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Sanad and White Water "sports water park"

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This new water park has been revealed for the sunshine coast. Looks to have some very nice attractions. Most are unique. It seems to be marketed as a sports theme park... In some articles I saw some skateparks? I also think there was a sky coaster like the one at IAAPA except with a big drop. Also some very cool water slides. The common tornado, but also a White Water Mantis. A very unique ride that will add to Australian water parks. It appears that White Water West has a deal with Sanad to contstuct all of the rides there, as all of the rides shown are white water trademarked.


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This seems like a very interesting project, that has had some great concept art and master planning backing the project. The Sanad company have a youtube channel with some great official concept art videos https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCk2vOv-38MusA-GrfETOxEA

According to this article, if built, the park will boast the "world’s largest interactive aqua play structure, slide-boarding and Australia’s biggest wave pool". :o 




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It looks like a great concept and a no brainer of an idea. If it comes to fruition, with Aussie World's planned expansion, and Australia Zoo nearby, this would then make the Sunshine Coast Australia's next largest attraction destination after the Gold Coast. Exciting times indeed for the area and fingers crossed that this actually gets to construction stage!

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Looking at the slides... this seems like it's legit. Apparently they just need approval to start construction. There is a new style mat racer up the back of the water park, that's a mix between a water coaster and a mat racer. Looks really really fun:


I hate that color scheme though. The one in the video looks great though. Also, there were a few drop box slides up the back. It looked similar to the aqua loop complex but with more slide after the loop. One almost looks like it had two loops. 

Every slide shown in the video looks like its manufactured by White Water West. Maybe some cool deal that made it cheaper to construct. The slides look very unique and very different to the ones we are used to seeing in Australia. Am really hoping this gets off the ground.

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Looking at the preview videos and the concept map from one of the linked articles, it looks like the slide lineup will consist of:

  • Boomerango + Manta
  • Constrictor + Abyss
  • AquaPlay APX
  • Variety of Kids Slides
  • MatBlaster Racing Slide (Shown in the post above)
  • Wave Pool
  • FlowRider
  • Constrictor
  • Rattler
  • SuperBowl
  • Inner-Tube Slide
  • Slideboarding
  • AquaLoop
  • Speed Slide


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This is incredibly exciting for the Sunshine Coast. As a visitor to the Coolum Aqua Fun Park last summer, this is much needed as that small park was overflowing with people and consistently booked out. I daresay the owner of Sanad took note of that parks popularity and is keen to capitalise on what is a surefire winner. 

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It isn't exactly a clone of Surf Hill but it would be very similar. Other than the fact that Jamberoo already has Surf Hill, they already got plans for Thunder DownunderIf you wanted something like what Sanad Capital is building, just add some turns at the top of Surf Hill. The turns on a Whizzard is the only thing in Sanad Capital's version that Jamberoo hasn't got or planned.

Anyway, back on topic..

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The Sunshine Coast's $400 million rival to the Gold Coast's Wet'n'Wild theme park has been given council approval.

The concept, floated since 2015, includes a state-of-the-art water park on Steve Irwin Way with a wave machine, a four-star hotel, pools, slides, kayaking and paddle-boarding plus a large sports field for major sports events.


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The latest in a long line of 'sunshine coast waterpark proposals'. When they commence construction, i'll get excited.

Big Kart Track is on Steve Irwin Way too I believe - which would start to create a bit of a tourism hub - so it probably has a greater chance of success than those that build next to a townhouse site...

In other news.... GOOGLE THE COVE!


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