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  1. I wonder how they got in? Did the 20 of them buy day passes?
  2. If you're a Universal Fan, three days isn't overkill. The New Volcano bay water park should be open then, so might be worth a look. Pandora will be open at Animal Kingdom, and is looking pretty awesome, Animal Kingdom is my personal favorite Orlando Disney Park. (2nd to only DisneySea). I'm a thrill head, and not a big theming person, so I rank the Orlando parks like this; 1. Islands of Adventure 2. Universal Studios 3. SeaWorld 4. Animal Kingdom 5. Magic Kingdom (I'm really not the biggest fan of Magic Kingdom, it's very crowded and is really catered towards families with younger kids, but like all Disney Parks, great theming, great staff and ALOT to do here, but only if the attractions acually appeal to you. Get the Seven Dwarfs mine train done first, on a busy day the line won't get shorter until around the start of the fireworks, once the fireworks is over the line will shoot back up again). 6. Legoland (Not Orlando but close enough) 7. Hollywood Studios 8. The two Funspot parks 9. Epcot As a side note, Kennedy Space Centre is pretty awesome, I would personally go here over all the theme parks from Legoland and below.
  3. There's really not many big franchises left, but ones that I thought of that could work would be Lord of the Rings, Game of Thrones, Dragon Ball, James Bond or alternatively going after video game franchises Sonic/Sega, Grand Theft Auto, Final Fantasy. Pretty broad options with video game franchises, but it comes back to whether its acually worth the money and effort. ( And if the creator will even sell the rights). I do think Movie World should look at more diversification in its theming. There is the option of not going with a franchise at all and just picking a generic theme, Steampunk or Pirates ect...
  4. Does the Giant Drop have a PA system so staff can communicate with guests? I would be surprised if it doesn't .
  5. I don't understand why these keep getting media attention? I used the brakes on my car today and came to a complete stop, can I be on TV too for having safely working machinery?
  6. Has anyone tried Club W? Its interesting because its $30 per person, rather than a fixed amount like a cabana. It also includes snacks and drinks, so its not bad value if its just a few people. Im curious if there are lockers or something because the website says "you can leave your belongings in your designated area" .
  7. Just from what I see the Penguin Expedition claims "the world's first ride-through penguin experience" because the ride itself takes you through the open air part of the exhibit (and the entire ride including the onload and off load take place in the climate controlled area). Where as Empire of the Penguins, the ride transports you to the open air section from outside. It's really just a technically depending on how one would define 'ride-through'. The Penguin Expedition is pretty cool for something that's basically squished into a tiny space at Sydney Aquarium (But its got nothing on Empire of the Penguins). The ride itself is only really 90 seconds, the claimed 2 minutes likely includes the loading and unloading time. When I went it had a 25 minute wait (and the staff were struggling to manage the line). It's good to see not everyone in the general public are scared of water rides right now
  8. But don't you get off the vehicles in the open air part? Rather than "ride-through" the open air zone?
  9. I think the difference here is that you acually go into the exhibit, to get on to the Sydney Penguin Expedition you go through an airlock into the 6 degree enclosure. You're separated by a fence of glass, rather than a floor to ceiling glass wall.
  10. 1. Manta - SeaWorld Orlando 2. Mako - SeaWorld Orlando 3. Cheetah Hunt - Busch Gardens Tampa 4. SheiKra - Busch Gardens Tampa 5. Montu - Busch Gardens Tampa 6. Chinese Fireball (Dragon Challenge) - Universal Studios Islands of Adventure 7. Hungarian Horntail (Dragon Challenge) - Universal Studios Islands of Adventure 8. Kraken - Busch Gardens Tampa 9. Kumba - SeaWorld Orlando 10. White Lightning - Fun Spot America (Orlando)
  11. I know Wet 'N' Wild Sydney previously operated until 10pm some nights, and pretty sure In its first year it was open as late as Midnight. But have been cutting hours because the park becomes dead at night, particularly if it wasnt a hot day.
  12. Movie World should just throw some of their Halloween props in there
  13. Unfortunately I don't see too many of the rides you're looking for being added. Which is a shame because I do understand where you are coming from, no one likes to be left out and we do have a lack of dark rides. Disney does do a great job of offering inclusive rides (and Universal does a pretty good job to), but it really comes with the large number of people they pull in with their parks. Their high attendance numbers means they are able to provide higher levels of service in areas that the Gold Coast parks are unable to.
  14. I'm surprised they even got that many, why would anyone visit a half closed theme park. I think 6289 people coming out to show support for what is a quiet time of year is a good number. The real test of numbers is from the 26th of december onwards.
  15. I think the company most likely to next build a theme park (or buy an existing one) in Australia would be Merlin Entertainments. They've been doing a lot in Australia and New Zealand in recent years and are currently building a Lego Discovery centre in Melbourne. So its not a huge leap to think they could try and snap up Dreamworld, or are putting thought into whether a Legoland could be viable here.
  16. Yer, I fully agree with this. I'm guessing the ride was originally going to operate until just before they start construction of the new attraction. But with TTR incident, they just closed it early. It's a shame that Sea World now has so few rides. I really hope they have plans for more than one new ride in the works. I think Storm and Jet Rescue were acually really good decisions for the park. Rides that sit between the family and the thrill category so they have wide appeal would complement the park. I'm thinking a spinning coaster would be a good addition.
  17. White Water World is badly in need of an expansion. I think an area of just disco themed shops is sorely needed. (A dippin dots land with fountains world be great at any park)
  18. Tying it in with Abyss and linking it into the story would be a cool. The Guardian sets up a magical tower to try and harness the power of the Abyss. Calling it the Guardian's Tower, or alternative you could give this Guardian a name and name it after it. It could then easily be linked to a future attraction with The Guardian using The Tower to summon some evil monster or the like.
  19. The Disney International Program is well worth doing (I'm in Orlando now), it's a lot of fun and crazy hours if you end up in Magic Kingdom. But the number of friends you make is crazy and it's really one of those once in a life time opportunities. My tip is don't book a flight home (or book a flexible ticket) I decided to extend my program and it cost a fortune to change the ticket dates. Conversely a lot people get home sick, or its not what they expected and leave early. After working here and seeing the scale of the Disney Parks its easy to easy how the current model of Disney parks just wouldn't work in Australia. My idea has been that rather than do a DisneyLand in Australia they could do a scaled down Disney's 'Australian' Adventure style park as an alternative or even a Disney Water Park. But for the foreseeable future Disney is pretty clearly focused on Shanghai and not Australia.
  20. They should build it in Sydney and call it WandaLand.
  21. What new slides would you like to see at the park?
  22. I only think the day passes where priced too high at $79.99 which has since dropped to $49.99, which I do think is too low. The season passes were pretty good value starting at $109.99, I wouldn't advocate for a drop in season pass prices, and wouldn't argue against a modest rise. I think its more the overall value than just the price, the food is just plan bad, park signage is still wrong/inadequate, poor operations at times, Bombora hasn't been open most of the season, they rarely run all four Aqua Loops. They even had a day where they simply didn't have enough tubes on the towers. People wont pay $79.99 if they feel they are being ripped off, and that's been reflected in this years attendance so far. I think the place to start is by increasing quality, rather than decreasing price.
  23. The shareholder report from February shows the park recorded a loss this year. Attendance was higher for this year, but it was spread over a longer period. (12th December opening 2014 vs 24 September opening 2015) The park priced themselves pretty high, especially with the day passes. Lots of complaints about the food price and quality. And finally the issues they've had with Bombora (its been closed most the season) can't be helping.
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