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Steel Taipan Construction - Dreamworld Mack launched roller coaster

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You are right about dcr but now paid out as per the vrl accounts. Yes there is one contract (purchase or lease) for track and another for construction . Should be able to source that info on ardent accounts. I’ll take a look . The track is saleable if purchased outright in current state and a discounted price probably .  Best case the construction will just be put on hold  to a later date. 

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Occasionally I'll search through tender websites for theme park projects and yesterday's search at work had delivered some treasure. Here is what is worth noting: This is what the queu

And we have supports. 

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With the parks closure, DW should try keep the hype going for upcoming attractions etc, to get people excited about new things when the park reopens. I think they should take this opportunity to announce the attractions name/theme and start sharing posts that ride parts are beginning to arrive. Even if construction won’t begin for a while, at least get the hype train going 

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32 minutes ago, themagician said:

There are other parts near BuzzSaw too, including the bolts that secure the columns into the foundations


The less 800+kg pieces are being kept over near the site itself, somewhere within the parks fence. There's also a pile of wood beams sitting there for them to rest more support pieces on

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45 minutes ago, Jdude95 said:

Yeah, would suck to be one of those assholes. Luckily I was on my way past there anyway

That's just you rationalising why it's ok.  But I suspect that wasn't even the case.

Question?  Do you live or work on the Gold Coast?

40 minutes ago, Tim Dasco said:

If the LEGO store was open, what’s to say he didn’t take the pictures when leaving?

Didn't happen or he would have said so.

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