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Eureka Mountain Mine Ride reopening discussion


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First things first, I wouldn't go around wearing this as a badge of honour. I would really suggest that from now on you stop parading around about your adventure in Eureka Mountain. I just don't want to see the same storm that went down happen again. You're lucky enough that Ardent has gone easy on you, and I think that this should be the end of the line for the backstage shenanigan. 

As for the video, I found it quite interesting. As someone who has never ridden Eureka Mountain in any way, shape or form, I found it quite cool to see exactly what I had missed out on. Would I be wrong in saying that the ride would've been inspired by the Matterhorn Bobsleds? Those alcoves with the miner and the skeleton remind me of such caverns where the Yeti is located on the Disney classic.

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I doubt there will ever be a POV, unless the ride reopens. In the 10 years that the ride's been closed there hasn't been one uploaded, so don't hold your breath. I find it really frustrating every time I go to Dreamworld seeing Eureka just sitting there, the 'Exit Here' signs still there, the control systems and track are all just sitting there! Does anyone else find it annoying?

Something will eventually happen, it has to. I genuinely wonder what kind of paint thinners dreamworld management was sniffing, to make them think they could just board up the ride, remove the sign and just let it rot without guests getting annoyed. Or what on earth was going through their heads when they closed the ride for 'temporary maintenance', and just forgot about the 'temporary' part, as well as the 'maintenance' part. 

Even now, the cart with dummies has been sitting on the track idle for months. They can't even be bothered to shift that!

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I doubt there will ever be a POV, unless the ride reopens.

There was someone a few pages back who claimed to have POV footage of the ride on VHS and intended to share it with us once they had converted it. Not sure what the outcome of that was, though :/

ETA: It was here: http://www.parkz.com.au/forums/topic/6757-eureka-mountain-mine-ride-2015-potential-reopening/?do=findComment&comment=107362


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It was actually me, and no I wasn't lying, at almost 43 am far to old to play silly games.. 

The problem is I am just too unwell to go through all the footage to find it, as I am spending 95% of my days on oxycodone bed ridden. 

I still don't even have a way to play it. I am moving in a few weeks also and absolutely dreading it, as my back is unable to hold me up. Just saw the back specialist and it's not good, so next year's trip might have to be cancelled which is really depressing me.

I have lots of those aging mini vhs tapes unmarked and i wish i could just send them to someone who wanted to find the POV that badly to just go through it all and find it.. you would find lots of old school POV there from 90's to 2001, but unfortunately there is other very personal stuff there and i just can't do that. Most of those have pov on the web now anyway (six flags america, busch williamsburg, all the aussie parks inc old school corkscrew from 15 years ago, etc) but the one thing there is no POV of is eureka which is why i think it would be so cool to find mine and upload it. I was in my 20's at the time and a bit of a dick so you will have to excuse the idiocy in the vid once i finally do find it. 

I am very sorry if anyone feels I was being untruthful and I can understand from your perspective how it may seem that way.


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^ No thats just fine! I was just suggesting that you maybe weren't telling the truth. But your response really turned that around. I guess I should be sorry for making those comments, hope your back gets better soon :D

I appreciate that (Will?).


I wasn't offended but I did need to clarify what was going on, you were actually right to bring it up. Life has been a bit hell, i was a music producer all my life and lost one ear completely due to a tumor, then I found my love of thrills and now my back. I went every year from 2001 through 2008 to the USA and had the time of my life. In 2011 I managed a GC trip and did whatever i could. I did the skycoaster at the little park in surfers and that was the beginning of the end. I had done the slig shot like 100 times with my cousin (now that footage i DO have digitally and it is hilarious), and we sat on the vomitron all day.. she gave us so many free rides cause she was just cracking up at our complete lack of expression but all the silly poses we were doing (like sleeping, mediating like buddah, etc LOL - yes am a big kid). Then i did the skycoaster.. I had never done one and always wanted to.. It was getting into the suit that should have tipped me off, the contorting didn't feel right. We pulled the cord excitedly, and I honestly thought I was in for a surprise, and just like bungee, we were both underwhelmed. It was like there was just no sensation. In case we missed something we did it straight away again, and i heard a crack on the way down.. I was bed ridden the rest of the trip, then i visited an osteopath back in melbourne, and he misdiagnose me (I had bulging and desiccated discs, had he done a scan i wouldn't be in this predicament today). He cracked me from top to bottom multiple times, and after that I could barely walk out of his practise. i told him i felt 10x worse than when i walked in, and he said it would pass. It only got worse..and worse... So i had an MRI and bits of my disc had broken off lodging and stuck in various nerves.. the specialist assured me it was the osteo cracking that snapped it, and so did another osteo, he said it's his fault, 100%,  and he operated to remove the broken bits and also gave me cortisone but he said bar an entire disc replacement there is nothing he can really do... just to have pain pills and treat myself well as surgery is the last resort.. He told me as long as i was strapped in a coaster securely, it "should" be ok once i felt better, but never to bungee and similar stuff again as long as I live.

