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Dreamworld made a funny!

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Gazza, I think the joke he is trying to make is that Dreamworld have put on their website that they have been nominated for the RACQ top 150 "must do" attractions. They are linking to the voting system for people to vote for either DW or WWW as a must do attraction. The joke, (i think) is that for a lot of us, DW is definately a must DON'T. A bit like the MDMC on the top coasters poll... it will be on the list, but only at the very bottom. I should check and see if the warner village parks are on the top 150... and I reckon AOS would be - we should all vote for everything and anything other than DW... maybe they'll see the results and realise how much higher they need to pull their socks...

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:rolleyes: 1/ Don't bump really old topics without a post that warrants it. 2/ Your post doesn't warrant it. This could have been done through a PM. 3/ It's Alex's business whether he does or doesn't. Doesn't affect you or anyone, don't call him out on it. 4/ Have a pleasant day and enjoy the tunafish, the cow & the flaming mongrels. ;) Edited by Gold Coaster
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No, i'm happy to answer. For starters, the last post I made to this thread was in DECEMBER 2008. Now given that we are some 16 months later, some circumstances have changed. Most members here would be able to tell you that 2 years ago, DW was definitely in the poor mans position. WVTP were the top dog, and there was no disputing that. WVTP just did everything better, while DW was constantly reponding with poor comebacks (constant adding of upcharge attractions, without decent drawcards, lack of upkeep, maintenance, removal of rides without adding new ones - essentially a money-grubbing mentality). As I said, some circumstances have changed. We are still yet to see a good quality E-ticket attraction from Dreamworld, but the grapevine suggests one isn't too far away. WVTP on the other hand have swayed a little in the other direction. I don't hold any grudge against Dreamworld, but i'm not about to part with money to an organisation who have repeatedly demonstrated that money is the only object, no matter what the sacrifice. Sadly it seems WVTP are leaning in that direction also, and I too am becoming critical of them. Agree with gold coaster - bumping threads to comment on a post that old are quite ridiculous, especially when you haven't added anything new to the conversation to warrant the post. In closing, flaming mongrels and tunafish. ;)

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