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Rides @ Disneyland for older people?


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Would they be happy with Scooby level rides or you looking for something a bit more mild?

Your biggest enemy at Disney will just be getting them on a ride they might perceive too high on thrill factor when in fact one on the tried they'd probably enjoy it.

Having said that there is HEAPS to do. Here's a rough list erring on the side of caution but plenty more if you can step it up a bit.

Moments with mr Lincoln


Main Street vehicles

Tiki room

Jungle cruise

Haunted mansion

Pirates if Caribbean

Mark twain

Sailing ship Columbia


Fantasy land dark rides

Red car trolley (DCA)

Soarin over California

Little mermaid


Monsters inc

Bugs life

On top or that you have ALL the shows, heaps if street atmosphere, restaurants.

There is certainly heaps of great things to spend their time at the parks on.

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Age is no limit - it depends upon the individual. I know people in their sixties who really enjoy Space Mountain (including the French one) as well as Splash Mountain. They probably won't like anything too jarring or too noisy. They will love the gardens there, so be sure to catch the Disneyland Railroad.

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^ Why would this need to be a joke thread?

Can you not comprehend that someone may come on a theme park forum to ask a question related to theme parks that they may not have been to and might want some advice on?

OP - I think djrappa has pretty much covered it for you, I'd suggest checking out some reviews and POV videos on youtube so you know what's in store (if you don't mind the spoilers).

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If they liked scooby, then most of Disneyland will be ok. There isn't much there thats going to be a problem (Space is faster but no more intense than Scoob).

Pretty much anything that they CAN'T see before hand is fine. Theres a couple in DCA that they may not be agreeable to, but they'll be able to see them in advance.

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