So I haven't been on a ride of any kind in over 4 years. For an enthusiast that's hell believe me. And now I was feeling better and planning a trip next year, and a couple months back i had a turn again and saw him again and once again he said pain pills and rest.. so I am going to get another opinion as i would rather just operate, go through it, and have it done and dusted. He seems very reluctant, this guy.

The Eureka days bring lots of fun memories cause it was my favourite coaster in OZ back then by far. I actually remmeber that trip like it was yesterday.. me and my best mate drove from melbourne and had a crazy theme park few days and it was a blast, and we video'd everything.. heck i even have a POV a few years later of the big dipper at luna park sydney at night.. with NO restraints on! (the ride was smooth and fast pre cyclone and the gforces kept you right in your seat)..The ops went around without restraints and were doing it all night, we were like the only ones there, but i wouldn't do that. But i got them doing it LOL. All this amazing footage i have to find and go through and if i could motivate myself i would.

Sorry for the marathon but just also wanted to explain my sudden disappearance from here years back. I promise you all this.. when i go through the tapes, i will do whatever it takes once found to get it to you guys ASAP. Please just give me a few months at most to recuperate again. Cheers (in bed with laptop table writing this :) )

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I'm so sorry to hear that Pazzap. I've had one medical misdiagnosis in my life, and it isn't fun at all. Being told that I have cancer, only for it to not be true in the slightest really put me out of sorts, and that didn't leave me with continuous problems like you. But enough about me! With the operation, I would check with another professional but I wouldn't think that your Osteo is being reluctant because it's his personality. Any surgery is major surgery, and there is a chance that you can become worse off from it (Not to scare you or anything).


But back to the topic. You said that the tape has personal footage on it so you wouldn't be able to get a fellow user to do it for you, yes? If so, I would recommend putting that tape in clear tupperware with a masking tape label that states 'Eureka Mountain POV'. Put it somewhere you can see it at least once a day. What this will do is keep it at a fore-front in your mind rather than completely forget about it. This way, when you are in a much better state you'll have this tape not only in the fore-front of your memory, but also in an easily accessible place that won't leave you searching through boxes and bags. 


Hope you feel better soon and all the best.

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Oh my goodness Zanstabar! By the way everyone please feel free to call me by my real name, Theo.

Hey in a way i can only imagine what a terrifying experience that must have been but in another, and I hope this doesn't come across wrong, how fortunate in the long run that you didn't actually have cancer.


The tapes are a few metres away from me in the living room, i do need a way to play through them to find the right one. Hey i would watch it straight through if i could and if nothing too full on on there personal wise, I would send it to the first person who could help. The problem is the tapes are unmarked ( i was notoriously known for it) and i would have to go through about 8 of them to find it., You know when you think you will never lose something and don't take precautions? It's that - and now i regret it. Cause now I no longer even have a VCR.. sure i could go and buy a mini vhs to vhs adapter cassette (and it does work with these as i used it once at a friends house many moons ago), but I don't have a vhs player to test it! Not for a decade now!

If someone has a spare camera that can play the mini camera tape format from the 90's, or vhs player they can send (i could find a cheap adapter on ebay or if you have one too, great), i *do* have a sony crt in my room with all the necessary old school connections and could hook it up, it's only a few feet away from me. I would begin that immediately if someone could help out. I am in Melbourne eastern suburbs. I really want to do this for you guys, and for myself to be honest.. Believe it or not i still remember the layout clearly.. "she's gonna blow" as you leave the lift hill, straight into what looks like a wall but then a mad mouse turn outside, i remember the dips but mostly i loved it cause I am 6ft 4 and i kept thinking i would hit my head, which scared me the most especially since I wasn't a total thrill addict back then. I also thought it was the smoothest mad mouse of all time, as well as the best themed and most fun. Also it was really unbraked :)

Even scooby didn't de throne it for me as there was just something being in what felt like a "legit" mine cart racing away abandoned through the mines. It was a special ride.

If i had a choice though, of it being reopened or somehow safely torn down and a new coaster, i would actually prefer they restore it, and rip down the horrible cyclone (i just don't understand how that aged so badly when it was so good at LPS) and replace that instead :)


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I'm at Dreamworld today, I had a chat with a staff member who said they had a meeting where they discussed new attractions, and that eureka will receive a revamp either this year or next. They also said the cyclone will be recieving a much needed reprint and new train. Good news!

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  • Richard changed the title to Eureka Mountain Mine Ride reopening discussion

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