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Been watching recently:

  • Commando Santa's Buffalo Valley;
  • Planet Brocoaster  (& tips);
  • DeLady Signer's Rio Bravo;
  • Koali Beach, by Silvarret, DeLady Signer, Koalis and Rudi Rennkamel.

Soon to watch:

  • Pixel Island by PixelWess;
  • Alpine Odyssey by Uthris;
  • Jubilee Gardens by CommandoSanta and RubleTrillions.

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25 minutes ago, Glubbo said:

I haven't tried any real building recreations before, so this one's my first try.

Guest services at Movie World.

Gonna force myself to keep doing these, I've been relying upon the workshop too much.


Nice work. Now if you could do the rest of main street for me that would allow me to continue work on the park :P

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2 hours ago, Adventures With JWorld said:

What’s everyone’s take on the Spooky/Halloween DLC that’s coming out?

Personally the content they are releasing looks great and I have no problem spending a few bucks for this 

I've bought all the others so I'll buy this as well when it comes out. 

In saying that, I've used 1 item from the existing DLC so far, but it's nice to have

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13 hours ago, Prequel said:

If someone wanted to make a Dreamworld recreation. They have the right rides to do it, we still don't have a motorcycle model by intamin though.

Did they finally release the Asbestos Mountain, SBNO Trench and Year Long Maintenance DLC's?

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Can anyone come up with a way of doing the exposed brick under the rendered walls from that shop? Best I could try was temple pieces over actual brick walls, but it didn't look that good. Thinking of using billboards for the whole walls, and photoshopping the effect, but I don't think you can put those on the workshop?


Also, here's a version of DC Rivals I've found on the workshop that looks accurate, haven't done a POV yet.

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