars and more


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Where did you find the logo?


This is either a poorly produced logo or a fan-made piece IMHO

In fairness to him, when he grabbed the hot wheels logo from Logopedia, it doesn't seem to have been cut perfectly. Viewing it in full screen does alleviate some of the issue though. 

Also, according to the V8 Supercars website, the ride is called "Hot Wheels Hot Lap" not including the word "coaster", which while possibly a typo is the most accurate source other than fan sites currently as Dreamworld's page does not reveal the name at this stage. 


I'd be expecting something more styled like the '90 - '00 logo but with a tyre instead of the mattel logo


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Oh sorry, let me rephrase as I did a terrible job the first time, styled in the same way that the 90-00 logo has a circle under it, but using the current 3D style logo. 

That makes a lot more sense. Personally, I'm not a fan of that style mainly because it doesn't align properly; the wheel is always out of alignment with the bottom of the "Hot Wheels". Also, the current logo would probably need to be edited so that curve of the "Hot Wheels" fits flush with the tyre.

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Went to Dreamworld today as a part of the second-last day of year 12.

Big trip report incoming so I've spoilered it.

This was the first time I've been to Dreamworld for two years, and there have been a heap of changes. Most of them good too

:). Sadly I didn't get any snapshots of the day, but hopefully what I've got below in words will suffice.

Since our group was massive, we got to go through the side entry which led us past blue lagoon. First time I've ever been near it so it was interesting to get a few nice views of it. Definitely would be a great place for a new ride.

Because we were on that side of the park, most of the group headed straight to the Giant Drop. I was part of that group. Fortunately, I was quick to get over there and I got in on the third cycle. No changes since the last time I went, other than the cameras which didn't make a difference to the ride experience. Always a great ride, although it really annoys me that there's a small click the second before you drop, kinda detracts from the suspense too.

We then headed over to TRRR since my friends needed something more tame :P . No-one got as wet as I remembered it gave when I rode it last many many years ago. Also just as you're coming out of the cave, I noticed there was a triceratops sitting there. Bit weird?

My some of my friends headed off to the motocoaster (I tried to warn them it was lame but they wouldn't listen - they later came with one of them agreeing with me) the rest of us did the buzzsaw. The thing that really made this ride for me today were the two ride-ops. I was the only one in my group who had ridden it before, and for the other two they were pretty scared. One of the ride-ops seemed to love his job - he was trying to scare the riders by saying things like 'Welcome to our new test subjects' and laughing evilly as we left the station. The best bit was when one of the harnesses didn't lock properly and the ride wouldn't start, so he blamed the other ride-op for breaking the ride over the speaker system xD .

Since the friends that headed over the motocoaster were stuck in a long queue (what a waste), we headed over to the tail spin. Ocean Parade looks superb now, and the paint jobs on Tail Spin, Wipeout, and Claw were immaculate. It will look even better with Cyclone's refurbishment hopefully. Since Tail Spin wasn't there last time I went to Dreamworld it was a new experience, and personally I believe that it was a great idea for the park. There were people who just wanted to glide through the air, and then there were also people wanting as much thrill as possible. I was one of the thrill-seekers obviously and I snagged the front yellow plane which seemed to be doing the most spinning that day. It was a little hard to get started but once the barrel-rolls began there was no going back. I didn't realise how fast and intense the rolls got as the ride went on, and I decided I wanted to be able to walk afterwards, so I flipped the wings. Fortunately for me, the rolling stopped... but I was stuck upside down for 10 seconds or so before flipping back up, which was very fun. I slowly starting rolling again, making sure not to go to fast. The ride op was also really helpful, giving good tips on how to control the plane and pointing out to people in the queue who is doing it right and who's not. This ride pleased me a heap, except for the fact that the harness pushed a wee bit too tight on my lower region for my liking ;) . 

After lunch we headed over to WWW where we started with the two rides I didn't get to do the last time I was there. I didn't have high hopes for the BRO, since the only other mat racer I had done was super-8 at WnW. It was actually a really fun ride that I really enjoyed. It would've been nice to have a racing-system to it (but I clearly won anyways, so it didn't really matter :P ). The other ride I didn't do last time was the Little Rippers, so I did that. Again, I didn't expect much from it after doing the RIP, but the ride actually picks up a lot of speed and is really fun.

The final ride for the day was Triple Vortex. It didn't really look like much from the outside, but it was actually again a really fun ride. My friend wanted to go backwards, but after the first funnel the tube flipped and I went down the rest of the slide backwards. The funnels do make you fly a tiny bit up the walls, and every time we came into one of the funnels, I got met with a wall of water (which I couldn't see going backwards, so it was quite a surprise). The pitch-black section at the end is also a nice addition.

Unfortunately, I didn't get time to try the revamped wipeout, but I got Tail Spin and Triple Vortex done which were the main ones I wanted to do.

Other information:
- Couldn't see any mine carts in the eureka station
- Work is definitely happening on the motor sports area - could see workers around the building were the Brock cars will be, and I could hear power tools coming from the cyclone HWHL station while walking through WWW.

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12 hours ago, downunder196 said:

The return pass holders entry has been moved to the main entry building under the globe. The old pass holder entry is now the group entry. Not sure their reasoning behind it because it seems to clog up that area at the top of the stairs a bit more.

I'm thinking because except for the morning (before about 11) nobody would go to the pass entry. I would always use Guest Services as my entry point. It's too far from when most people enter IMO

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Just asking a question here, about Tower of Terror II. Do you think the tunnel ruined the ride?. Like, when i used to ride TOT, the whole thrill was shooting out of the station and blaring past half of DW before going up the tower. The tunnel was definitely put in for noise concerns since it goes past the motocoaster l but I can't help but think that huge ugly white long tube kind of ruined the magic of the ride a great deal. Going backwards is great, but you can't see anything fly past you

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2 hours ago, coasterdude44 said:

Just asking a question here, about Tower of Terror II. Do you think the tunnel ruined the ride?. Like, when i used to ride TOT, the whole thrill was shooting out of the station and blaring past half of DW before going up the tower. The tunnel was definitely put in for noise concerns since it goes past the motocoaster l but I can't help but think that huge ugly white long tube kind of ruined the magic of the ride a great deal. Going backwards is great, but you can't see anything fly past you

I think it improves the experience tbh. Especially the vortex effect on the way back to the station with the lights. It's something that TOT2 has over SEFK anyway (it made a difference for me). The tunnel also makes the ride easier to run after rain, correct me if I'm wrong but it keeps the brakes dry when it does rain so it doesn't impact operations as badly as it used to.

Also another question: does anyone have any idea how many Gs Tail Spin pulls when you get the plane continuously rolling? I went on it a few times yesterday and got it spinning continuously (flipped 102 times one of the rides) and when I got home my face was all red like I bursted a whole heap of blood vessels. When you get into a continuous roll the forces you feel on your face are insane. So yeah any ideas?

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Ok DW here is the deal.  Get every guest of your park to sign this petition to stop the Skyscraper (roller coaster) being built.  Make sure you get them to select the “I do not support the building of SKYPLEX Orlando.”

You will need to do this for a while until all parks in the USA give up on ever building this ride. 

This is the kicker part.  

Intamin will have a ride that no one will buy.  DW can come in and make an offer for it, example of this would be mate’s rates.  I also have overheard that they will take some Heintaler Ribel Mais for payment.




“SKYSCRAPER” for Australia.


Seems to be petition for everything these days so I wonder how DW would receive a petition to give us a woody.


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