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Wet 'n' Wild Sydney Construction

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Sweet Jesus that's expensive, and adult prices will kick in between ages 5-6 for boys despite the fact there'll still be many attractions they can't go on, plus the thing about parking not being included. Good luck with that one WnW PR.

Only $10 more than the Gold Coast park, looks like they are pursuing the same strategy of pushing people towards buying the season passes rather than pricey individual tickets.

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lolman123; we love having you here, we love having new any new members. Having said that, please don't just post unless you have something to contribute to the conversation. If you have an opinion, ex

Thanks Captain Obvious. I understand why people don't post on here and just browse. People like to update those who won't get to see it in its building stages yet you need to post utter dribble in ret

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Looks like they're implementing the fast pass system as well. Wonder how many rides and which ones they will put it on.

Since they've already trialled the process at WnW GC, and have, to a degree 'ironed out the kinks', i'd suggest they're likely to make it available on a whole array of their bigger attractions, because they have been able to design queues and gates with that in mind, whereas the GC has had to ad-hoc it on rides they could work around in.

Pricing based on height is reasonable, so long as the array of attractions that become available at the 110cm mark is the full adult range... Perhaps they should have a pricing based on height AND weight - because a 7 year old 110cm kid is probably going to be too light to ride aqua loop... and that's why it's fairer to have an age based pricing.

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On the website under Plan My Day -> Ride Restrictions.

Thanks for that. So I'm guessing T5 is the Tornado, the Tantrum Alley is the Tantrum (duh!) and the Curler is the Tornado Wave. Anyone know what T5 means? The Aqua Tube is probably the single dark slide on the Whitewater tower (name stolen from the only tube slide at Wonderland!). The Breakers could possibly be the Master Blaster Express slides. We know the Double Bowlseye is the bowling alley. But what about the other 2 raft slides on the same tower? Only name left is Riptide. That could cover one of them, leaving one left over...

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The Aqua Tube is probably the single dark slide on the Whitewater tower (name stolen from the only tube slide at Wonderland!).

Agreed, blatant Wonderland reference anyway...Kinda like how WnW Vegas named their toilet bowl slide called "royal flush", just like the old WnW on the strip.

the Tantrum Alley is the Tantrum (duh!)

I get that this is the ride model name (Well, not anymore actually, Proslide now calls it a "Tornado 24" ) But it's such a negative sounding name...Makes me think of Sydney bus drivers.

Otherwhise, seems like you have the whole list spot on, the Whitewater West 2 man slides all seem to have 110cm limits, and the Proslide cloverleaf slides all seem to be at 120cm Maybe there is one other name yet to be released for the other raft slide on the Bowlseye tower?

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Where will you find the world's first Aquasphere™ Family Raft Ride - featuring high speed twists and drops, fully-enclosed spheres with light and sound shows and thrilling 90 degree corners?

At Disneyland in California? Wet'n'Wild on the Gold Coast? Tobu Super Pool in Tokyo? The correct answer is actually the Frankston Regional Aquatic Centre in 2014....

But what if Wet'n'Wild Sydney was to have one???



i'm just saying..........

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The Aquasphere is a strange choice for a council owned aquatic centre. I remeber seeing this product on the Whitewater website and not being a fan of it. Like a poor man's tantrum. The addition of lighting & music effects makes it sound more appealing, but so far Wet'n'Wild hasn't shown any interest in adding these effects to their waterslides

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Sorry to double post but I've just come across the first newspaper ad for Wet'n'Wild. Looks great. The offer should also please some of those families who have been bitching about prices. But what is even more interesting is the fact that we now know the park will be open until 10pm at night. Going by the artwork, it also looks like the slides might be rigged with some external lighting effects?



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Nice promo! Also appears they are dodging some more bad press by retro-actively applying the deal to people who have already bought 4 or more passes. Great news about the night opening hours, although the wording appears to imply it is some sort of "second session".

Yeah you are right - the wording does make it sound like 2 sessions. In regard to the offer - how do you know it will be retrospective? It's rare for any company to do that
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Yeah you are right - the wording does make it sound like 2 sessions. In regard to the offer - how do you know it will be retrospective? It's rare for any company to do that

Thinking about it a bit more I think they may be wording it that way due to only running a limited season with those hours, but it also could mean separate ticketing - which would hurt.

Re: retrospective, they have added it to the Season Pass FAQ on the website.

Also this line from the Village Roadshow Investor Presentation now makes sense -

 Cutting edge technology and world firsts
New night time illuminations, on track to open December 2013
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