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Sea World - Creatures from the Deep


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Just received an email from VRTP regarding the new Discovery Trail. 


Now you can discover even more at Sea World with the brand new Creatures of the Deep Discovery Trail. 

Designed especially for our youngest guests, the Discovery Trail will take you on an exciting journey through the deepest, darkest parts of the ocean. 

Simply get your fun and educational Trail Guide from the front gate or Trail HQ, complete the Trail Stops and receive a free pack of Discovery Cards! There are 18 to collect, and you'll even get a free pack of cards when you spend $20 or more at any retail or food and beverage outlet through the park. And once you collect all 18 cards, you can organise them in your very own Discovery Folio! 

Experience it now with your new VIP Magic Pass. And don't forget to tell your friends and family that there's still time to buy 3 VIP Magic Passes and get 1 FREE!

Not going to lie, if I was at still at the target age I would lap this up. The creatures of the deep have always intrigued me, and not to mention the artwork looks quite good. 

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Just come back from SW this morning. The attraction is very popular and the introduction of the discovery trail is also doing really good and it's seems like kids love it. I went and saw Affinity as well and they had a 'ranger' promoting the discovery trail and what it's all about (side note: first time I saw the new show and thought it was really good).

I did notice that some of th water around he whales is already getting quite dirty:


Maybe they should install some small fountains as they did around jet rescue to keep it cleaner.

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SW have confirmed that it is only a temporary attraction and will be at the park for at least 12 months:

 the Creatures Of The Deep is a temporary attraction, and we do not currently have a date for it to finish. However the attraction will be here for at least 12 months. Regards, Eve from Sea World

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I'd suggest that since the park didn't build, and doesn't own the creatures, their existence in the park would be based on popularity and whether the owner of the creatures gets another contract elsewhere - just like Dinos.

Given SW is so restricted in usable space, using a large tract of land for 'sculptures' that don't really do much is probably not the best use of land in the long term. The creatures will stay until the land is needed for something else, or until they are no longer popular.

I *shudder* at the thought of COTD being a permanent Attraction... *yawn* I mean sure it's new, and wow now - but in 10 years time, is the whale going to be so 'wow' ? or is it going to be covered in bird shit and ready for a bulldozer?


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I would like to see it stay at the park for a couple of years. I've been to SW and checked it out a couple of times and I think it is a really good addition to the park and a good replacement of DI. But as you said Alex, over time it will get worn and regular visitors to the park won't bother with it. I only went to the park one while DI was there, would people say that it was still reasonably popular towards the end of it being at the park?

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