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    While I expect that Dreamworld/Brogent will have done a great job on the ride itself, in my opinion, DW have really missed the mark with the building facade and theme. Immersion is a key factor to getting people to suspend their disbelief, and it is also a key factor in getting people to open their wallet - not just for the cost of entry into the park to engage in the immersion, but also on food, drinks, souvenirs and up-charge experiences. This is one of the key rules of shop design to encourage more sales. It is why Ikea is one long path with room after room of products featured in-context, rather than endless racks of shelves. It is why Apple has tables at just the right height to angle their laptop screens in a way that invites people to touch the product. Immersion increases sales and can justify higher prices if it looks like a 'quality' product. Credit where credit is due - DW have done a great job with Dreamworks and Tiger Island and have proven that they are capable of creating immersive environments. However, they always manage to drop the ball, like the Green Prison at Tiger Island, or the Trolls attraction. Despite the iRide being one of the highest quality theatre attractions available, this building doesn't do the ride justice. I'm giving DW the benefit of the doubt that the ride itself will be great, but the building looks cheap. It breaks the immersion that did exist, and replaces it with something that can't even clearly be identified as an 'airport' terminal. Here is a comparison (photos from earlier in the thread): I've mentioned previously that I don't care if they tear down one facade and replace it, but it should be replaced with something that is consistent with a future vision for that area of the park. It should also be replaced with something better. Different is ok, but lower quality, less immersive and less aesthetically pleasing is not. I also don't think that Dreamworld have executed their design well. They tore down a classic style of architecture that could have been improved, but was at least consistent and immersive. They promised a modern, futuristic building with sweeping curves and sleek, bright entrances. But they delivered a lumpy, bulbous mess. This is just my opinion, but I don't think this building belongs in a theme park. I don't even think it is a good looking building outside of a theme park. I've mentioned before that this is a multi-million dollar tourist attraction and there is nothing about this building that is iconic or memorable, and no one is going to take a photo outside of it to share their memories or experiences on social media. For me, the most disappointing part is that Dreamworld had the opportunity to create a great historical Aviation story. Qantas was founded in Queensland, and Sir Charles Kingsford Smith was born in Brisbane and was a global pioneer in Aviation. From Wikipedia: In 1928, he made the first trans-Pacific flight from the United States to Australia. He also made the first non-stop crossing of the Australian mainland, the first flights between Australia and New Zealand, and the first eastward Pacific crossing from Australia to the United States; and, also, made a flight from Australia to London, setting a new record of 10.5 days. In my opinion, this history and unique Queensland connection would have been ideal for a story and immersive experience to wrap around a ride like this. What is more is that it would have given Dreamworld license to theme the building to something consistent with the existing Main Street - if not Victorian - then at least the simpler (and cheaper to maintain) Art Deco style of the early 1930s. I appreciate that many here won't feel the same, but I personally believe that Dreamworld has lost something good, replaced it with something bad, and completely missed an opportunity to create something great. While I am interested to experience the ride, I think Ardent need to hire a Creative Director to help build a future vision for Dreamworld. Hopefully, when they have a vision for the park and the theme of each area, they can re-theme it for a 2.0 version of the experience.
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    Dreamworld is about to open a 17 million dollar, first of its kind in Australia attraction. How are they doing nothing. And pretty much all rides are back open now.
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    My thoughts on Scooby Doo, it's alright Scooby doo is still present when first going into ride just lack of lighting Needs lighting on the swords and other theming seemed all dark. The elevator is a joke . The TV screens look rubbish . Cheap and ugly addition. Disco Room needs more lasers definitely , wtf none of this has been implemented that was shown in the Ad "false advertising" Final drop is fine well themed I thought
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    I took me far too long to realise they took a photo of the Aquaman suit from the exhibition. Not gonna lie, I thought someone had decapitated Aquaman in a photoshop accident.
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    Jurassic Park , WILD WEST FALLS Revenge of the Mummy , Scooby Doo Spooky Coaster Transformers, justice league
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    Hi All, I have been to Universal, Disneyland etc Myself, and i personally reckon that Village and Ardents facades look a lot better. this is my personal opinion. our rides are a lot better in length and theming as well.
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    'Actions speak louder than words': Dreamworld is still a decaying, unreliable theme park Dreamworld CEO told Sunrise viewers this morning that actions speak louder than words as Dreamworld once again promises the same commitment to safety and maintenance that they've been offering for more than two years. Click here to continue reading
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    I'm sure once word gets around about SkyVoyager, that's gonna be a huge boost for Dreamworld!
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    That would be the Gatsby show, It has been there for years but they stopped the show back mid last year and brought it back a few months later... Something that isn’t mentioned on the update is that the Wild West Showdown has returned the other week and can be watched at 2:45pm daily
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    Couple of food and drink trucks at movie world. Also a lot of hot dog stands around the park. Also a new show, a classical dance I guess.
