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I do wonder if Intamin would offer it as a viable refit of Giant Drop...Imagine the tagline "Face gravity, face first....again".

Changing one or both sides of Giant Drop to stand up or face first is something I would support.

They would be able to recycle old stuff as brand new stuff again - tagline wise... however I believe they'd have to go with a 'both sides' refit. If they refit only one side - you run the risk of not being able to ride your preferred side on any given day that they're trying to cutback on staff wages and maintenance by only operating the one side of the tower...

conversely, if they did refit only one side - maybe that would force them to run both of them each day.... (nah - who am I kidding - this is Dreamworld!)

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Does Dreamworld need a drop tower? They already have the tallest in the world southern hemisphere.

If they did, it would confirm my judgement that they have just turned into cash grabbers. Two top of the range drop towers in a park with no particularly thrilling coaster is a bit sad. Add things that you don't have already.

MW is another story, but this doesn't really say anything about connections with AU parks.

I don't think any of us really think this is going to happen at DW.

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