Movie World Hypercoaster - colour, theme and announcement speculation

Pink Track  

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  1. 1. Pink track: what's the theme?

    • Joker
    • Suicide Squad
    • Wonder Woman
    • Flash
    • Aquaman
    • Other (tell us in a post)

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3 minutes ago, Santa07 said:

@Inverted did you take the photos yourself? I'm just wondering if the track is as pink as it looks, or if it's more of a purple-y colour and the light makes it look more pink - that way it could always be a batgirl/huntress themed ride?

Sure did.    Yes they are as pink as it looks.   the colour in photo looks pretty accurate


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Pink is definitely not Wonder Woman, that colour is not linked to her at all.

its gotta either be a Joker Coaster and the part itself is more purple than pink, and there will be green sections to come with it...

or ....

i have nothing... 

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