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WorkSafe South Australia Banned rides from RAS

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WorkSafe South Australia has banned 4 rides from appertains at the annual Adelaide Royal show. IMO this is just overboard, these rides operate safely at every other show and all around the country. Maybe adding a secondary system of a seat belt would be ok? 


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I don't see a redundant seatbelt on the harness as an issue. Clearly not called for by the ride designer, and the harness system is likely failsafe anyway - but there has been a lot of amusement incidents recently where the harness has come loose mid-cycle, and being cautious is in the nature of Australian workplace health and safety. We have redundant seatbelts on many park based attractions, and we've even seen them add them to rides like Buzzsaw.

If they required the actual harness locking mechanism to somehow be modified, i think little ol South Australia should catch up with the rest of the world.

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If AALARA are going to make that kind of call, they should immediately be posting what they say ARE the facts 

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Tuesday 27 August 2019 

AALARA refutes reports of ride safety concerns at the Royal Adelaide Show

The Australian Amusement, Leisure and Recreation Association (AALARA) refutes recent media reports of safety concerns described by SafeWork SA surrounding four rides excluded from the Royal Adelaide Show, due to the lack of double locks on their safety harnesses.

AALARA President Shane McGrath says safety is of the utmost importance to the industry and these false reports are damaging to operators and the industry.

“These Class 5 rides do have primary and secondary double locking mechanisms installed and operating. They do not pose a public safety risk, said McGrath.

“The ride manufacturer has 400 of these devices operating successfully in Australia and the rest of the world without incident over the past 11 years.

Unfortunately the Restraint Clause which has led to improvement notices in the Australian Standard for Amusement Devices is not as prescriptive as it could be.

“At present AALARA is in the process of having the relevant Clause reviewed in an effort to ensure future misinterpretations of the clause do not occur and SafeWork SA can remain aligned with the rest of Australian and the global amusement industry.

AALARA advocates for globally harmonised amusement ride safety standards to ensure Australia’s rides are manufactured, operated and maintained to the highest standards worldwide.

AALARA General Manager
0414 166 202

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1 hour ago, aussienetman said:



Headline should really read 'Woman with preexisting condition hurts herself on a ride she probably shouldn't have been on'

Watch this moron try milk it for everything.... Also watch No Limit never return to Adelaide... Shame because it's a fantastic ride!

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