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    Yes absolutely, and yes to the helicopter too (although I'm disappointed that it now hangs still in the air for quite a few seconds, which completely spoils the illusion that it's a flying helicopter! Even so, it's still worth going.
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    Guess who is back, back again.
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    People also visit Dreamworld many other ways that do not involve a personal motor vehicle. The amount of cars in the parking lot is not an accurate representation of how busy the parks are.
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    me and my wife were looking at where to buy annual passes to take the kids this year during the holidays, DW and WW or seaworld, MW and WNW. we took the kids to DW early this year and honestly, it was depressing. the theming was rubbish, half the rides were out of service and stuff seemed plonked anywhere with no regard for anything around it. it was like a 9 year old playing roller coaster tycoon. we made a decison that even at the extra cost ($110 vs $150) we would buy village roadshow passes - at least they are doing stuff. and the skyflyer? doesn't interest me, and would probally scare my kids anyway.
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    Exciting times ahead from Luna Park hopefully. Lived in Sydney my entire life but don't get to the park that often. Will need to make more of an effect to take the little one down.
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    But what is window dressing, and what is real make-a-difference infrastructure? You talk about the redevelopment of the ice cream shop a few years ago. A few weeks back I talked about looking at buildings that were falling apart and I wondered how much was held together by paint. The building I was specifically referring to was THE ICE CREAM SHOP. As the saying goes, you can't polish a turd, but you can add glitter - and it would seem that that is precisely the kind of redevelopment they did with the ice cream shop if a few short years later the building looks as it does (go and view it from the train station and you'll see what i mean). They removed thunder river - It killed people. They removed Eureka Mountain - it sat rotting for more than a decade They removed the rest of gold rush - without TRRR and EMMR, what exactly was left? - Oh wait - the disused Skylink chairlift station that also sat rotting for a decade. You suggest they might have plans to remove rides - but history suggests that they need to shutter the ride and let it sit for 8 or more years before they do. How many years did the gravitron ride sit in the boneyard? So they renovated a store to capitalise on a new hot craze (lego). They rebuilt their old food outlet into something modern - which was only about 15 years overdue. They redeveloped tiger island, yes - but they botched it with the giant green prison. Coroborree was only done because of generous government grants for indigenous cultural projects. This wasn't done with their own money or because they felt strongly about the subject matter. The expansion of White Water World? A lazy river that WNW has had for more than a decade is hardly an inspiring investment - and its still just one attraction. The plans for that park had staged developments including numerous attractions, none of which we've seen - instead we've seen the kneejerk reaction to Aqualoop that is the Wedgie, Triple Vortex, and finally the lazy river... 3 new attractions in TWELVE YEARS. Shall we talk about the cock up that was Trolls Village that was supposed to open last Christmas, and didn't open until more than 8 months later? Plonked smack down in the middle of an ocean themed area? Shall we talk about those big screens or the revolving globe? Dreamworld have had screens all over the park for years, showing music videos and crappy advertisements for related products. I'm not getting excited over a few outdoor LED screens when their marquee attractions can't even stay open, or carry a full load of passengers. And the globe. Yeah - what a photo opportunity. Its pretty, but its just window dressing. It is a take it or leave it thing that wasn't really necessary. Things they could have spent their money on instead: Upgrading the control system on their flagship 21 year old coaster to newer technology (and actually running it at its capability Properly rebuilding Wipeout so that it can run as designed Running rides at capacity - both sides of Giant Drop, for example Maintaining a working steam railway, instead of wasting money on a glorified yard tractor that tears up the rails and constantly breaks down Maintaining the park's people soaking paddlewheeler attraction The article points it out better than I ever could - but there are just so many things WRONG right now, its hard to be positive in the face of such blatant mismanagement. You choose to focus on the positive, and let the negative slide, and thats your choice - but don't decry others who speak the truth - you can't live in a dreamworld and pretend that the issues don't exist, just because it doesn't fit your mould of 'fun'. If you're going to ignore the negative, then you shouldn't be complaining about bored train conductors. You can't have it both ways.
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    Next time an Indian bloke from Microsoft calls my house to thankfully inform me of the many viruses infecting my computer that he somehow knows about from 16,000km away, and requests by bank details in order to resolve this terrible issue, these shall be the details I provide...
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    I actually don't care how valid or invalid their argument is, intending to ruin a sick kid's day is horrible.
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    I wouldn't jump to the conclusions yet - it looks like it might be a pretty typical ride fault. Something like this could even occur due to something outside of their control e.g. Rivals stopped on a lift hill. due to a local power outage.
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